World Supreme Court's Mississippi abortion case is a pivotal moment for all who value life

22:30  28 november  2021
22:30  28 november  2021 Source:   foxnews.com

Christian florist settling with same-sex couple after nearly a decade fighting iconic religious liberty case

  Christian florist settling with same-sex couple after nearly a decade fighting iconic religious liberty case FIRST ON FOX: Christian florist Barronelle Stutzman has agreed to settle with the same-sex couple that sued her for refusing to serve their wedding – capping off nearly a decade of litigation in one of the most iconic First Amendment cases this century. On Thursday afternoon, Stutzman's attorneys sent the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) an agreement to withdraw her Supreme Court petition in exchange for them declining to pursue further legal action. The 76-year-old grandmother told Fox News that she's retiring and leaving her business, Arlene's Flowers, to its employees.

The sound of a baby’s heartbeat in the womb is a sound you will never forget. But every two seconds a baby is aborted, meaning that with every beat of your heart, a baby loses his or her right to life. If that sounds sad and shocking, it’s because it is.

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments Dec. 1 in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which is about a Mississippi law that prohibits abortion after 15 weeks.

Roe v. Wade in 1973 forced every state to legalize abortion before a baby was considered "viable," which was then assumed to be around 28 weeks but is now around 21 weeks. The Dobbs case will determine if states can protect the lives of children before "viability," which would strike at the heart of the Roe decision. Just for context, since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, more than 50 million babies have been aborted in the U.S.

Mike Lindell Blames a Vast GOP Conspiracy for His Supreme Court Failure

  Mike Lindell Blames a Vast GOP Conspiracy for His Supreme Court Failure MyPillow chief and 2020 dead-ender Mike Lindell has long promised that he would file an election-fraud complaint with the Supreme Court on Tuesday morning. But now he claims to have missed that goal because he was silenced by Republican National Committee Chairperson Ronna McDaniel. It was a last-minute pressure campaign orchestrated by the RNC and McDaniel that prevented his case from moving forward and “saving the country,” Lindell now alleges.


I, along with more than 200 other members of Congress, filed a brief with the Supreme Court in support of the Mississippi law. Our nation should not ignore the most vulnerable in our society, and we should pay attention to the clear science that shows a child in the womb is not random tissue. It is a baby with unique DNA and fingerprints on tiny fingers.

Joe Biden is without a doubt the most pro-abortion president in our nation’s history, which is in stark contrast to President Trump, who was the most pro-life president in our nation’s history.

Pro-life Americans, like me, believe all life has value, no matter how small. As a Christian, I believe all human beings are created in the image of God and have value and worth, but it’s not just my faith that leads me to protect life. It is also science and common sense.

Scotus preview for big abortion rights case from Mississippi to be argued next week

  Scotus preview for big abortion rights case from Mississippi to be argued next week The future of abortion rights in the U.S. is now before the Supreme Court, where the 6-3 conservative majority may be poised to strike down or severely limit the impact of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision legalizing the controversial procedure. An upcoming case from Mississippi represents arguably the court's most dramatic opportunity to overturn its own precedent since Brown v. Board of Education. That may be because few social issues draw as much personal and political passion as the constitutional right to abortion, with the nationwide legal fights over its access dating back nearly 50 years.

There is no difference between a child in the womb and a child outside of the womb other than time and development. An infant in my arms is totally dependent, just like an infant in the womb. Millions of people in our nation understand that the court’s decision almost five decades ago was not based on the law or science. Children are children, no matter how small.

Prior to the court’s ruling in Roe 48 years ago, abortion was legal in a number of states, but not most states. The arbitrary ruling in Roe compelled all states to make elective abortions legal up to viability.


After viability the court ruled that states could intervene to protect the life of children, which the vast majority of our states have done. But many states, including my own, want to protect all children, not just some. Federal courts literally block our ability enact laws that reflect the will of the people to protect life.

Cosby prosecutors ask US Supreme Court to restore conviction

  Cosby prosecutors ask US Supreme Court to restore conviction A Pennsylvania court in June overturned a conviction on charges the comic drugged and raped a woman.Cosby, a barrier-breaking comedian who became a household name for portraying the patriarch of an affluent Black family in the television series The Cosby Show, was found guilty in 2018 of drugging and raping college sports administrator Andrea Constand in 2004.

In Oklahoma, as in many other states, if a pregnant mom is killed, both the life of the mother and the child are recognized. But if that very same child was aborted, that child’s life is not recognized. One baby is recognized as a human being and valued, and the other is discarded as an inconvenience or as just a clump of cells. That is absurd. There is nothing different about that child.

Babies in the womb have a heartbeat, 10 fingers, 10 toes, and they can feel pain, even in the womb. If the court finally overturns Roe and rejects the arbitrary viability standard, Oklahomans will choose life for our youngest citizens. Will your state?

It would be one of the greatest days for the human race if we could end all abortion everywhere and declare in one voice that every life matters. We must stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

The courts rightfully ended "separate but equal" decades ago. Now it is time for the courts to end abortion and put this horrible legal error in our past.


Mississippi Gov. Reeves: ‘No guaranteed right to an abortion’ in Constitution .
Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves declared Sunday that "there is no guaranteed right to an abortion" in the U.S. Constitution and that such an issue should be left up to individual states. His comments came after the Supreme Court heard oral arguments last week in a case focusing on his state’s 15-week abortion ban that has the potential to limit abortion access across the U.S.

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