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02:25  31 december  2021
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Russia: Putin's warning to the US

 Russia: Putin's warning to the US According to Russian President, the West is responsible for any tension. He threatens "hard military-technical" answers, there should be no talks on written security guarantees. © Mikhail Metzel / AFP Russia's President Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Schoigu on Tuesday at a military exhibition, immediately before the annual meeting of the Ministry.

Vladimir Putin agreed with Joe Biden to talk at midnight on the future of Europe. However, the EU remains outward.

Russlands Präsident Wladimir Putin bei einer Videokonferenz mit US-Präsident Joe Biden Anfang Dezember. © Mikhail Metzel / AP Russian President Vladimir Putin at a video conference with US President Joe Biden in early December. love greeting from Moscow

turn of the year Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a telegram to Joe Biden, which is almost like a love greeting from Moscow read. Putin urged the historically grown, shared responsibility of the two nuclear powers for the international and regional stability. He offered to constructive cooperation on the basis of "mutual respect" and "consideration of the national interests of others."

Ukraine: Molotov cocktail attack against a Russian consulate, no wounded

 Ukraine: Molotov cocktail attack against a Russian consulate, no wounded Moscow denounced a "terrorist act" while Kiev ensures that Putin wants to "destroy Ukraine" © AFP the Secretary of the National Security Council Ukrainian Oleksiy Danilov On December 24, 2021. Tensions - Moscow denounced a "terrorist act" while Kiev ensures that Putin wants to "destroy Ukraine" no Christmas truce.

The text, which was published on Thursday, put Putin set the tone for the planned evening telephone conversation with Biden, which should especially have the Ukraine crisis on the topic: Moscow and Washington are negotiating the fate of Europe, and the Europeans then learn eventually beating.

on the published by the Kremlin list of New Year's wish addressees were also President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Chancellor Olaf Scholz, whose predecessor Angela Merkel and former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. About Greetings to Brussels nothing was initially known, but does what Putin by the European Union and its institutions, we also know this: nothing. This is evident not least in the fight for the future of Ukraine.

contempt for the EU representatives

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Ukraine, Weapons, Safety: Russian-American talks for 10 January

 Ukraine, Weapons, Safety: Russian-American talks for 10 January © AFP W Ashington and Moscow agreed on the 10 January talking on Ukraine and security in Europe, discussions that In particular, to deal with Russian requirements for limiting Western influence to its borders. at the head of the Russian demands, formulated in treaty projects delivered in the United States and NATO, the prohibition of any future expansion of the Atlantic Alliance as well as any military cooperation in what Russia considers to be area of ​​influence.

Russia stirs with a military buildup, the fear of an invasion and wants the West now extort negotiating concessions: no eastward enlargement of the EU and NATO, no new Stützunkte in its area of ​​influence. The EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell demanded this week in an interview with the World , the Europeans would have to be involved. But the Russian government just does not take Borrell seriously came in February during his visit to Moscow: During his conversation with the Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in which concerned the case of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, the expulsion of three EU was diplomats from Russia known. An affront. punished at the following press conference, Lavrov EU representatives Borrell with contempt. Whether he is heard?

In Geneva have talked on January 10 delegations of the United States and Russia on a new European security architecture. In addition, Russia wants with NATO and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) negotiations. The EU has so far no question. The US government has assured the Europeans "transparency" to the talks with Putin. "Nothing about them without them", the language regime is that there is no agreement with Putin without consent Europeans.

Russian-American tensions: in the east, the intransigence is

 Russian-American tensions: in the east, the intransigence is © Yuri Kochetkov - EPA / Maxppp Vladimir Putin refuses any native presence along the Russian borders. The strategic dialogue between Russians and Western, announced for January 2022, in three stages, to soothe the tensions of the last few weeks, looks undoubtedly promising. representatives and Russians will take part on 10 January on discussions on the military activities of their respective countries and on the tensions related to Ukraine .

The Ukrainian government insists in vain to being involved in the negotiations over the future of their country, but they have been seen in doubt, she trusted her fate prefer US President Joe Biden as the Europeans. The EU's massive investment in the development of Ukraine, but the weapons for the Ukrainian army come from the USA.

There threaten tough sanctions

It was Vladimir Putin, who had asked for the agreed on Thursday night telephone conversation with Joe Biden. The conversation was so important to him that he took an appointment to Moscow midnight in buying. Supposedly it should go about preparing the negotiations in Geneva. reported from the White House, Biden will advertise in the telephone call for a diplomatic solution to the conflict over Ukraine, but also threatening with harsh punitive measures in case of an invasion.

"We have aligned ourselves with our allies, to impose tough sanctions against to the Russian economy and the financial system - much broader than that which was implemented in 2014," said a representative of the US government on Wednesday. At that time, Russia had occupied the Crimean Peninsula and started to fuel the civil war in eastern Ukraine. Just in case one is willing to expand the NATO presence in the Eastern European Member States and to support Ukraine, "to defend their territory." Like a love greeting to Moscow not sound.

before talks about Ukraine crisis: Russia disappointed with US signals .
On Monday, the US and Russia's vice-out ministers meet to discuss Ukraine. The expectations are not great. © Photo: DPA / AP / Andriy Dubchak A Ukrainian marine soldier in the Donetsk region One day before the talks about an solution of Ukraine crisis , Russia has shown itself disappointed about the US signals. The United States continued to insist on unilateral concessions of Russia, the government in Moscow criticized the news agencies interfax and RIA on Sunday.

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