World Arizona university students demand administration to 'withdraw' Kyle Rittenhouse: 'killer off our campus'

06:45  29 november  2021
06:45  29 november  2021 Source:   foxnews.com

Tucker Carlson: Actions like these threaten America's judicial system

  Tucker Carlson: Actions like these threaten America's judicial system Tucker Carlson questions whether there has been 'deliberate prosecutorial misconduct' in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.So Rittenhouse's response to that threat was the definition of self-defense. Desperate split-second decisions made in the face of unwanted aggression in an attempt to save his own life. That's what happened. Every person who testified at the trial on both sides confirmed that no honest person doubts it.

Several left-leaning student organizations at Arizona State University are demanding that their administration "withdraw" Kyle Rittenhouse from the university.

The Arizona State University Students for Socialism, Students for Justice in Palestine, Multicultural Solidarity Coalition, and MECHA de ASU are all calling on the Arizona State University administration to take action against Rittenhouse by withdrawing him from the university and releasing a statement against him.

The four groups are calling him "Murderer Kyle Rittenhouse."

Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges against him as jurors finished deliberations on Nov. 19. He faced charges after fatally shooting two people and shooting and injuring a third man during the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on August 25, 2020.

Tom Cotton demands Biden 'publicly apologize' to Kyle Rittenhouse

  Tom Cotton demands Biden 'publicly apologize' to Kyle Rittenhouse Rittenhouse was acquitted on Friday of all charges in a high media profile case stemming from the deadly altercation between him and three rioters during the Kenosha, Wisconsin, riots last summer. During his presidential campaign, Biden included an image of Rittenhouse in a video he tweeted attempting to link former President Trump to White supremacists. Biden was asked on Friday about his past characterization of Rittenhouse but declined to answer directly whether he stands by it. There is no evidence to link Rittenhouse to White supremacy.

Rittenhouse is a student at Arizona State University online, according to 12News.


The groups also demand that the university administration "reaffirm support for the multicultural center on campus as a safe space from White Supremacy."

Students making the demands also want the administration to redirect funding from the Arizona State University Police Department to the multicultural center and they are demanding "the establishment of a care center on campus."

The groups are also hosting a "Rally and protest to get murderer Kyle Rittenhouse off our campus" on Dec. 1 at Arizona State University.

"Even with a not-guilty verdict from a flawed ‘justice’ system - Kyle Rittenhouse is still guilty to his victims and the families of those victims," the demand letter states. "Join us to demand from ASU that those demands be met to protect students from a violent blood-thirsty murderer."

Why Kyle Rittenhouse case so divides the US

  Why Kyle Rittenhouse case so divides the US Few US trials in recent years have generated such debate and acrimony. Why this one?Inside the courtroom, the 18-year-old was visibly shaking as he heard the jury clear him of all five charges, including intentional homicide.


A Students for Socialism at Arizona State University spokesperson told Fox News that the ultimate goal of the demands is to let the university administration know that they do not feel safe knowing that a "mass shooter" is admitted to the school.

"The goal of these demands is to let the ASU administration know that we as the ASU community do not feel safe knowing that a mass shooter, who has expressed violent intentions about ‘protecting property’ over people, is so carelessly allowed to be admitted to the school at all," the spokesperson said. "Our campus is already unsafe as is, and we would like to abate this danger as much as possible."

The Students for Socialism chapter spokesperson contended that the Rittenhouse trial "effectively gives right-winged individuals the license to kill other individuals who protest for human rights."

"Rittenhouse took the lives of innocent people with the intent to do so—by strapping an assault rifle to himself in a crowd of unarmed citizens. That is the textbook definition of intention. The decision made by the court is one of thousands of cases that have been influenced by biased judges, predominantly white juries, and mistakes inherent in a judicial system founded off of injustice to begin with," the spokesperson said.

Universities Try to Force a Consensus About Kyle Rittenhouse .
Instead of using Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal to promote vigorous discussion, many administrators sent out statements decrying the verdict.The Rittenhouse saga began in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on August 25, amid rioting that followed the police shooting of a Black man. Rittenhouse, then 17, armed himself with an AR-15-style rifle and walked into the chaos, claiming that he intended to protect the community. He wound up shooting three men, killing two. Last week, a Wisconsin jury found him not guilty of murder, crediting his claim that, at the moment he fired, he feared for his life and acted in self-defense.

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