World tensions in Ukraine conflict: Kremlin throws the US "false allegations" before

13:45  16 january  2022
13:45  16 january  2022 Source:   tagesspiegel.de

The risk of conflict in Ukraine is "real", warns Jens Stoltenberg

 The risk of conflict in Ukraine is NATO is concerned about the "real" risk of conflict in Ukraine with the continuation of Russian military strengthening at its borders, and must prepare for failure From diplomacy, warned Friday the Secretary General of the Jens Stoltenberg Alliance.

Putin's speakers expects evidence for allegations, Russia tarnish a raid on Ukraine. Also with the recent hacker attack Moscow has nothing to do.

Die russische Regierung von Präsident Wladimir Putin reagiert gereizt auf die Anschuldigungen aus den USA. © Photo: Mikhail Metzel / Pool Sputnik Kremlin / AP / DPA The Russian Government of President Vladimir Putin reacts irritably to the allegations from the USA.

The Kremlin has accused the US in the face of the tensions around Ukraine "False Allegations" against Russia and the spread of lies.

Kremlspeker Dmitri Peskov said in an interview with the US television station CNN that Washington had not presented the announced evidence for a military escalation of Russian side at the border with Ukraine so far. "We are still waiting for evidence," Peskow said. When asked if Russia could exclude a raid on Ukraine, he said that it is apparently not there.

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the US and NATO has been complaining for months a massive march of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border and fearing that Russia could plan an invasion of the neighboring country. Although it were announced by US Security Consultant Jake Sullivan, but did not have been presented, Peskov said. The US newspaper "The Hill" released a fragment of the interview on Sunday at Twitter.

Video: Putin aggravates sound in Ukraine conflict (AFP)

"We live in a world of false accusations, of false messages and in a world of lies," said the speaker of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. As long as nothing is evidenced by evidence, "we will continue to assume that the fake will be news and false accusations". Peskov also rejected allegations, Russia is responsible for the hacker attack on the Internet pages of the Ukrainian government on Friday. "Russia has nothing to do with these cyberattacks."

Has diplomacy on Ukraine reached a dead end?

  Has diplomacy on Ukraine reached a dead end? Has diplomacy on Ukraine reached a dead end?Russia stands accused of having massed some 100,000 troops close to the Ukrainian border, as it seeks a commitment from the West that the pro-EU former Soviet state will never join NATO.

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The tensions in the Ukraine conflict last greatly increased. Last week, there were talks at different levels. For the first time for two and a half years, the 30 NATO states and Russia again advised each other. In addition, there was an meeting of the organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) . Already for the weekly open, representatives of Russia and the US had met in Geneva. There was no tangible results.

Peskov demanded in the interview again written answers from the USA to Russia's proposals for security in Europe. In the negotiations in the past week, Russia had requested guarantees for his own safety by NATO and the USA.

So Moscow demands about one end of NATO east extension and a renunciation of the alliance onto Ukraine. The current tensions are "extremely dangerous" for the location on the continent, Peskov said. Russia is threatened by NATO. (dpa)

Getting Australians out of Ukraine amid Russia tensions a 'cautious' step, government says .
Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne says the "unpredictable" situation in Ukraine, including whether there are flights in and out of the country, means people should leave while it is still safe.On Monday night, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade updated the travel advice for the country to "do not travel" because of the "increased risk of armed conflict".

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