World Haalands rags: Spontaneous anger or move?

16:57  15 january  2022
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Bordeaux-OM in camera?

 Bordeaux-OM in camera? © Provided by Sports.co.uk The Bordeaux Club will request the postponement of the match scheduled on Friday. While Bordeaux hopes the postponement of his match against the Olympic of Marseille , consequence of the vague of Covid who struck the Girondins, the club at the scapular announced that the meeting, if it had to be maintained, would be held in camera. "FC Girondins de Bordeaux sent a request for postponement of the match Bordeaux-Marseille, scheduled for January 7th.

The statements by Erling Haaland on the decision-making pressure of Borussia Dortmund also provide on Saturday nor irritation. Was it a calculating move by the clientele of consultants Mino Raiola or language from the Norwegians, despite the high victory of frustration?

Wohin führt sein Weg? Erling Haaland. © imago images / Team 2 Where does his path? Erling Haaland.

statements of BVB striker reverberate

The ambition of Erling Haaland is not known and most admired only with his colleagues Dortmund. Once he was angry in a match at Hertha BSC about his early substitution five minutes before the end - at the score of 5: 2 hits scored for BVB and after just four.

violence in Internet forums: Threats and killing calls from coronalians take to

 violence in Internet forums: Threats and killing calls from coronalians take to The German journalist Association requires determined against proceeding - the German lawyer association warns to give rise to the rule of law constitutional principles. © Photo: Imago / Florian Gaertner Corona skeptics demonstrate against the prevailing measures and complaints politicians. In the forums of vaccines and coronalians, the sound has become partially radical since the past fall, to increased killing calls.

Also on Friday after ending his only half-serious-called "dry spell" Torlosigkeit of just two games, Haaland was upset when the game ends. Previously, Dortmund had against a competitor for Champions League places a sovereign and playfully convincing 5: 1 victory retracted, met Haaland itself twice. And yet talked facial expressions and gestures of discontent. he had already caught a yellow card when he had thrown the ball after a offside whistle furiously on the floor two minutes before the end.

And so he was then to field interview with the Scandinavian streaming service Viaplay and took the ball through issue of ex-pro and family friend Jan-Aage Fjörtoft as safe as the originals previously in the game. "There is a lot of speculation about your future, but you can do it still, all hide. How do you do that?" Fjörtoft wanted to know, and Haaland reported.

Kazakhstan. "Dozens" of protesters killed by the police, Russia sends its forces

 Kazakhstan. © Mariya Gordeyeva / Reuters according to the Ministry of the Interior Kazakh cited by local media, at least eight members of the security forces were killed and 317 wounded. Kazakhstan, prey to riots since Wednesday, January 5, 2022, was the scene of scenes of violence tonight. Protesters were killed by the police while trying to seize administrative buildings.

The key message: "In the last six months I decided out of respect for Dortmund for anything to say about it, but now the club has started to push me to a decision Here, football is all I want, but they.. to push hard to get me now to make a decision about my future. so I have to soon make a decision. "

"Currently there is no deadline, no deadlines, there were not even talking." (Michael Zorc)

The BVB leaders made it for amazement. "The statements by Erling us have a bit surprised," said sporting director Michael Zorc said kicker on Saturday, because "there is currently no deadline, no deadlines, there were not even talking." At least not yet, "but that we will someday hold talks and need is clear, understandable and more professional."

Haalands behavior is puzzling

So why the star striker expressed so clearly? The white except Haaland himself and his environment none of the parties been so accurate. Language from the 21-year-olds the obvious frustration about the last minutes of the game or take his side in the transfer position in poker?

Do not go away (Netflix): Have you spotted this very furtive appearance of Harlan Coben in the series?

 Do not go away (Netflix): Have you spotted this very furtive appearance of Harlan Coben in the series? © Capture / Netflix Do not move away (Netflix): Have you spotted this very furtive appearance of Harlan Coben in the series? Adapted from a Harlan Coben thriller, the series does not move away is one of the great success of this beginning of the year on Netflix. But did you notice the ultra fugitive appearance of the novelist in one of the episodes? Since the signing of its contract with Netflix in 2018, Harlan COBEN regularly proposes subscribers of new fictions adapted from its novels.

is clear that Haalands consultants Mino Raiola is up to every trick and sets all possible wheels in motion for the benefit of his clients. And so could Players always draw father Alf-Inge Haaland and consultants at an exchange as an argument that a stay in Dortmund was possible when the pressure of the association would not have been as early as great. An interview in Norwegian with a good friend would be a suitable platform for this.

Haaland & Co. And all the aces

But with all the tricks of Raiola, his client sends the consultant for tactical maneuvers rare that he does actually own. Unlike many in the past by boxed transfers need Raiola and Co . served in summer with absolutely no leverage for a change. Because by the well-known exit option the player side has already all the trump cards. If Haaland will go and the receiving club meets the conditions, Dortmund can not prevent disposal of the attacker.

So it's a spontaneous outbreak? That is possible. Because even if his current club in his own words has not provided any ultimatums for a decision Haaland feel sure a decision pressure. Because the issue is smoldering for a long time - at least since the publicity Spain trip of Raiola and Haaland senior in April 2021 in which the willingness of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona was knocked off.

Since it comes in almost every interview under any social media post and in almost every media report about a possible change and the limited pool of potential buyers. This can already take a 21-year-olds, especially since the decision will lead the way for further career.

Grand Palace: The call for competition launched by the institution worries the FIAC and Paris Photo .
The meeting of the National Museums-Grand Palais has opened a call for proposals for the niche of October and of November traditionally devolved at the fair International Contemporary Art (FIAC) and Paris Photo. © Provided by FranceInfo The Union of Event Unimev denounces in a letter from the "discriminatory acts" of the NMR-Grand Palais, which recently opened up the allocation of the niches until then occupied by Paris Photo and the International Fair of Contemporary Art (FIAC).

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