World Lead 1-Ukraine-The US threaten Russia of penalties in case of offensive

21:00  01 december  2021
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Russia: Intelligence services deny any invasion project of Ukraine

 Russia: Intelligence services deny any invasion project of Ukraine The United States worries about a Russian offensive against Ukraine © Sergei Savostyanov / Sputnik / AFP Vladimir Putin, President of the Russia, would not have a willingness to expand in Ukraine war - the United States worries of a Russian offensive against Ukraine the External Intelligence Service of Russia (SVR) has qualified this Monday of "absolutely false" The claims that Moscow would prepare an invasion of Ukraine , after several Western countries had expressed concern.

NATO-Russia / Ukraine (Lead 1, Photo, TV): Lead 1-Ukraine-the US threaten Russia of sanctions in case of Offensive

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by Sabine Siebold and Humeyra Pamuk

Riga, December 1st (Reuters) - The United States has urged Russia Wednesday to withdraw its troops massaged at the Ukrainian border, the consideration An invasion of Ukraine would generate sanctions that would hit Moscow with more severity than those decided in the past by Washington.

"We do not know whether President Putin took or not the decision to invade. We know that he puts in place the means to act quickly if he had just decided," said the secretary of US state at the end of a meeting in the Latvian capital Riga with its counterparts in NATO countries.

"If the consequences of" NATO warns Moscow against an attack on Ukraine

 NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg Russia has warned against violence against Ukraine. The German government in solidarity with Ukraine. © Photo: Olivier Matthys / AP / dpa Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, speaking in Brussels at a meeting of NATO foreign ministers. Russian troop movements on the border with Ukraine are continuing to violent tensions. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned Moscow on Friday before an attack on Ukraine.

"If Russia chooses the way of confrontation, with regard to Ukraine, we have made it clear that we will respond with determination, especially with a range of high economic impact measures that we have refused to take through the Past, "added Antony Blinken.

According to Kiev, Moscow massaged more than 90,000 soldiers at the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Russia, which append the Crimea Peninsula in 2014, ensures not wanting to conduct offensive but act in response to the behavior it deems threatening on the part of Ukraine and NATO.

The Kremlin says that Kiev seeks to resume by the strength of the areas controlled by the pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass, Eastern Region of Ukraine, which the Ukrainian government denies.

It is impossible for Russia to take de-escalation measures due to the massive deployment of Ukrainian soldiers near the border, says Moscow.

Russia’s Cold War With Ukraine Is About To Heat Up

  Russia’s Cold War With Ukraine Is About To Heat Up The Russo-Ukrainian war is in the news again. Not content with its annexation of Crimea — when is an aggressively expansive imperialist country ever content with Crimea once it’s got it in the pocket? — Russia has amassed an invasion-sized force at the border of Ukraine, and is busily mobilizing reservists sufficient to provide an occupation force. The usual pundit voices can be heard discussing the geopolitical implications of the buildup, sifting through tea leaves and undisclosed sources to explain why it’s just another training exercise (Russia’s official explanation), or how Putin and Russia have been provoked by the aggressive expansion of NATO westward, and wh

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dmyro Kouleba, said Europe was at a pivotal moment and he criticized Russia from wanting to reject the fault on Ukraine.

"Once again, I want to formally assert that Ukraine does not provide any military offensive in the Donbass. It is Russian propaganda without foundation to hide the Russian preparations with a view to a potential attack", A-T -It tells journalists.

"aggressive rhetoric"

Antony Blinken, who did not give details on the sanctions envisaged by the United States, called Moscow and Kiev to return to the diplomatic channel and to return to the rails a draft agreement of Peace for the east of Ukraine.

If Russia has reached the past to overcome sanctions imposed as a result of its annexation of Crimea, the Western powers now have additional leverage: the possibility of targeting the North Stream 2 pipeline, whose work has Closed recently and which should allow Russia to export gas to Germany.

NATO, Russia spar as foreign ministers meet in Latvia

  NATO, Russia spar as foreign ministers meet in Latvia Two-day meeting in Riga comes as concerns mount in Kyiv and Western capitals over Russian troop build-up near Ukraine.The United States-headed group has been concerned by Moscow’s massing of troops at the frontier with Ukraine in recent weeks, the second such build-up this year.

In the eyes of Moscow, the desire of Kiev to integrate the European Union and NATO constitutes a "red line" which fueled the tensions between Russia and the West.

Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that Russia wanted serious negotiations with the United States and their allies to ensure that the Transatlantic Alliance would not broaden to the East and that no weapon system would be positioned. Russian territory.

The Russian President has warned Tuesday that Moscow had at his disposal a new hypersonic weapon, tested recently, in the hypothesis where NATO had just taken one of its red lines and deploy missiles to Ukraine.

"The idea that Ukraine represents a threat to Russia would be a bad joke if the situation was not so serious," reacted Antony Blinken at the press conference. "NATO is by nature a defensive alliance, we are not a threat to Russia."

Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary General of NATO, rejected the accusations that the Alliance causes Russia with its military maneuvers in the Black Sea.

"The problem with Russia is that it is not transparent, it has a very aggressive rhetoric and a past showing that it has already used the pretext of military exercises as coverage to aggressive actions against its neighbors", He said at a virtual event organized by Reuters. (Reporting Humeyra Pamuk and Sabine Siebold, with Robin Emmott in Brussels, Natalia Zinets, Pavel Polityuk and Matthias Williams in Kiev, Gabrielle Tetrault-Farber and Dmitry Antonov in Moscow; French Valentine Baldassari and Jean Terzian, edited by Blandine Hénault and Bertrand Boucey )

In Biden-Putin talks, key question is Russia's intent in Ukraine .
When Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin meet virtually on Tuesday the two presidents will have to negotiate a history of mutual suspicion as they take up the urgent issue of a major Russian military buildup on the Ukraine border. What if the virtual meeting between the rival leaders goes poorly on Tuesday? If Russia fails to obtain the accommodations it seeks, and all efforts at diplomacy fail, said Conley, her sense is that "Mr. Putin would then use military means to achieve his political objective.

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