World in Italy, nurses arrested for simulating vaccinations against CVIV-19

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COVID-19. Italy strengthens restrictions against non-vaccinated people

 COVID-19. Italy strengthens restrictions against non-vaccinated people © Guglielmo Mangiapane / Reuters Sanitary pass control in Rome (Italy), January 10, 2022. Since Monday, January 10, 2022, in Italy, people no -Facinate against COVID-19 can no longer eat at the restaurant or fly. in Italy , the non-vaccinated persons against CVIV-19 can no longer eat at the restaurant or fly to travel within the country, according to the new rules entered into force on Monday, January 10, 2022, while Schools have reopened.

  En Italie, des infirmières arrêtées pour avoir simulé des vaccinations contre le Covid-19 © Copyright 2022, the Obs

of the doses of vaccines directly to the trash. In Italy, two nurses were arrested in recent days, suspected of having made false vaccinations. According to Palermo investigators, the phenomenon could be more widespread than it seems.

The Palermo font broadcast Saturday the video of one of the unmasked nurses. On these images filmed in hidden camera, the nurse empties the contents of the syringe in gauze before pretending to inject it into the arm of a patient.

Stopped for False and misappropriation of funds, this 58-year-old woman is suspected of having used this ploy to provide false vaccination certificates (the "Green Pass" in Italy) to "AntiVax" activists, with a few hundreds of euros.

Coronavirus / Canada: Quebec wants people refusing the

 Coronavirus / Canada: Quebec wants people refusing the health-coronavirus vaccine: CORONAVIRUS / Canada: Quebec wants to tax people refusing the vaccine © Reuters / Christinne Muschi Coronavirus / Canada: Quebec wants to tax People refusing Vaccine (Reuters) - Quebec, the second most populous Canadian province, is working on the development of a "health contribution" for adults refusing to be vaccinated against CVIV-19 without medical reasons, Tuesday said the Prime Minister Provincial François Legault.

Censor the antivax? "It will only radicalize them in their positions"

last week, it is in the Marche region that the police made a similar discovery: a nurse from an Ancona vaccination center and several accomplices were arrested On January 12 for making false injections on "antivax" patients from all over Italy. According to "The Repubblica" , about sixty people would have benefited from a false certificate against amounts ranging from 300 to 450 euros. 18 000 euros in cash were seized. The nurse was finally denounced by a colleague who found his suspicious behavior. Here too, the police broadcast the images of these false vaccinations on social networks.

Video: Italy: A nurse arrested for making false vaccine injections (Dailymotion)

Italy: A nurse stopped for making false vaccine injections

 Italy: A nurse stopped for making false vaccine injections it emptied the contents of his syringes before getting his antivax patients, allowing them to get a vaccinal pass. View on Euronews © Italian Police Handout / Picture A Palermo nurse was arrested Saturday by the Italian police for making false anticovid vaccine injections to several people, allowing them to get a vaccinal pass. As the images published by the Italian police show, it would have emptied the contents of its syringes before simulating an injection into the arm of its patients.

"more widespread one might think"

according to the daily "He Corriere della will be" , early January, similar facts Would have been reproached for a doctor of Ascoli, in the Marche region. In December again, a nurse and the leader of a Sicilian AntiVax group had been arrested for similar facts. The first would have provided a false injection and a false pass to the nurse arrested Saturday.

"The survey shows that this irresponsible trade [...] is more widespread that one might think", lamented a Palermo investigator with "repubblica", "with the risk that non-vaccinated caregivers are in contact with Hospitalized people, who rely on public service and think they are treated without being able to be exposed to the virus. "

"Now I am vaccinated, I want to stop annoying me"

the Italian government, confronted with a rebound of the contagions due to the Omicron Variant, decided at the end of December to demand from 10 January the vaccinal pass. In transport, hotels, terraces of restaurants, fairs and conventions as well as swimming pools and gym. The vaccinal pass, baptized in Italy "Reinforced Sanitary Pass", is only obtained with a complete vaccination cycle or after covid healing.

Ten days ago, the Government also decided to introduce the immunization obligation for all persons over the age of 50, except for those recently healed.

Launch of the vaccinal pass, hope of WHO in Europe ... The point on coronavirus .
New measures, new balance sheets and highlights: one point on the latest evolutions of the Pandemic of Covid-19 in the world. © Reuters / Stephane MAHE The situation in France Weapon criticized from the government against the Omicron Variant, the vaccinal pass replaces Monday the Sanitary Pass and becomes mandatory for people over the age of 16 wishing to go to the restaurant or take the train .

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