World Lead 1-nuclear Iranian-Resuming Negotiations, Tehran focuses on the lifting of sanctions

22:45  27 december  2021
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Sen. Cruz scores a future vote on Russian pipeline sanctions in deal with Democrats

  Sen. Cruz scores a future vote on Russian pipeline sanctions in deal with Democrats The months-long blockade on Senate-confirmed ambassadorships came to close Saturday morning after Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz reached a deal with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Cruz has relied on the limited powers of the Senate minority to block President Biden’s nominations to fill top foreign positions in protest to the president’s sanction reversal on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. CRUZ BLOCKS STATE DEPARTMENT NOMINEES, INCREASING THE BACKLOG OF UNCONFIRMED BIDEN OFFICIALS But a deal was reached between Schumer and Cruz Friday night, Fox News confirmed Saturday.

Iran-nuclear / (Lead 1): Iranian Lead 1-nuclear-Resumption of negotiations, Tehran focuses on the lifting of penalties

( Added effective recovery of negotiations)

Dubai, December 27 (Reuters) - Indirect negotiations between Iran and the United States to try to safeguard the Iranian Nuclear 2015 Covenant resumed on Monday, Tehran focusing on the lifting of American sanctions taken against him.

The seventh cycle of talks, the first since the election last June to the Iranian Presidency of the UltraConservative Ebrahim Raisi, ended ten days ago after the Iranians claimed in depth changes to the project. existing agreement.

Iran fires missiles during drills in warning to Israel

  Iran fires missiles during drills in warning to Israel Iran fired multiple ballistic missiles Friday at the close of five days of military drills that generals said were a warning to arch-enemy Israel. "The military exercise is a serious warning to Zionist regime officials," said Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps chief Major General Hossein Salami. "Make the slightest mistake, we will cut off their hand."The drills come after US national security adviser Jake Sullivan met Wednesday with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, amid the Jewish state's opposition to efforts to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

The Western powers then tried the progress "too slow" and considered that the negotiators had only "weeks and not months" to conclude an agreement.

President Donald Trump withdrew the United States of the "Global Common Action Plan" (PAGC), the official name of the Agreement in 2018 before restoring sanctions against Iran.

The Islamic Republic has retrained the conditions of this Agreement, taking up and accelerating its nuclear program and undergoing its levels of enrichment of uranium beyond the limits set in the PAGC.

"Today, all parties agreed to return to the negotiating table and resume the discussions, despite the end of the year holidays. This testifies to a greater sense of emergency on the part of All stakeholders, "said Chinese emissary, Wang Qun, before the negotiations resume.

Iran seeks assurances as nuclear talks resume

  Iran seeks assurances as nuclear talks resume Iran said nuclear talks that are set to resume Monday in Vienna should focus on lifting sanctions on the Islamic republic and "guarantees" the US will return to the fold. Negotiations to salvage the 2015 Iran nuclear deal resumed in late November, after a five-month hiatus following the election of ultraconservative Iran President Ebrahim Raisi. The talks seek to bring back the United States, after it withdrew from the accord in 2018 under president Donald Trump and began imposing sanctions on Iran.Iran has reported progress in the talks, but European diplomats have warned they are "rapidly reaching the end of the road".

Discussions resumed at 18:00 (17:00 GMT), and representatives of Germany, China, France, Great Britain, Iran and Russia participate, with coordination of the 'European Union.

Iran wants the lifting of sanctions

"The main issue for us is to succeed in a situation in which Iranian oil can be marketed easily and unhindered," said the Minister of Foreign Affairs Iranian Hossein Amirabdollahian, cited by Iranian media.

Tehran wants the lifting of all American sanctions before any decision regarding nuclear power. On the contrary, Western negotiators believe that negotiations on nuclear power and the lifting of sanctions must go hand in hand.

Oil exports - main sources of revenue for Iran - have plunged after the restoration of American sanctions.

Tehran does not publish data on this subject but according to estimates, Iranian oil exports would be approximately 2.8 million barrels per day (BPJ) in 2018 to 200,000 BPJ now.

"This round of negotiations will focus on the lifting of sanctions," Wang QN announced. The diplomats had indicated that the previous cycle focused on nuclear restrictions, with Westerners, however, that little progress had been made.

The three European Powers Parties to the 2015 Agreement - France, United Kingdom, Germany (E3) - had felt that the talks had returned to the point where they ended in June.

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