World because of explosion in Jidda: France for termination of the Rally Dakar

01:28  08 january  2022
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Negative interest rates: Sparkasse announces 24 customers in the dispute over negative interest payments

 Negative interest rates: Sparkasse announces 24 customers in the dispute over negative interest payments The Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf is again against customers with high savings assets, which do not agree to a payment of negative interest rates. © DPA Background For the Depositary Fees, the negative interest rates of 0.5 percent are to pay banks in their part to park money at the European Central Bank. In a second round, the institute has written 1,730 more customers this year because they each have more than 130,000 euros on their accounts.

Mit sechs Etappen ist die Hälfte der Rallye Dakar in Saudi-Arabien absolviert © Audi With six stages half of the rally Dakar completed in Saudi Arabia

France's anti-terrorist authority has recorded investigations on the explosion, which shortly before New Year's Eve near a hotel in Jedda has happened. With Philippe Boulon, a participant of the Rally Dakar was heavily injured and had to be necessary. Meanwhile, Boultron is located in France in a military hospital near Paris. He woke up again from artificial coma.

was the bomb exploded in the front of the car from the French Team Sodicar, a terrorist attack? "Maybe", France's Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian answers in an interview with the TV channel 'BFM TV'.

The end of the tech rally?

 The end of the tech rally? © Redpixel / Adobestock The three most valuable companies - © Redpixel / Adobestock Apple , Microsoft and Alphabet - The world has recorded an increase in value of over two trillion euros over the past twelve months. Looking at the stock market value, the iPhone manufacturer with a valuation of just under three trillion US dollars is at the top. This is followed by software developer Microsoft ($ 2.75 trillion dollar) and Google owner alphabet (1.96 trillion dollars).

"We made clear to the organizer and the authorities that it is necessary to be very transparent in this incident because there have been speculation about a terrorist attack. There was early in Saudi Arabia terror attacks against French interests."

"Therefore, it is important to protect and warn our citizens. That's why we demand as much transparency as possible. Therefore, the matter was handed over to the national anti-terrorist authority. The situation is that it may be a terrorist attack against the Dakar has."

For the implementation of the Dakar Rally, the French company Amaury Sport Organization (ASO) is responsible. In January 2008, the rally in Africa had to be canceled completely. Shortly before, four French tourists had been killed in Mauritania.

The French government recommended the cancellation because it has given against the rally threats of terrorist organizations. The ASO then relocated the rally from Africa to South America. Since 2020 she takes place in Saudi Arabia.

An cancellation of the rally should also be in the room this time. "We thought about whether it would be better to cancel this sporting event," says France's Foreign Minister. "The organizer has decided to continue."

"In such cases you have to be very careful." So would a demolition have been reasonable? Le Drian says: "There should be at least adequate, enhanced security precautions. I think they did, but the question [of demolition] is still on the table."

Deadly Accident: 20-year-old dies at Rally Dakar .
on the end of the Rally Dakar in Saudi Arabia occurs a terrible accident. A 20-year-old Frenchman comes about life. © Provided by sport1.de Deadly accident: 20-year-old dies at Rally Dakar on the final day of the Rally Dakar in Saudi Arabia, it has come to a deadly accident. as the organizer Aso announced on Friday, a supply vehicle of the team PH Sport collided with a truck of a locals.

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