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22:41  28 december  2021
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Fernando Alonso: 18-inch wheels could be an advantage for me

 Fernando Alonso: 18-inch wheels could be an advantage for me © Motorsport Images The 18-inch wheels (here at the Alpine of Esteban Ocon) Should Fernando Alonso becomed after the season is before the season: already two Days after the Formula 1 Final in Abu Dhabi stood with the test drives at the same point the preparations at 2022 in focus. Major actor: The 18-Zöll wheels, which replace the old 13 inches after decades. And just one of the old hare looks an advantage for herself: Fernando Alonso.

The Corona pandemic employs formula 1 also in the pause. The FIA ​​announces that the next year all employees should be vaccinated in the paddock.

Formel 1 plant Impfpflicht für alle Mitarbeiter © Provided by sport1.de Formula 1 Plant Popplement for all employees

in Formula 1 could apply in the coming year a vaccination obligation for all employees in the paddock.

"We know that in some places, in some countries, in some events, is spoken about a vaccination obligation. We are considering that, but so far nothing has decided yet, "said FIA Operating Director Bruno Famin, who is responsible for the Covid protocols of the association, at the season finale in Abu Dhabi compared to Motorsport-Total.com . (News: All current information on Formula 1)

Formula 1 team bosses off: Stages for the first time before Hamilton

 Formula 1 team bosses off: Stages for the first time before Hamilton © Motorsport Images Max Max Stapen has also overtaken Lewis Hamilton in the favor of the team boss every year leaves the specialist publication 'AutoSport', which like 'Motorsport-Total.com' Part of the Motorsport Network is, each of the Formula 1 team bosses of his ten best driving of the year. Lewis Hamilton introduced this list 2020, he was displaced this season from the new world champion max stages.

and on: "It's a bit early to talk about what will be next year. Because three weeks ago we all thought that the pandemic is almost over and 2022 will be normal again. But with this new variant in Europe, the pandemic takes up again strongly, and the hospitals fill up again. Every day hundreds of thousands of people in Europe are stuck. We have to be careful. " (Data: The Driver's Development of Formula 1)

Formula 1 thinks over with vaccinations according to

meanwhile the idea is even more advanced. The Motorsport World Council of the FIA ​​has already approved the proposal. The confirmed Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali opposite the Italian edition of Motorsport.com . (Data: The Team Ranking of Formula 1 )

"That we have gotten a season with 22 races, gently makes us optimistic about how the season will look 2022, even if Corona will be still present. But it is no coincidence that as one of the last topics in the Motorsport World Council was decided to vaccinate all employees in the paddock as a precautionary measure, "said the Italian.

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Vettel would like to meet Thunberg: «Find class» .
The four-time formula 1 world champion Sebastian Vettel accepted that he falls heavier in the Aston Martin as he used to be in other racing cars. © Hasan Bratic / DPA has a high opinion of Greta Thunberg: Sebastian Vettel. «I still want to win. And yes: it annoys me that today it does not fall so light today. But fortunately I'm more mature and can handle many things better, "said the 34-year-old in an interview of the" Süddeutsche Zeitung ".

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