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Theo Hernandez says no to a European giant

 Theo Hernandez says no to a European giant The French international defender Theo Hernandez would have repulsed the advances of a large continental club. © Panoramic Theo Hernandez Milan Théo Hernandez has been playing in AC Milan for two years and it intends to stay there for a long time. The French back is in times of negotiations with the Rossonerri leaders and he does not want to hear about a transfer elsewhere.

Lucas Hernández does not have to go to jail. Enric Ripoll, Spanish lawyer for sports law, speaks at Sport1 about the case of the Bayern Star.

Darum muss Hernández nicht ins Gefängnis © Provided by sport1.de Therefore, Hernández does not have to go to jail

Lucas Hernández so does not have to jail. The section 26 of the district court in Madrid had granted the objection of the professionals of FC Bayern Munich against the arrest warrant and canceled the enforcement of the judgment.

"We believe that the appeal is to be granted and the imprisonment will be lifted," said the court in a statement. The punishment was suspended for four years. Hernández may not allow a crime in the next four years. He also has to pay a fine.

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he had violated an approximation and contact ban in 2017 against his girlfriend, which is now his wife and the mother of a common child. (News: All current information about the Bundesliga)

Possible detention: still no appointment for Hernández appeal

 Possible detention: still no appointment for Hernández appeal The Spanish Justice still has no appointment for the decision on the appeal of Bayern-pro lucas Hernández against his possible imprisonment next Thursday. With the judges of the competent Audiencia Provincial de Madrid, a kind district court, said a spokesman for the court administration on Friday the German Press Agency. But information on a possible date will give it at the earliest from next to Tuesday.

Hernández must pay penalty

The court grumped Hernández 240 daily rates to 400 euros each - as a whole, the French world champion must depict 96,000 euros.

"Spanish law - Article 80 to 87 of the Criminal Code - sets the conditions for suspension of a prison sentence, including: former criminal convictions, the seriousness of conviction, the steps made to reduce the damage caused and so on," explains Enric Ripoll , Spanish lawyer for sports law, at Sport1.

In December 2019, he had therefore been sentenced to a six-month detention. In the past week, the 25-year-old had therefore appeared in Madrid in court in order to take the order of punishment there. Hernández was at the time at Atlético Madrid. (Data: Results and Schedules of the Bundesliga)

No less than a Redeemer: The FC Barcelona wants to find the Klebegende Xavi as coaches from the crisis

 No less than a Redeemer: The FC Barcelona wants to find the Klebegende Xavi as coaches from the crisis It was the cataria that initiated the final's final. On Friday afternoon, the club announced Al-Sadd, which has been awarded for days only the official confirmation and, in the course of the following hours, a diplomatic affair expelled: Xavi Hernández, last coach in Doha, returns to FC Barcelona. The 41-year-old asked for the release, "because of the critical phase, which goes through the club of his hometown».

Steelwork double pass on Sunday from 11 o'clock live on TV and in the stream on sport1

"Feature of the Fall Hernández"

"as Lucas 2017 was convicted of a dispute with his girlfriend, both became too 31 days of charitable work convicted, which Lucas reportedly was not met, "says Ripoll. "In addition, they may not come closer than 500 meters. I think that the peculiarity of the case - both were condemned, whatever is not common - played a role in the decision. "

of a celebrity bonus does not want to talk about a celebrity bonus. "Hernández was sentenced to pay almost 100,000 euros, which is already a hard penalty, plus 4 years of probation. In his decision, the General Court expressly stated that the fact that he was currently married to his friend and that both have not reported any incidents since 2015 (as the original facts occurred) since 2017 (as the injunctions) . "All video highlights of the Bundesliga always starting from Monday, 0 o'clock in the sport1 media library and in the sports1 app

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for the court was important that the Bayern professional has had nothing left to debt since the disregard of the contact ban . In addition, his family and social circumstances were taken into account. It is currently "not necessary to enforce the verdict to prevent the sentenced to prevent another criminal offense," the court continued to lead. (Data: The Table of the Bundesliga)

Hernández was not a first person. How could he still be sentenced to a probationary sentence? lawyer about Hernández: "From case to case" "Both were sentenced to non-profit work - the judge believed that the dispute was caused by both parties - played in his favor." Last ending "will be" on case " decided.

Ripoll does not consider it possible that pressure on the decision makers was exerted in the background.

"The Audiencia Provincial is the appeal instance, and I do not think pressure was exercised on the court. But I think that his celebrity status could have played a role - definitely a small. "

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