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14:55  25 november  2021
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Burkina Faso: The report of the attack against a police station focused on 32 dead

 Burkina Faso: The report of the attack against a police station focused on 32 dead Burkina-Sector: Burkina Faso: the balance sheet of the attack against a police station focused on 32 dead © Reuters / Joe Penney Burkina Faso: the report of the attack on a police station at 32 dead Ouagadougou (Reuters) - The attack on Sunday by armed attackers against a police station in northern Burkina Faso did at least 32 dead , including 28 military police officers and four civilians, on Monday announced the government, while an initial assessment reported 20 people.

Deux soldats burkinabè passent devant un blindé français parqué à Kaya où de milliers de personnes protestent contre le passage d'un convoi militaire français, le 20 novembre 2021 © Olympia de Maismont Two soldiers Burkinabè pass in front of a French armor parked in Kaya where thousands of people protest against the passage of a French military convoy, the November 20, 2021

A French military convoy going to Mali by transiting by Burkina Faso, was always blocked Thursday in this country as a result of manifestations of anger against France, after entering Burkinabè territory last week.

Party of Côte d'Ivoire, this logistic convoy of several dozen vehicles must supply the French military base of Gao in Mali, passing at first by Burkina Faso, then by Niger.

has its entrance to Burkinabe last week, the convoy was slowed down in its progression by protesters in Bobo Dioulasso (South-West), then in the capital Ouagadougou (center).

A French military convoy blocked in Burkina Faso

 A French military convoy blocked in Burkina Faso Burkina-Securite: a French military convoy blocked in Burkina Faso © Reuters / Anne Mimault A French military convoy blocked in Burkina Faso Kaya, Burkina Faso (Reuters) - a military convoy Frenchman who was road to Niger was blocked Friday in Kaya, in the northern central Burkina Faso region, by protesters who protest against the presence of France in Sahel, witnesses reported witnesses.

But it's Friday in Kaya, a hundred km northeast of Ouagadougou, which the protesters mobilized themselves against his passage.

carrying anti-French signals - "French army releases", "Free the Sahel" - thousands of people, fists lifted, sang the national anthem Burkinabè against the convoy that had to withdraw on a wave lot near the city.

Several protesters accused him of carrying weapons for jihadist groups who have terrorized for years several countries of the Sahel and are fought on the ground by the French army as part of Operation Barkhane.

Des enfants saluent des soldats français de la force Barkhane de passage dans le village de Gorom Gorom, dans le nord du Burkina, le 14 novembre 2019 © Michele Cattani Children salutes French soldiers from the Barkhan Force of passage in the village of Gorom Grom, in northern Burkina, November 14, 2019

The next day Saturday, four people have been wounded by bullet in Kaya in Indeterminate circumstances: French and Burkinabe soldiers performed summons to disperse protesters.

French army moves convoy after protests in Burkina Faso

  French army moves convoy after protests in Burkina Faso France has moved a large military convoy after days of protests against its presence in a central city of Burkina Faso, the army said on Sunday. Local sources said French soldiers had shot and wounded four protesters in Kaya on Saturday -- a claim the army has rejected. The army logistics convoy, which has been transiting through the city since Thursday on its way to Niger, left without difficulty on Saturday night, French army spokesman Colonel Pascal Ianni said.

These manifestations in the cities of passage of the convoy in Burkina Faso, were organized by the Coalition of the African Patriots of Burkina Faso (COPA BF).

"We decided to block, because in spite of the agreements signed with France, we continue to register dead and our countries remain under-armed," said his spokesman, Roland Bayala. He claimed to have "called the populations on the itinerary of this convoy to mobilize".

Le ministre burkinabè des Affaires étrangères Alpha Barry lor d'une réunion de l'Union africaine à Niamey, le 4 juillet 2019 © Issouf Sanogo Minister Burkinabè Foreign Affairs Alpha Barry Lor of a meeting of the African Union in Niamey, July 4, 2019

The convoy was still waiting Thursday in a military enclave located about thirty km northeast. from Ouagadougou to resume his way.

Negotiations take place between the Government of Burkinabè and the organizers of the manifestations so that they let it leave without new obstacles to its progression towards the border with Niger.

Ivory Coast seeks regional response to jihadist threat

  Ivory Coast seeks regional response to jihadist threat Ivory Coast is beefing up military deployment on its northern border and seeking stronger security ties with its neighbours as it casts a worried eye on burgeoning jihadist violence in the region. The West African state lies to the south of Mali and Burkina Faso, which are struggling with a years-long insurgency that has claimed thousands of lives and driven hundreds of thousands from their homes. Over the past two years, jihadists have carried out several bloody cross-border attacks in Ivory Coast, including a raid in Kafolo in the northeast in June 2020 that killed 14 troops.

- "Do not be wrong with enemy" -

Wednesday, the Burkinabè Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alpha Barry, said he hopes to hope for a "rapid culmination of discussions".

He wanted to refute the charges of certain protesters - abundantly relayed by the social networks - on arms for the jihadists transported by this convoy "escorted by the national gendarmerie". "We can not imagine that our army escorts a convoy to deliver (weapons) to the terrorists," he insurgered.

Alpha Barry also wanted to brag "historical relations" between France and Burkina Faso, including "a very important military cooperation that goes back to the colonial era".

"We must not be mistaken of enemy, because France has always intervened with us when we have made it demand," said Barry.

It indicated that logistical operations take place with the French army, especially for transporting Burkinabe soldiers in remote and jihadist groups.

This was the case after the bloody attack on November 14 against a detachment from Inata Gendarmerie in the North, which made at least 57 deaths, of which 53 gendarmes, he said.

Burkina Faso has been facing regular and deadly jihadist attacks, particularly in the northern and eastern regions, in the so-called "three borders" zone, on the confines of Mali and Niger, two countries. confronted with the operations of armed jihadists.

The violence that strike civilians and military, sometimes mixed with intercommunctive clashes, made about 2,000 deaths and forced 1.4 million people to flee their homes.

Excess of this situation, thousands of Burkinabe regularly demonstrate throughout the country to denounce "disability" and "impotence" of President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré to deal with Jihadist violence.


French military facing growing protests in Sahel .
France's military involvement in the Sahel is encountering growing opposition in the region, with protests that were once isolated to urban centres spreading to rural areas, fanned by social media and anger at insecurity. Rumours proliferating on social media -- which were also recounted by several protesters in Kaya -- claimed the supply convoy was in fact carrying weapons for the jihadists. - 'Pool of hostility' -Yvan Guichaoua, a Sahel specialist at the University of Kent in England, told AFP that France is swimming in a "pool of hostility".

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