World Streich's General Criticism: "Then we have nothing to do with Dortmund"

14:30  15 january  2022
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Bundesliga: BVB Resimer allegedly prior to change

 Bundesliga: BVB Resimer allegedly prior to change The VFL Bochum is supposed to look at Borussia Dortmund in search of reinforcement. This reports the picture-newspaper on Tuesday evening. © Provided by Spox In the storm of Borussia Dortmund Steffen Tigges (23) continues to be ready behind Erling Haaland as a Joker. According to the report, the Bochums should be interested in Dortmund's Steffen Tigges (23).

of the SC Freiburg concedes his highest seasons in Borussia Dortmund. Trainer and captain honors with the appearance and draw a sobering conclusion.

Konnte mit dem Auftritt seiner Freiburger am Freitagabend nicht zufrieden sein: Christian Streich. © Imago Images / Laci Perenyi could not be satisfied with the appearance of his Freiburg on Friday evening: Christian Streich.

Freiburg's trainer dispropises the way in 1: 5

the criticism was as hard as deserved. "It was too little. Overall, but also from the courage. A bad game of us," Freiburg's head coach Christian prank was judged after the 1-5 debacle on Friday evening at Borussia Dortmund at the Dazn microphone. It was by far the highest defeat in this Bundesliga season. Not even in a test match, the sports club had previously collected more than two goals. Now it rang the same five times in the box of goalkeeper Benjamin Uphoff, who again represented the quarantined trunk Keeper Mark Flekken.

BVB & Co. may return fans to the stadium from Thursday

 BVB & Co. may return fans to the stadium from Thursday in North Rhine-Westphalia Football Stadelies are admitted again from Thursday. © Imago Images / Sven Simon The sparse-occupied southstanduene in Dortmund - most recently, she had to stay empty completely. NRW allows 750 viewers as shown in the adjusted NRW Corona Protection Ordinance published on Tuesday are then "uniform also for supraregional events" 750 fans in the stadiums allowed. For the backward start, the affected clubs had to do without spectators.

"We had a good role model"

still in the first round strike eleven had defeated the BVB with 2: 1 and thus the best round of club history initiated - at least with views of the table spot. "We actually had a good role model: the first leg," said the SC coach and then practiced harsh criticism again: "The frustration tolerance and this hunger against the ball, that one comes in two-fighting, even if you go again and out of the first Or the second time, the goods were not there in this. " Twice Dortmund's Thomas Meunier met after a corner, twice Uphoff had to reach behind after a rapid loss of ball loss in midfield.

"We felt everywhere on the square below." (Freiburg Captain Christian Günter)

Captain Christian Günter Handerte with the way in the performance in Westphalia. "We wanted to put needle tiles and conquer the ball, but we felt everywhere on the square below," complained of the left-back. His coach also analyzed in a similar direction: "We were one or the other sometimes too high but Nicolas Höfler and Janik Haberer did not stand one or the other one right."

Freiburg's fight against the horror balance at the BVB

 Freiburg's fight against the horror balance at the BVB at home has finally worked twice, the SC Freiburg now wants to win back in Dortmund after over 20 years. Sports Management Jochen Saier calls the prerequisite and emphasizes the respect for BVB - also because of its own staff situation. © Imago Images / Sportfoto Rudel Can the SC Freiburg stop the BVB and polish the balance sheet? Saier: "There remains a mum task" from the youngest two duels with Borussia Dortmund, the sports club emerged as a winner.

prank praises his Joker

slightly better it was only after the side change. Streich had brought with Talent Kevin's pity and striker Ermedin Demirovic two fresh offensive players and left the fully standing Vincenzo Grifo and Woo-Yeong Jeong in the cabin. After a dedicated start of shades and a degree of Roland Sallai, Demirovic was able to dust a 1-3. "From the two came in energy", strike stuck.

Only: The turning did not succeed, instead, there were more counterparts. "We played a bad first half. The second was better. Dortmund was good, we were not good," said string together and stressed, "So far, it was quite good what we have played this season. But if we have played Not really good on it, we have nothing to do with the BVB. "

comes in Hoffenheim the right Petersen moment? .
For the Freiburger DFB Cup game at the TSG Hoffenheim, Christian Streich makes his topjoker Nils Petersen again hopes for a substitution. The slopes but also from the game development, explained the SC coach. © Imago Images / Beautiful Sports Freiburg's Nils Petersen is waiting at his right moment this season.

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