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01:46  21 december  2021
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The EU hesitates on a possible boycott of the Beijing Olympic Games

 The EU hesitates on a possible boycott of the Beijing Olympic Games Jo-2022-EU: The EU hesitates on a possible boycott of the Beijing Olympic Games © Reuters / Tingshu Wang The EU hesitates on a possible boycott Olympic Games of Beijing by Sabine Siebold and Robin Emmott Brussels (Reuters) - While the Lithuanian Foreign Minister said Monday that he would not go to the Beijing Olympic Games, France and the Countries -Bas want to lead to a common European position.

The Foreign Ministry reacts as expected that Berlin has explained to undesirable persons after the guilt, two members of the Russian Embassy.

Russlands Präsident Putin lässt zwei deutsche Diplomaten ausweisen - am Dialog mit Kanzler Olaf Scholz will er aber seinem Sprecher zufolge unbedingt festhalten. © Alexander Shcherbak via www.imago-images.de/imago images / Itar-TASS Russia's President Putin leaves two German diplomats - at the dialogue with Chancellor Olaf Scholz, he wants to keep his speaker absolutely. Moscow has German diplomats from

The Russian Foreign Ministry has incorporated the German Ambassador to Moscow, Géza Andreas of Geyr, on Monday of an own statement after . He had been transmitted to the "strong protest" in connection with the "unfriendly act" of the German Government. According to the guilt in the process, this had explained two relatives of the Russian Embassy to unwanted persons around the so-called Tiergarten murder. As a "symmetrical answer" refer to Russia also two German diplomats in the country.

Kim Potter trial: Daunte Wright not first shooting connected to ex-cop: ‘100%’ deserves murder charge

  Kim Potter trial: Daunte Wright not first shooting connected to ex-cop: ‘100%’ deserves murder charge More than a year before the deadly shooting of Daunte Wright during a traffic stop, former Minnesota officer Kim Potter had been one of the first on the scene of the shooting of Kobe Dimock-Heisler that happened while police responded to a domestic disturbance call. Though they never knew each other, Heisler and Wright were both from Brooklyn Center and around the same age when they were killed by police. It was during the trial for Derek Chauvin that Heisler’s mother recalled hearing that 20-year-old Wright had been shot and Potter was responsible.

The Foreign Office shared in Berlin with , this step is not surprising, but from the point of view of the Federal Government, however, was completely unfounded. In the decision of the Federal Government from last week, it is "an appropriate response" to the determination of the Chamber Court Berlin, that the so-called Tiergarten murder was "commissioned on behalf of state Russian bodies". The court had evaluated the act last Wednesday as "State terrorism".

The Foreign Office sees in the crime "a serious violation of the sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Germany". The Federal Government strut with Russia an exchange "on the basis of international law and mutual respect". The decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow repeatedly buried the relationship.

Putin and XI display their "model" relationship and will see the Olympics

 Putin and XI display their © AFP L Es Russian and Chinese presidents displayed on Wednesday their relation "model" during a videoconference, in full tensions with the West, Vladimir Putin confirming his coming to Beijing Winter Olympics. the friendly tone of the conversation, partly broadcast by Russian television, slice with the salvs of Western critics against Moscow, accused of preparing an invasion of the Ukraine , and against Beijing, because of the Chinese repressions in Hong Kong and in Xinjiang.

, however, the reaction Moscaus can also be indicated that Russia does not want to escalate the matter. Russia recently reacted repeatedly with sharper measures for its own diplomat statements, especially in relation to the USA. On the expulsion of eight members of the Russian mission in NATO replied Moscow with the closure of the two offices of the Western Defense Alliance in Moscow. Also, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs removed the remaining employees of the representation at NATO from Brussels.

death through three shots, two of them in the backhead

Kremlspreu Dmitrij Peskov had also criticized the verdict of the Berlin Chamber court, but also said the dispute about the perspectives for building a dialogue between President Vladimir Putin and the new Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) "in no way influence". Scholz defended the decision of Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens) to show two Russian diplomats.

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Russia had already decided against the formulations in the judgment and its conclusions, even before Baerbock announced their decision. Russia's ambassador to Berlin, Sergej Netschavaj, described the saying of the state protection senate as "absurd" and "politically motivated" . Last week he had announced the "unfriendly act", will remain "not unquituted".

in the case is about the murder of the Chechnya Georgian Selimchan Changoschwili. He had been killed by three shots in Berlin on August 23, 2019 in the small Tiergarten in Berlin, two of them in the back of his head. The 56-year-old Russian Wadim Krasikow was accused. The Russian secret service had gained a camouflage identity. The Chamber court sentenced him to life imprisonment and found the special severity of the fault, which makes premature dismissal difficult.

In the murder, it was "retaliation and revenge" on which Georgian called "terrorists" described by Russia's President Putin as "terrorists", the court held in his verdict. Changoschwilli should have fought in the Russian partial Republic of Chechnya on the board of separatists. The victim "was no longer a fighter for a long time, he wanted to lead a quiet life in Berlin". The murder is "nothing more than state terrorism," said the chairman Richter Olaf Arnoldi.

Ukraine: biden and poutine advocate "diplomacy" and "dialogue" before their maintenance .
© AFP The American and Russian presidents said, at a few hours of an interview Thursday, their willingness to dialogue to solve deep tension Russian-Western, on the background of fear of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Joe Biden intends, according to the White House, a "diplomatic channel" to get out of the crisis during their phone call, the second in less than a month.

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