World Saune correctly: 8 tips for your next sauna search

10:06  15 january  2022
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With our 10 Tips for your next sauna session, you can achieve the best results possible. Traditionally, saunas were heated using wood-burning devices. The modern day sauna consists of a wood-lined room with an electric heater that reaches temperatures as high as 195 degrees Fahrenheit – check out our infrared sauna buyers guide for infrared saunas . In addition to dry saunas , steam rooms that use steam generators have become prominent.

A modern version is the infrared Finnish sauna , where panels placed around the sauna shine on you to raise your body temperature. They don't have the option of sprinkling water to boost humidity, but they heat up much faster, so some people find them more convenient. The heating elements are made of carbon or ceramic, with ceramic generally considered better. To do this we will link your MailOnline account with your Facebook account. We’ll ask you to confirm this for your first post to Facebook.

Sauna is a blessing for mind and body. Your thoughts calm down, at the same time your metabolism is excited and the muscles let go. A good reason so to treat yourself to such a high-quality break more often.

Richtig Saunieren - Tipps für deinen Saunaaufguss © Getty Images / LuckyBusiness Proper Saune - Tips for Your Sauna Casting

In order to enjoy the feel-good effect healthy, there are certain rules that should apply to your sauna infusion.

so you do everything right, we have compiled eight helpful tips for you.

1. Pay attention to sufficient hygiene!

Since you are sweating a lot of sweating in the sauna, you are best putting yourself on your towel . Thus, you start your sweat and prevent the following guests need to put on it.

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Home » Home Sauna Tips » Tips For Purchasing Your Own Home Sauna . You probably will have invested in something that will pay for itself in only a year or two at the most. There are several issues to consider when searching for your personal home sauna . Size, portability, weight, heating elements and additional options are basic things to look at before finding the one that suits your lifestyle.

Search . How to Use a Sauna : 15 Starter Tips for Infrared Sauna … Details: If you’ve recently purchased the best infrared sauna and you want to get to the most out of treatment and learn how to use it correctly , then our infrared sauna tips will help to enhance your next sauna session.

2. Plan enough rest times.

between the sauna lengths you should rest between 10 and 15 minutes and relax. Therefore, there is often a relaxation room for it.

3. Treat yourself an ice-cold cooling.

After the sauna you traditionally enjoy an ice-cold shower. The reason: cold showering promotes the blood circulation of the vessels in the legs and is healthy for vein and arteries.

so you do not fall into a cold shock, you start with the arms, the legs shower and then the middle of the body. Finally, you go to the fresh air and tank even more energy. For the reward, you cuddle into the bathrobe .

4. Pay attention to your circulation.

In the sauna, you are best flat. So you bring your entire body into a uniform temperature zone. Only set yourself when the end of your sauna had come. So you do not overwhelm your circulation when getting up.

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Search . Select Category Building a Sauna (246) Sauna Blueprints (5) Sauna Rocks (3) Sauna Stoves (27) Saunas For Sale (6) Tips for Your Sauna (14) Types of Saunas (76) Backyard Saunas (12) Cabin Saunas (9) Health Club Saunas (6) Hotel Saunas (3) Mobile Saunas (16) Public Saunas (3) Sauna Culture (361) Burning Wood (9) Glossary of Sauna Terms (6) Sauna Contests (2) Sauna Etiquette.

Saunas are great for your health. You’ll sweat out toxins and improve your circulation. Not to mention, you’ll sit in one of the most relaxing places on earth. In the sauna , you can do breathing exercises, stretches, meditation, reading, or any combination of activities to make it more part of your daily life. Having an established sauna routine is great because it helps you pass the time and keeps your mind busy.

5. No food in the sauna

in front of the sauna you can eat a little thing, otherwise no meals should be taken.

6. Let's time!

sauna time is time out. stress should be avoided. enjoy the time in the sauna. A gait takes between 8 and 15 minutes.

7. Shower in front of the sauna from

through the warm air open your pores. Therefore, care products matched to your skin create a great beauty effect.

8. Pay attention to sufficient water.

Through sweating in the sauna you lose a lot of water. So think about it to balance your fluid loss. Well, teas, fruit juices or water are suitable.

The sauna is ideal for detipping. Through the heat, you convey the process of purification . Water or juices are only welcome.

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