World Corona pandemic, with 30 million doses in Germany inoculated - government needs 80 percent target still collect

02:30  27 december  2021
02:30  27 december  2021 Source:   handelsblatt.com

COVID-19: The Omicron variant pushes the European Union to solidarity

 COVID-19: The Omicron variant pushes the European Union to solidarity © - Johanna Geron The Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, at the end of the European summit, on the night of 16 to 17 December 2021 in Brussels. The Omicron Variant is as expected in the process of replacing the Delta in Europe and its rapid progression has widely disrupted European capitals.

A few days ago it was said that until January 7, 80 percent of citizens should be vaccinated once at least. The goal must already move Scholz already.

Die Bundesregierung hat ihr Ziel erreicht, bis Jahresende 30 Millionen Dosen zu verimpfen. Doch das waren vor allem Boosterimpfungen. © dpa The Federal Government has achieved its goal to inoculate 30 million doses by year's end. But these were mainly booster vaccinations.

Olaf Scholz (SPD) like sets ambitious target for the vaccination campaign. But this time the Chancellor has made a little too much. The federal government shifts its goal that until January 7, 80 percent of the population should be vaccinated at least once against the coronavirus. "The government aims to achieve a vaccination rate of 80 percent by the end of January," said a government spokesman.

40 percent of the corona-infected wise long-covid symptoms on

 40 percent of the corona-infected wise long-covid symptoms on 40 percent of the people who have infected with the coronavirus, according to a Study of University Medicine Mainz, six months after infection long-covid-like symptoms. This concerns both people who knowingly infected as well as unknowingly infected, said study manager Philipp Wild on Monday in Mainz. He introduced first results to late sequences of SARS COV-2 infection. © Provided by Berlin Kurier For the study, 10,250 people were examined between 25 and 88 years.

The Federal Government had proclaimed their goal just a week ago. "Next intermediate destination I want a vaccination rate of at least 80 percent trigger" announced Scholz. A government spokesman had added that the 80 percent to be achieved until January 7. Then the Chancellor and the Prime Ministers of countries Round Bund meet expected to the next.

But the goal seems hardly achievable. Although it was also further vaccinated during the holidays. On Christmas Day 35,000 people received an injection. now a total of 61.4 million German got at least one dose of vaccine administered. This corresponds to nearly 74 percent.

To reach the 80 percent mark, but would have added still around 5.3 million vaccinations given. That's no more to do in the opinion of the government until January 7.

Affiliate: Sparkassen and Comrades Want to perform at Schufa Prepublication right

 Affiliate: Sparkassen and Comrades Want to perform at Schufa Prepublication right The joint acquisition of a ten-percent share of Société Générale would thwart the entry of the Financial Investor EQT at the Schufa for the time being. © DPA The Schufa is highly red-tabled with an annual turnover of more than 200 million euros and an operational margin of just under a third. The German savings banks and cooperative banks want to increase financial circles their share of economic information Schufa .

is another object has reached the federal government, however. Even before taking office as Chancellor Scholz had promised that by the end of 30 million doses to be inoculated. The worked. So now 29.9 million people have received a booster vaccination. so that they refresh accounts for the bulk of the announced by Scholz 30 million vaccinations.

Unvaccinated still hesitant

This is also an explanation of why it does not reach his second goal: Of the 30 million doses just over two million were vaccinations given, as they say. Many of those who previously have not been vaccinated, so feel free to continue. Even on Christmas Day made booster with 30,000 from the bulk of the total of 35,000 vaccinations. Therefore, targeted by the government, 80 percent still are despite the recent record-Impfzahlen in the distance.

The Union called on the federal government, quickly prepare a general vaccination. "We as Union Group support the federal government in all ways to increase the vaccination rate," the deputy chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, Sepp Müller, Handelsblatt said. We have approved the amendment to the Infection Protection Act and thus it made the way that even dentists, pharmacists and veterinarians are vaccinated.

The fear of trade before Lockdown

 The fear of trade before Lockdown Dusseldorf. After the already weak Christmas business, forced closures would meet again because of Omikron the industry again. Every second dealer looks at the continuation of 2G its existence in danger. © Malte Krudewig yawning emptiness is currently prevalent in downtown Düsseldorf and other NRW cities.⇥ Photo: Malte Krudewig / dpa At the beginning of November, those responsible were still comparatively good things.

"from the new government, we expect a proposal for the general vaccination, all legal, ethical and practical aspects comprises," Mueller said. It is clear that you will not get a vaccination ongoing Omikron wave under control. But

One must also prepare for future waves. "Only with a high vaccination coverage we can from the eternal alternation of restrictions and easing to come out," the CDU said -Politiker.

The corona vaccination campaign is launched in Germany year ago. Since then, nearly 147 million doses have been administered in total, as is evident from the "Impfdashboard" of the Federal Ministry of Health and the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

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