World Sale on plan: Can my promoter postpone delivery due to COVID?

20:08  05 january  2022
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capital gains: The notary also engages his responsibility

 capital gains: The notary also engages his responsibility the obligation of advice of the notary, it is not only words. The Court of Cassation has just recalled in a recent stop. A notary who is aware of the false tax return of his client on the occasion of a real estate sale, and leaves the sale to be done, may be condemned, under the former Article 1382 of the Civil Code (now 1240) .

Vente sur plan : mon promoteur peut-il reporter la livraison en raison du Covid ? © Pixabay Sale on plan: Can my promoter postpone the delivery due to COVID? In the "Great Real Estate Appointment" (Capital / Radio Immo), Estelle Vernejoul, lawyer in Paris within the Cabinet Lawatalaysis, takes stock of a thorny issue that currently concerns many buyers.

Every month, the "Great Real Estate Rendez" (Capital / Radio Immo) answers your questions through its sequence "it concerns you". Our experts - lawyers, notaries, real estate agents - denote for you the most complex legal problems and give you their advice that you plan to sell, buy, rent or renovate your home. In this sequence, Estelle Vernejoul, a lawyer in Paris at the lawyer, answers a question of Véronique de Valenciennes. Véronique bought a housing in VEFA (sale on plan). The promoter has just informed of a 6-month delivery postponement due to COVID. Is it in his right?

JUST EAT Delivers called to disengage the New Year's Eve to Pressing Company

 JUST EAT Delivers called to disengage the New Year's Eve to Pressing Company © Copyright 2021, OBS The CGT of the Just Eat Meal Delivery Company Called for Disparking this Friday 31 December evening for an "Newswells of Deliverymen", in Paris and Lyon, in particular, in order to demand an improvement in wages and working conditions.

In response Estelle Vernejoull first specifies that the crisis actually forced many promoters to postpone their deliveries. But are the promoters always in their right? To have. When you sign a sales contract, it stipulates the legitimate causes that can justify a delay of delivery: strikes, bad weather, as well as the cases of force majeure. Hence the question: is Covid still constitutes a case of force majeure? On this point, court decisions are beginning to fall. As for the first confinement, judges systematically give promoters because of the effectively unpredictable nature of the event. For the rest, the case law is less decided, the promoters before prove that it has been impossible for them to carry out their construction ...

India man arrested for fake auction of Muslim women

  India man arrested for fake auction of Muslim women Photographs of several prominent Muslim women were shared in a fake "sale", sparking outrage.He is an engineering student from the southern city of Bengaluru whose identity has not been revealed.

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America’s Biggest Coronavirus Weakness .
Many workers with COVID-19 still—still!—can’t afford to isolate, because they don’t have paid sick leave.He wears a mask. He tries to be careful. He is worried about infecting other workers and guests. But sometimes it feels pointless, because some hotel guests have walked in maskless, announced that they have COVID, and later summoned the hotel staff to their room for fresh towels.

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