World migration crisis in Belarus: the EU and NATO "hand in hand"

22:15  28 november  2021
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Crisis Belarusse: emotion after the announcement of the death of a Syrian baby at the Polish border

 Crisis Belarusse: emotion after the announcement of the death of a Syrian baby at the Polish border © Oksana Manchuk in a migrant camp installed on the frontier of Belarus and Poland on November 14. It would have so far the youngest victim, and by far, of the migratory crisis orchestrated by Alexander Loukachenko . The Polish International Help Center explained on his Twitter to have helped a couple of Syrians, on Wednesday's night on Thursday, who said wandering in a forest at the border between Poland and Belarus since at Less six weeks.

EU and NATO leaders have committed Sunday to greater cooperation against "hybrid" threats to the Opportunity for a visit to Lithuania View on Euronews

  Crise migratoire au Bélarus : l'UE et l'OTAN © Mindaugas Kulbis / Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The Chief of NATO and the President of the European Commission visiting Lithuania this Sunday. From the Baltic country, Jens Stoltenberg and Ursula von der Leyen have committed to strengthening their cooperation to combat the qualified threats of hybrids, namely the crisis of migrants in Belarus and the strengthening of the military presence of Russia near the 'Ukraine.

Belarus president 'effectively blackmails' Putin in migrant crisis, Russian outlet says

  Belarus president 'effectively blackmails' Putin in migrant crisis, Russian outlet says As scenes of Middle Eastern migrants alternately storming fences in an attempt to get into Europe and huddling frozen around campfires make headlines, the handy conclusion was that Belarus' president, Alexander Lukashenko, wanted to wreak a little havoc to get back at the West for sanctions. Or that he wanted to make Western leaders who have in large part not recognized him as president this time around finally face up to him. Or that he wanted to make countries like Poland look like the evil ones, the real human rights abusers, for not allowing these migrants in.

"Lithuania responded to this hybrid attack in a humane and firm way and the European Union continues to be kept at your side. Lithuania already benefits from emergency assistance of 37 million euros, but as I am Announced at the beginning of the week, we tripll the EU funds for the management of the borders of Lithuania, Poland and Latvia to bring them to 200 million euros this year and next year " , pointed out Ursula von der Leyen.

"To respond to such events, it is important that the European Union and NATO work hand in hand," Hammered Ursula von der Leyen during a press conference Municipality with Mr. Stoltenberg and Lithuanian leaders.

200 million euros of help

It stated that this amount would be devoted to patrol vehicles and electronic surveillance, including drones.

Lukashenko warns against flare-up with Poland over border crisis

  Lukashenko warns against flare-up with Poland over border crisis Belarusian president calls for European powers to work with Minsk but Berlin rejects proposal to take in 2,000 people.Belarus’s BELTA state news agency quoted Lukashenko on Monday as saying that he did not want the situation to escalate after weeks of tension at the frontier, where Polish security forces have blocked migrants and refugees intent on crossing into the European Union from entering the bloc.

Like Poland, Lithuanian and Latvian borders are also powered on and at the heart of the diplomatic battle with Minsk. NATO Secretary General has also shown offensive.

"NATO has also firmly condemned the behavior of the Lukashenko regime. In recent years, we have considerably strengthened our presence in this region. For the first time in our history, we have tactical combat groups in the Baltic region, one in Latvia and one in Lithuania, "said Jens Stoltenberg.

Belarus - EU: a "hybrid attack" not so unpublished that this

thousands of people, mostly from the Middle East have crossed or attempted to cross the Belarusian border in the EU in recent months, Whether in Poland in Latvia or Lithuania.

This visit to Lithuania takes place shortly before a meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday in Latvia close to the Foreign Ministers of NATO countries, which will participate in particular the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, to evoke concerns about the situation. Near the Russo-Ukrainian border.

NATO, Russia spar as foreign ministers meet in Latvia .
Two-day meeting in Riga comes as concerns mount in Kyiv and Western capitals over Russian troop build-up near Ukraine.The United States-headed group has been concerned by Moscow’s massing of troops at the frontier with Ukraine in recent weeks, the second such build-up this year.

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