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17:40  16 november  2021
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bars, pharmacies, drivers: the government wants to mount a network facing harassment

 bars, pharmacies, drivers: the government wants to mount a network facing harassment © provided by Europe 1 How to fight against harassment in the street, at school? Invited Tuesday of France moves, on Europe 1, Sarah El Haïry, Minister responsible for Youth and Engagement, has returned to the government's program in combating harassment. Among the measures that the government wants to deploy: the establishment of a network of institutions and drivers "Refuge" in case of harassment.

Ghislaine Maxwell is waiting in prison on the beginning of her process. About her experiences behind bars, the friend of the deceased Jeffrey Epstein unpacked now.

Ghislaine Maxwell 2015 in New York © Picture Alliance / TNS / Abaca Ghislaine Maxwell 2015 in New York

For 16 months Ghislaine Maxwell has already been sitting in a New York Prison and is waiting for the start of the process. You are accused of having a misuse ring together with the deceased sex offenders Jeffrey Epstein. Maxwell has pleaded innocently.

Ghislaine Maxwell reports from prison

The "Daily Mail" told the Britin as she goes behind bars. They reported, among other things, from Rats , which made it comfortable on the jailbirds toilets. "I went to the toilet with an open outflow and a friendly rat visited me regularly," says Maxwell. "I told the guards, but nothing was done until the rat came out and attacked a guard that screamed in front of fear," she told.

As Poland repels migrants, locals offer humanitarian aid

  As Poland repels migrants, locals offer humanitarian aid Warsaw takes a hard line on those trying to enter the EU from Belarus, but Polish residents are handing out aid.They were hungry, thirsty and, even though it was at the end of Polish summer, cold.

But not only the animals made their problems, but also the employees in the Prison . "I used to shower every day, but I stopped because the guards are so scary and staring at me all the time," she betrayed the British newspaper.

process starts soon

Today's Tuesday starts in New York the choice of jury, the jury. From a large pool of candidates a smaller group is selected. So it should be ensured that no one is party. The process against Ghislaine Maxwell begins on 29 November and should last six weeks. Maxwell had already defended in advance that a fair process was hardly possible because statements she had made in old processes were published.

One of Jeffrey Epstein's 's most famous victims, Virginia Roberts Giufre, said about his alleged complement: "She's malicious, the pure evil. Epstein was a sick pedophile, but Ghislaine was the super brain." Also interesting is to what extent Prince Andrew is mentioned for Maxwell during the process. Roberts Giufre throws the son of Queen to have sexually abused.

The Mysterious Disappearance of Ghislaine Maxwell’s (Maybe Fake) Husband

  The Mysterious Disappearance of Ghislaine Maxwell’s (Maybe Fake) Husband Weeks before Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest in summer of 2019, his alleged accomplice and former girlfriend, British heiress Ghislaine Maxwell, breezed into a social gathering on the North Shore of Massachusetts on the arm of her secret husband. Maxwell, once a fixture in elite Manhattan circles, was now leading a quieter life, assuming the role of environmental activist, suburban stepmom and spouse to one Scott Borgerson, an entrepreneur and former Coast Guard officer who is 14 years her junior. According to one person who attended this particular mixer, Maxwell politely introduced herself before heading to the event’s bar.

Source : "Daily Mail"

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Unknown actors as The Beatles in new Brian Epstein biopic Midas Man .
They are seen recreating the moment The Beatles did a recording session at the famous Abbey Road Studios in north London in 1962, around the time they created Love Me Do and Please Please Me. © Provided by Daily Mail ( © Provided by Daily Mail ( The film, Midas Man, is about Beatles manager Brian Epstein, who discovered the band playing at the Cavern Club in Liverpool and helped set them on the journey to megastardom.Jacob Fortune-Lloyd plays Epstein, who died of an overdose of sedatives in 1967 aged 32, with Eddie Marsan and Emily Watson playing his parents.

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