World Food races: Why French people pay more than their European neighbors?

02:45  23 january  2022
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Meeting of European Defense: Military Engagement at Sahel at the heart of the

 Meeting of European Defense: Military Engagement at Sahel at the heart of the © AFP / file Soldiers of the Barkhane French Force deployed in the Sahel. (Image of illustration) The meeting in Brest of the European Defense Ministers has largely mentioned the situation in Mali, which is one of the major concerns of the EU with Ukraine. The lines remain in the line of decisions taken by the regional body of West Africa, Cédéao, to Mali, but want to continue the European military commitment for the moment both in Mali and the rest of the Sahel .

According to statistics published at the end of October, France is the 5th most expensive country of the European Union in terms of food. If we pay our races on average 15% more expensive than other countries, it is for accurate reasons.

  Courses alimentaires : pourquoi les français payent plus cher que leurs voisins européens ? © provided by 750 grams

if, on average, we pay 2 euros our kilo of apples in France, it returns to 1.75 euro in Italy, 1,49 euro in Portugal, 1 euro 12 in Romania and 1.80 euro in Germany. The French cash unit is more expensive of 15% compared to what we would pay for our European neighbors. This is what Eurostat's study published on the site 60 million consumers. And that, it would be partly due to the fact that we do our races in hypermarket.

Grenoble celebrates its title of "European Green Capital"

 Grenoble celebrates its title of © Guillaume Saligot / West-France Eric Piolle, Mayor Eelv de Grenoble. The city of Grenoble this Saturday, January 15 its title of "European Green Capital" 2022 awarded by the European Commission. The Eric Piolle ecologist mayor denounces the absence of Emmanuel Macron. On the sidelines of the event, several associations organize a march for a "social and popular ecology".

There are everything, all the time and in large quantities. Hypermarkets are known to propose a lot of products.

"There are many more choices in France, in a hypermarket, you have 20,000 references while in a hard discount store in Germany, you have between 1000 and 1500 references," Yves Puget, director of the LSA newspaper for our confreres de lci.

It goes low cost brands with locally manufactured regional specialties. It would be precisely the latter that would climb the addition once at the checkout. Who has never cracked on goggles of novels, candy at the Chartreuse or an Kouign-Amann to bring colleagues to make them taste the culinary specialties from here and there? CA, associated with the honey of a region producer, the soups of a small exploitation and salad harvested close to, it leads to a 15% salted addition to the EUROSTAT study.

New EU Parliament President: How Roberta Metsola by a power play benefited

 New EU Parliament President: How Roberta Metsola by a power play benefited Roberta Metsola from Malta is the new president of the EU Parliament. Why a power poker, intrigue and disappointed expectations belong to your choice. © Photo: dpa from Malta. The conservative politician Roberta Metsola. It went surprisingly fast. Roberta Metsola from Malta got the absolute majority the first time. The youngest at 43 years President of the EU Parliament thus succeeds the deceased in the past week Italian David Sassoli .

But this reason does not explain everything. Many people buy only sub-brand products and watch prices per kilo. Yet the French Middle Cart remains more expensive. Worse, it increases from year to year. The difference between France and the average of the European Union was 8% in 2013 and 12% in 2016. Why?

higher wages = as many fees to compensate Des salaires plus élevés = autant de frais à compenser © provided by 750 grams higher wages = as many fees to compensate

if we pay our races on average more expensive in France than in the rest of the EU It's also because labor is better paid. The higher the wages, the more these costs must be balanced by the prices of the products. In other words, the cost of the workforce is reflected on consumers. To better pay employees, it takes more money. To get more money, we increase prices. CQFD.

If consumers save money in other countries, it is because businesses may be savings on their employees' salaries. That is why, in detail, the meat is more expensive about 30% in France than in the rest of the EU, fruits and vegetables are more expensive by 27%, about 15% for fish, Oils, butter and fresh cream and 9% more for the price of bread and cereals.

Added to this, despite Egalim law, the margin made by hypermarkets. According to Lionel Maugain, a journalist for 60 million consumers interviewed at the microphone of BFMTV, the large distribution would make 3% net margin on fruits and vegetables and 5% net margin on meat and poultry.

Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks that you share with you in this article for save on your races .

Sources: LCI, BFMTV, 60 million consumers, Eurostats.

The Battle for the Future of the West .
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