World Return to Calm in Almaty, President Tokayev promises the departure of the Russian troops

14:55  11 january  2022
14:55  11 january  2022 Source:   france24.com

The President of Kazakhstan decrees the state of emergency after manifestations

 The President of Kazakhstan decrees the state of emergency after manifestations © AFP L E President of the Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev decreed on Tuesday the state of emergency in Almaty and in a petroleum region at the Following demonstrations against rising gas prices. A Almaty (South-East), the economic capital of this country of Central Asia, the police used deafening grenades and tear gas to disperse a manifestation against rising gas prices that had collected several thousand people. .

Des soldats kirghizes de l'Organisation du traité de sécurité collective (OTSC) montant la garde dans une centrale électrique à Almaty, le 11 janvier. © AFP Kyrgyz soldiers of the Organization of the Collective Safety Treaty (OTSC) Amount Guard in a power plant in Almaty on 11 January.

President Kazakhstannais announced on Tuesday the end of the security alliance mission taken by Russia and the "progressive" withdrawal of his soldiers. In Almaty, in the economic capital of Kazakhstan, France 24 observed a return to calm.

The troops deployed by Moscow at Kazakhstan after bloody riots will withdraw from this week, announced, Tuesday, January 11, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. Protests, which have made dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries, led to the deployment of a regional military force driven by Russia and the arrest of some 10,000 people.

military delivers battles with demonstrators in Kazakhstan

 military delivers battles with demonstrators in Kazakhstan Almaty. Nationwide protests against high gas prices have triggered a heavy political crisis in Kazakhstan in Central Asia. Now the city of Almaty has been used military against demonstrators. President Tokajew asks abroad for help. © Vladimir TRETYAKOV The police are in Almaty against demonstrators. After violent riots in Kazakhstan in Central Asia, the military has fallen.

"The main mission of peacekeeping forces (...) ended successfully," said President Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, "the gradual withdrawal of the quota Unified The OTSC [the Organization of the Collective Security Treaty] will begin in two days. This process will not take more than ten days ".

These soldiers, mainly Russians, have been deployed unpublished as part of a military alliance, the OTSC, alliance of former Soviet republics under the leadership of Moscow. According to President Kazakhstanis, this force consists of 2,030 military.

meaning a return to normal, he also named a new Prime Minister, Alikhan Smaïlov, while the vast Central Asian country was shaken last week, by violence ever seen since his independence in 1991.

Kazakhstan. The regime chooses the proof of strength and ramves the great Russian brother

 Kazakhstan. The regime chooses the proof of strength and ramves the great Russian brother © EPA / MAXPPP The Kazakh security forces have been exceeded by the virulence of the protesters. Hence the use of Russian forces and OTSC. EPA-EFE / STR Russian troops and Moscow allied countries unfold to help the regime restore order to Kazakhstan where riots exploded in the outbreak of fuel prices. At the time for Moscow ... The Kremlin had called, Wednesday, January 5, 2022, to solve the crisis in Kazakhstan through dialogue and not by street riots and the violation of the laws.

return Quiet at Almaty

on the spot, in Almaty, in the economic capital of the country, except some "buildings calcined on the central square", "everything returned to normal", according to Elena Volochine, the Special Envoy of France 24.

The riots in recent days have been qualified, Monday, of "terrorist" aggression by the authorities, which, however, have not provided concrete evidence in this direction. They broke out after demonstrations, including the rise in fuel prices.

After several days of cut, the local population found the internet. Most interviewees by France 24 believe in the official version of the authorities, according to which the country has been targeted by "foreign terrorists who came to sowing the disorder, knowing that those who are not released manifesting are" Staying Barricades at home " , without internet access to verify this information.

Nazarbayev accused of having favored a "caste of rich"

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev also accused his mentor and predecessor, Nursoultan Nazarbayev, for favoring the emergence of a "caste of rich" dominating this country Fulging from hydrocarbons, an unprecedented criticism with regard to the one who is considered the father of the nation and enjoys a cult of personality.

During troubles, protesters had chanted their anger against the former 81-year-old officer, who retains an important influence as "head of the nation".

Kazakhstani power has also carried out mass arrests in an authoritarian country without tolerated political opposition. On Tuesday, the Ministry of the Interior indicated that nearly 10,000 people had been arrested. No precise human balance sheet has been provided.

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