World Community violence in Ethiopia could "fracture" the company, warns the UN

03:40  03 december  2021
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Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed vows to lead army ‘from the battlefront’

  Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed vows to lead army ‘from the battlefront’ Nobel Peace Prize-winning prime minister says he will lead troops battling Tigrayan rebels starting Tuesday.“Starting tomorrow, I will mobilise to the front to lead the defence forces,” Abiy Ahmed said in a statement posted on Twitter late on Monday.

  Des violences communautaires en Ethiopie pourraient © AFP / Archives

L E conflict in Ethiopia, if it degenerates into Community violence, could fracture society, or even trigger an exodus recalling the Chaotic evacuation scenes at Kabul Airport in August, AFP told the United Nations Head of Humanitarian Aid.

The war, which has been raging for more than a year in northern Ethiopia, perhaps provoked the most disturbing humanitarian crisis, stated in an interview to AFP the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations For humanitarian affairs, Martin Griffiths.

Fighting in the capital Addis Ababa and an increase in community violence could lead to "exponential" aggravation of the situation, he warned.

France, Germany latest countries to urge nationals leave Ethiopia

  France, Germany latest countries to urge nationals leave Ethiopia Ethiopian PM says he is heading to front line to lead troops against Tigrayan forces as hopes for peaceful solution dim.Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed late on Monday announced he would head to the front line on Tuesday to lead his soldiers, declaring: “We are now in the final stages of saving Ethiopia.

"The worst of a humanitarian point of view (would) that there is a battle for (the control of) Addis or troubles around this city, leading to an increase in community violence throughout the country," has Warned Mr. Griffiths.

"If it had to happen, we would face something we have not known for many years: we will face a fracture" Ethiopian social fabric, he added.


a scenario that would collapse, in this country of some 115 million, a carefully developed system to ensure national cohesion between more than 80 ethnic groups and could lead to chaos that exceeds what the Ethiopia has known in the last 13 months.

According to the United Nations estimates, the war has made several thousand deaths, more than two million displaced and plunged hundreds of thousands of other people in conditions close to famine since the conflict broke out in November 2020 .

Ireland says Ethiopia ordered expulsion of four Irish diplomats

  Ireland says Ethiopia ordered expulsion of four Irish diplomats Ireland’s ambassador and one other diplomat told they could stay but the others had to leave, government says.Ireland’s ambassador and one other diplomat were told earlier this week they could stay but the others had to leave, a statement said on Wednesday.

Video: Ethiopia: The disturbing advanced advanced forces after one year of conflict (France 24)

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed then sent troops in the Tigière, the northernmost region , to overthrow the popular Tiger Liberation Front (TPLF) in response, according to him, to the attacks of rebels against the army camps.

The rebels made a return to force by taking over most of the Tiger in June, before joining the neighboring regions of Amhara and Afar. The conflict took a new turning point a month ago, when the TPLF claimed capturing strategic cities on a key highway leading to the capital.

Wednesday, Ethiopia, however, announced the recovery by the procurement forces of the Lalibela site, classified by UNESCO World Heritage, which had passed in August under the control of Tiger's rebels.


Martin Griffiths called at the end of the violence. He warned, however, that if the fights reached the Ethiopian capital, "the main targets had to be avoided", including the airport and the city itself, which has more than five million inhabitants and "where it is unimaginable to Consider such a battle. "

UN chief calls for immediate end to fighting in Ethiopia

  UN chief calls for immediate end to fighting in Ethiopia Call comes as Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed reported to be on the front lines and men flocking to join military.The calls came as Ethiopian media reported that Abiy Ahmed, the country’s prime minister and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, was at the front “giving leadership from the battlefield” amid an escalating year-long crisis. High-profile Ethiopian athletes, including Olympic gold medallist and national hero Haile Gebrselassie, parliamentarians, party and regional leaders have also pledged to join Ethiopian forces battling rebels from the northernmost Tigray region, with men in Addis Ababa also joining up.

According to him, the diplomats and other expatriates in Addis Ababa fear that the country will be the scene of scenes reminiscent of the chaotic evacuation of Kabul airport after the control of Afghanistan by the Taliban in August.

The question of whether he thought that such a scenario could happen, he replied, "I think it could, but I hope it will not be the case."

addressing the AFP upstream of the annual global call for emergency humanitarian aid, Mr. Griffiths pointed out that the amount of nearly $ 3 billion asked for Ethiopia next year was considerably higher than before "because of the probability that needs (help) increase."

The United Nations World Food Program announced last week that the number of people in need of food aid in northern Ethiopia has risen to more than nine million, while drought has aggravated food insecurity in other regions.

Some 400,000 people in the north of the country are threatened with famine, a number undoubtedly underestimated according to Mr. Griffiths because of the difficulties in the field.

However, the conditions having improved, UN agencies are now able to assess the situation in the coming weeks.

asked about the risk of a return from the famine who killed more than one million people in Ethiopia in the mid-1980s, Mr. Griffiths replied, "I'm just hopeing to God that we will not see that kind. misfortune ".

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Ethiopia's war in uncertain phase after Abiy's advance .
Ethiopia's military this week regained control of territory previously claimed by Tigrayan rebels, a potential validation of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's decision to join soldiers to conflict-hit areas. Yet how the government scored its wins and what they mean for an eventual outcome in the year-old war remain points of fierce debate as fighting enters a new, uncertain phase. Just a month ago, the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) rebel group appeared to be on the offensive, claiming to have captured Dessie and Kombolcha, towns on a key highway headed towards the capital Addis Ababa.

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