World Presidential 2022: The 20th handmade measures of Anne Hidalgo

23:30  18 january  2022
23:30  18 january  2022 Source:   parismatch.com

Taubira announces that it will submit to the outcome of the popular primary

 Taubira announces that it will submit to the outcome of the popular primary © Copyright 2022, the OBS the candidate "envisaged" in the presidential election Christiane Taubira announced this Sunday 9 January that it would submit to the result of The popular primary, a planned citizen initiative from 27 to 30 January, which it will accept "the verdict". "I accept the risk of democracy. I will accept the verdict of popular primary "," last chance of a possible union of the left, "said François Hollande's former minister from Bondy (Seine-Saint-Denis).

The socialist candidate unveiled on January 13 his program for the presidential election 2022. Here are the twenty main measures to remember

  Présidentielle 2022 : les 20 mesures phares d’Anne Hidalgo © SIPA

to revive his campaign, the socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo announced its program for the presidential election this Thursday 13 January. The candidate makes 70 proposals for "reunite France". His priorities are the social, ecological and democratic urgency. Themes found in its program around work, social security, justice, "ecological economy" and Europe. Paris Match has summarized for you 20 flagship proposals of its program.

I propose to participate in the great adventure of reconciliation, recovery and prosperity of our country, around a republican, social and ecological project.

Elvis Costello not a fan of modern rock

  Elvis Costello not a fan of modern rock Elvis Costello isn't a fan of much rock music from the last three decades.The 'Pump It Up' hitmaker admitted he "doesn't like much rock music" and finds it hard to single out a record from the last 30 years that he could count among his favourites because he doesn't think there is anything exciting about the way they sound.

➡️ Find my 70 proposals to reunite France: https://t.co/taa1krubao pic.twitter.com/7ytrz9pc0b

- Anne Hidalgo (@anne_hidalgo) january 13, 2022
Work and ecology: a very anchorage On the leftTravailability of SMIC of 15%, or 200 € a maximum wage gap in companies between the lowest and highest compensation will be fixed. The list of companies that persist in allowing the employee discrimination to women will be made public and penalties will be imposed on these companies. Europe within the UN.Ret establish the ISF deleted by Emmanuel Macron by turning it into a solidarity tax on climate and biodiversity assets to put the most fortunate contribution to finance the energy transition. Establishment of a large agroecology project. The goal is to help the agricultural sector without degrading the environment by improving food production and committing to paying producers at fair prices. Protection that would project themselves towards the end of the use of glyphosate and neonicotinoids.A large number of proposals for social protection and democracy Right of voting at 16, voting rights for foreigners in local elections and Taking into account the white vote to repair democracy.In the proportional dose for the legislative elections by placing this vote before the presidential election on the inspiration of the German model. It also wishes to delete 49-3 (except for budget laws) .Creation of the RIC (Citizen's initiative referendum), a long time defended by the Yellow Vests of the Stagestration: Train 15,000 new doctors, 1250 midwives per year 25,000 nurses and caregivers and 5,000 hospitals. Retirement: Leave the starting age at 62 years and upgrade the minimum old age at 1000 €. Education: Take the remuneration of teachers upon executives and establish a "mixed plan" to end ghettos colleges. Superior teaching: deletion of Pathway, Youth: Giving € 5.000 to each young person for his 18 years .Charing: Establishment of the End of Life Digne (euthanasia) and Legalization of Cannabis for persons over 18 years old.BORT International, a European convictsEuropeCreation of A tax on financial transactions and digital giants and increased minimum tax rate for multinationals (currently 15%). Establishment of a "social agenda" promoting the minimum wage and equality between women and men. Free French courses for newcomers and for already installed immigrants who wish to improve their mastery of language.ecology in Europe: organization of a World Summit "Paris + 10" in 2025, ten years after COP21. The objective is to adopt a more ambitious zero carbon trajectory than that chosen at COP26 and to recognize "ecocide crimes" judged in an international criminal court for environmental, biodiversity and health .Vid-19Caccines: impose the lifting of patents on vaccines

in paris, the crack in the center of an umpteenth battle between the town hall and the state .
© Stéphane lagoutte The Square Forceval, Porte de la Villette, where was a Crack consumers camp, November 24, 2021 photo Stock Illustration). and it is left for a new game. The Town Hall of Paris and the Police Prefecture oppose again about , sensitive, Crack consumers in the capital, the leader of the police who decided to move them out of the north-east of the capital , their historical group of grouping.

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