World Sanctions against Mali divide the UN Security Council

00:15  12 january  2022
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Mali: Hanging between jihadists and soldiers accompanied by elements of Wagner

 Mali: Hanging between jihadists and soldiers accompanied by elements of Wagner A snatch took place Monday, January 3 between the Malian armed forces, accompanied by members of the Russian company Wagner and a jihadist group, on a road from the center from the country, according to a source close to the file. The altercation occurs at the time of the issue of deployment in the country of members of the Russian group, that fifteen Western countries sentenced on 23 December but that Bamako had denied.

Ce mardi, les sanctions décidées par la Cédéao à l'encontre du Mali étaient au programme d'une réunion du conseil de sécurité de l'ONU. © Timothy A. Clary, AFP on Tuesday, the sanctions decided by the Cédéao against Mali were on the program of a meeting of the Council of UN Security.

The UN Security Council looked at Tuesday, January 11 on the situation in Mali and at the meeting, the members of the UN Council presented themselves divided on the issue.

At the meeting, the UN representative in Mali has briefed the Security Council and reminded the 15 members the circumstances in which the national foundation of the Refoundation and their conclusions took place, the announcement of the authorities transition to retreat the presidential election at the end of 2026, the reaction of the Cédéao and the penalties announced . For him, the organization will continue to work alongside the Malian, Cédao and AU authorities to get out of the impasse. After all, "Support for the transition is well registered with the mandate of MINUSMA," he recalled.

ECOWAS concludes the limits to Mali

 ECOWAS concludes the limits to Mali The heads of state and government of West Africa impose hard sanctions against the crisis of Mali. The local junta wants to postpone the election term scheduled for February for years. © Michele Cattani / AFP / Getty Images Military of Burkina Faso on the border with Mali (archive image) on a special summit in Ghana's capital ACCRA has the Western African states (ECOWAS) "very hard sanctions" against Mali for delayed elections imposed.

The 1,000 additional Chadian blue helmets accepted by Bamako should allow a little more flexibility to force. But both

The United Nations , both members of the council complained about the deterioration of the safe climate in Mali, recalling the 28 blue helmets in 2021, reports our correspondent in New York, Carrie Nooten . At this meeting, the Council's ambassadors listened to a statement by the young activist of Malian Civil Society Adam Dicko, and each had the opportunity to express themselves. France, Great Britain and the United States rejected a transition from 5 years to Mali and supported the sanctions announced by CEDAO.

"Mali finds himself alone in the face of all these terrorists"

on their side, Russia and China pleaded for non-interference in Mali. The representative of Bamako also denounced, in line with the statement of the President of the Assimi GOITA Transition, the "illegal and illegitimate" announcements of Cédao.

France and the EU support the West African penalties against the junta in Mali

 France and the EU support the West African penalties against the junta in Mali © Francis Kokoroko, Reuters Colonel Assimi Goita, Head of the Military Military Juntus, attends the Consultative Meeting of the Economic Community of the States. West Africa (ECOWAS) in Accra The French President Emmanuel Macron says Tuesday the support of France and the EU to the sanctions taken by the West African leaders two days earlier against the junta in power in Mali .

concerning the strong sanctions imposed by Cédéao, the Russian representative Vassily Nebenzia said that it "would be irresponsible in the current circumstances to let this country rely on its destiny, particularly with regard to reduce military aid. socio-economic to this country. The imposition of sanctions against this country that already encounters difficulties could still make the situation for the civilian population degenerate.

He also reacted to the polemics in progress on

the presence of mercenaries of his country in Mali. "On the back of the unexpected modification of the presence of France (in Mali), particularly with the closure of several bases, Mali is alone in the face of all these terrorists and, in this respect, we believe that the Malians have everything The right to cooperate with other partners who are ready to cooperate with this country to strengthen security, "he said, believing that" Western countries want to have the monopoly of the provision of services "in Mali . The Ambassador of Gabon, who spoke at length on behalf of the three African countries, called on the whole of the international community to support the position of Cedao but the Council, whose meeting ended this Wednesday night , failed to make a joint statement.

France and the EU support the West African sanctions against the Junta

The French President recalled the support of France to Cédéao and the UEMOA at a press conference in the Elysee with the President of the Council European, Charles Michel.

Moreover, arrested at the National Assembly, Jean-Yves Le Drian, the leader of French diplomacy, said: "It is to the leaders of the junta to take their responsibilities and to come out of the mouth in Which they are, "he said before adding" the European Union supports decisions and I hope that the junta will understand our determination. "

Penalties of Cédéao: Roads blocked on the border between Mali and Ivory Coast .
© Pierre Pinto / RFI Trucks are waiting to cross in the Ivorian village of Pogo on the border with Mali, this January 20, 2022 . Since January 9 the borders of Mali are closed. Cédéao sanctioned the Malian junta by imposing a blockade in the country. If the products of first necessities can enter Mali nothing else. With regard to passengers, the border is theoretically closed for almost two years and the beginning of the pandemic of Covid-19.

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