World "Pegasus project": an activist of the self-determination of the Western Sahara spied in Belgium

19:45  23 november  2021
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Palestinian rights activists defiant over Israeli spyware hacks

  Palestinian rights activists defiant over Israeli spyware hacks Palestinian activists targeted by Israeli criminalisation and surveillance pledge to keep working amid threats.On October 19, Israel designated six internationally renowned Palestinian civil and human rights organisations as “terror groups” under its domestic Anti-Terrorism Law, claiming they had connections with the left-wing Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) group. The PFLP’s armed wing was active during the Second Intifada and carried out attacks against Israeli targets.

Mahjoub Mleiha is the fourth victim of the pegasus spyware on the Belgian soil. He saw his phone infected several times at the beginning of 2021.

of the traces of the PEGASUS spyware were discovered in the telephone of a militant for the self-determination of Western Sahara in Belgium, reveal Belgian newspapers. An analysis, conducted by the Security Lab of Amnesty International, showed that a phone used by Mahjoub Mleiha, activist of a Saharawi collective living in Belgium, has been infected several times between January and June.

Mahjoub Mleiha was born in Western Sahara, an area that is the subject of strong tensions between Morocco, which claims sovereignty on this vast territory, and the Polisario Front, a movement calling for independence or self-determination, supported by Algeria. Mr. Mleiha, who obtained Belgian nationality in 2017, is responsible for external relations for the Collective of Saharawi Human Rights Defenders, and participated in meetings with many diplomats and MEPs.

Of Course Kyle Rittenhouse Was Acquitted

  Of Course Kyle Rittenhouse Was Acquitted It is one thing to argue that the jury reached a reasonable verdict based on the law, and another entirely to celebrate Rittenhouse’s actions. Much of the conservative media and the Republican Party, however, don’t see the killings as “wrongful” in any sense, instead elevating Rittenhouse as the manifestation of retributive violence against their political enemies.The shootings took place across the backdrop of protests and riots in Kenosha that followed a police officer’s 2020 shooting of Jacob Blake, a 29-year old Black man, in the back and side, and the nationwide protests over the murder of George Floyd.

"Pegasus project": Charles Michel's phone selected when he was the Prime Minister of Belgium

"This November 1, I received an e-mail from the US State Department," he explained to Knack and in the evening. When I opened this message on my iPhone, I noticed that it was already marked as "read", even before I opened it. That's when I understood that someone was watching my phone.

The analysis of his phone has confirmed the presence of traces of Pegasus, but not to determine with certainty the identity of a sponsor. The latter, however, does not matter for Mr. Mleiha: Moroccan secret services. " Who else ? The Belgians ? I do not think so. I do not see who other than Moroccan secret services could have done that, "he says. Mr. Mleiha intends to file a complaint in Belgium.

What role can nuclear energy play in Africa’s climate transition?

  What role can nuclear energy play in Africa’s climate transition? African states should not be denied the opportunity to use nuclear energy, but it should be a solution of last resort.As a nuclear policy analyst, I found COP26 remarkably interesting in many ways. Thanks to the relentless activism of nuclear disarmament organisations, there is a growing appreciation of the interlinkages between nuclear war and climate change as dire existential threats that require immediate attention. Both threats are “man-made”, and if unmitigated, wield the potential to extinguish human existence on earth.

"Pegasus project": the obsession of the Western Sahara pushes Morocco to try to spy on the mayor of Ivry-sur-Seine targeting by Rwanda on the Belgian

soil in July, Knack, in the evening, the world and a dozen other writing, coordinated by Forbidden Stories with the technical support of the Security Lab of Amnesty International, had revealed the magnitude of the diversion of the Spy Pegasus software, used on a large scale to monitor lawyers, journalists or human rights defenders by several states. In France, many activist for self-determination of Western Sahara had been targeted on behalf of Morocco. The Cherifian kingdom denies being a customer of the spyware, despite many technical evidence attesting to his involvement, and lodged a complaint for defamation against several French media, whose world.

How French intelligence services have tracked Pegasus after the revelations of the "World"

Mahjoub Mleiha is the fourth victim of Pegasus known on the Belgian soil. In July, Amnesty International's experts had already confirmed the infection of a phone used by Carine Kanimba, Paul Rusesabagina's daughter, hero of Rwandan genocide today imprisoned in Kigali at the end of an unfair trial. The presence of the spyware was also found on the telephones of the journalist Peter Verlinden and his wife, Marie Bamultse; The Belgian intelligence services consider that these attacks have "most likely" has been triggered by Rwanda, whose authorities are also useful of Pegasus.

NSO Group, Israeli society that sells Pegasus, affirmed to Knack and evening "having no information about people who are monitored by its customers".

Mass surveillance fuels oppression of Uighurs and Palestinians .
Israel, like China, has weaponised surveillance technology to suppress peaceful dissent.For many readers, the scenario brings to mind China’s mass human rights violations against millions of Uighurs and other Turkic Muslim people. Yet this description would also apply to Israel’s treatment of millions of Palestinians living under occupation.

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