World Corona Genosis Status: AFD faction leader must be on the Bundestagtribüne

22:26  18 january  2022
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Corona-Gensisen have their status now only 90 days, many fall out of the 2G rule overnight. In the Bundestag this has consistencies mainly for the AFD.

Demnächst noch stärker besetzt? Bundestagsabgeordnete der AfD auf der Tribüne für Ungeimpfte und Nichtgenesene mit zertifiziertem Test. © Annegret Hilse / Reuters Completely occupied even more? Bundestag member of the AfD on the tribune for unvaccinated and non-residences with certified test.

The new Corona provisions adopted by the Bundestag last Thursday have a particularly strong effect on the AFD fraction. Because Corona infected now only three instead of six months are considered geneses, fraction leader Tino Chrupalla should also have to sit on the tribune intended for unvaccinated tribune in the coming week.

AFD outraged: Corona rules in the Bundestag on 2G + tightened - Mock of "Dapvas"

 AFD outraged: Corona rules in the Bundestag on 2G + tightened - Mock of In view of the rising corona infection numbers, the security measures are further tightened in the German Bundestag. Access to the plenary hall will only have MPs and employees in the future in the future, which are at least twice in vaccinated or preserved and simply vaccinated. You must also show a current negative coronate test. © DPA Christina Tree (l.) And other AFD deputies on 10 December 2021 on the tribune in the Bundestag This is from a letter from the director at the German Bundestag,

Chrupalla was ill in October at Covid-19. His genesis certificate is provided with an expiration date, 16 April 2022, and would therefore have expired last week. Because according to the approval of the Robert Koch Institute approved by the Bundestag, Genosis certificates are now only 90 days. In order to place in the main area of ​​the plenary hall, vaccinated or geneses must additionally test. The staff of the Bundestag will examine locally, according to a speech, whether the new regime presented by deputies comply with the new regulation.

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is likely to take chrupalla only on the standing place, would also be clear that it is unpavated. He had always referred to his privacy for questions after his vaccination status.

Comment on 2G Plus in the Bundestag: AfD lacks respect and seriousness

 Comment on 2G Plus in the Bundestag: AfD lacks respect and seriousness from this Wednesday for the deputies of the German Bundestag in the plenary hall is the 2G-Plus rule . Finally! The measure imposed by Bundestag President Bärbel Bas (SPD) was long overdue. So far, the 3G rule was considered the plenary hall - entered the hall, who was vaccinated, recovered or freshly tested. © ap the German Bundestag. (Symbol image) Anyone who refused the quick test and did not want to disclose his vaccination status was able to participate from the grand tunnel's meetings.

also further MEPs of the AFD may inevitably have to take place in the Bundestag in the Bundestag as a "epidemic" titled area, if you follow the plenary session in the hall or take the word. According to information from the group, a maximum of half of the 80 AFD members is vaccinated, about 20 are recovered. At times, more than 20 AFD MEPs were sitting at the unauthorized tribune, but some assumed demand to do this from solidarity with the unburded there.

next to Chrupalla will soon be affected by co-faction leader Alice Weidel , which was positive in November and had symptoms. It is also your failure notice after the rules currently valid for Germany after three months. Genosis notes from Switzerland currently apply one year .

opposition politicians criticized the new Genosis rule adopted late Thursday night. The left deputy Andrej Hunko crimped that Parliament has no influence on the duration of the genesis status, because decides the Robert Koch Institute for the duration itself . "So the Federal Government can define the basis for the fundamental rights to the RKI, without having to answer them outwards," Hunko said. Only in November, the traffic light coalition had repeatedly relocated the decision-making of fundamental rights restrictions in the pandemic of the government level stronger in parliament.

Corona outbreak after party: guests with false vaccine passes?

 Corona outbreak after party: guests with false vaccine passes? "We make company holidays", "Now the pandemic has unfortunately caught us. On the basis of Covid-19, we close our restaurant. © Christian Charisius / dpa Several hotels and restaurants on Sylt have temporarily closed in view of the rapidly rising corona numbers. These and similar signs are currently hanging in various companies on Sylt. The North Sea island has been setting rapidly rising infection numbers for several weeks.

Chrupalla and Weidel designated the shortening of the gauge period to three months as scientifically not cheering. Chrupalla spoke of "political arbitrariness" and pointed out that the genesis period in Switzerland 2021 was even extended. There, however, it is now reflected again via a shortening.

The AFD wants to submit to the next week action against the 2G-plus rule in the plenary area. The group considers the scheme for disproportionate and complains that the freedom of mandate exercise is restricted.

Last week, a AFD member negatively tested by a PCR test has been referenced from a meeting room because it could not show vaccination or gene-gene status. The AFD strives for the plenary area a return to the 3G scheme, as in the Bundestag for all employees and their employers in the rooms of the Bundestag, .

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Berlin. The surprising KfW funding stop for efficient construction brings the Federal Government under pressure. Consumers run storm. The traffic light now advised in the coalition committee on solutions. © Rolf Vennenbernd tens of thousands of construction citizens could suddenly empty at KfW promotion. The traffic light coalition, which is under pressure due to the controversial KfW conveying stop in energy-efficient buildings, wants to rework.

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