World Kremlin: Gas supplies Even with sanctions

00:10  25 january  2022
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Exclusive-USA are looking at gas deliveries in Europe if Conflict Russia-Ukraine

 Exclusive-USA are looking at gas deliveries in Europe if Conflict Russia-Ukraine Ukraine-crisis / Energy (exclusive, photo): Exclusive-USA are looking at gas deliveries in Europe if Russia-Ukraine conflict by Dmitry Zhdannikov, Ron Bousso, Simon Lewis and Timothy Gardner London / Washington, January 15 (Reuters) - The US Government has spoken with several international energy-based energy companies to supply Europe in natural gas in the Hypothesis where the conflict between Russia and Ukraine had to disrupt the Russian deliveries of Gas, has learned Friday Reuters from two

The Kremlin has rejected fears in Germany, Russia could turn the gas tap in the case of sanctions.

Rohrsysteme der Ostseepipeline Nord Stream 2, mit der Gas aus Russland nach Deutschland kommen soll. © Stefan Sauer / DPA Pipe Systems The Baltic Sea Pipeline Nord Stream 2, with which gas from Russia should come to Germany.

"Russia has fulfilled his contract obligations in the most difficult moments of confrontation between East and West," said Kremlspreuter Dmitri Peskov in Moscow the agency Interfax according to. "Russia has never been a reason to doubt its reliability." Moscow repeatedly emphasizes that the gas was always flowed in the Cold War in the confrontation between Soviet Union and Federal Republic.

Iran looking for ‘safe channel’ to pay UN dues to regain vote

  Iran looking for ‘safe channel’ to pay UN dues to regain vote Tehran has lost its voting rights at the UN for a second year in a row as it struggles to pay due to US sanctions.“The Islamic Republic of Iran has always been committed to pay for its membership on time and we have shown this in action before,” Majid Takht Ravanchi, Iran’s permanent representative to the UN, said late on Friday, adding that the country is looking for a “safe channel” to make its payment to the organisation.

Russia reacted in the debate on new sanctions on media reports, after which a gas delivery stop could threaten. Peskov designated this as "hysteria" and "Undertakings". The West has threatened Moscow with consequences, Russia should invade Ukraine. Russia rejects such plans almost daily.

The Chief of the Foreign Committee in the Bundestag, Michael Roth (SPD), said the "Frankfurter General Sunday newspaper", if the west impose sanctions, gas supplies from Russia could "in danger". The CDU European politician Gunter Krichbaum suspected "that prices would rise in this case".

According to the Energy Commercial Expert Hanns Koenig from the Analysis House Aurora Energy Research, a "complete delivery stop" is not "the most likely scenario", but the risk is "there". Germany relates a large part of his gas from Russia.

Kazakhstan: A coup, a counter-coup and a Russian victory

  Kazakhstan: A coup, a counter-coup and a Russian victory The unrest in Kazakhstan led to consolidation of power in the country and may affect the transition of power in Russia.President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev declared the unrest “an unprecedented act of aggression and assault on our statehood” and requested help from the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), a military alliance of six former Soviet countries.

Gas Storage Levels Sink

In the face of sinking gas storage levels, Essen's Lord Mayor Thomas Kufen has asked the Ministry of Economic Affairs in North Rhine-Westphalia to use for security of supply. One observes with great concern that the German gas storage has already had quite low levels, "and although the cold months are still ahead of us," wrote the CDU politician at Landes Economic Minister Andreas Pinkwart (FDP). Previously, the "Westdeutsche General Zeitung" had reported about it.

After an overview of the memory operators, the level of the German storage with decreasing tendency on Saturday at just under 42 percent and thus among the values ​​of previous years for the same date.

Reason for his letter is a message from the stuttwerke food that the developments of recent weeks pointed to a possible national gas deficiencies, wrote skids. A spokesman for Stadtwerke Essen said that one is technically prepared for scenarios where little or no gas is delivered. "We have no signs that we do not get gas anymore," he stressed. Everyone involved also assumed that nothing happens.

IG BCE wants to protect against energy inflation

 IG BCE wants to protect against energy inflation The strong increase in energy prices threaten after assessment of IG-BCE boss Michael Vassiliadis many households and companies to overload - Germany's third largest union therefore calls for quick help and more towards the energy transition. © Moritz Frankenberg / DPA The chairman of the IG BCE, Michael Vassiliadis. It was a hurry to cushion the consequences of inflation especially for electricity and gas, said the chairman Michael Vassiliadis on Monday.

A spokesman for the Federal Network Agency said the stores needed, among other things, to the top load cover on cold winter days. "So there is no supply of the German market alone from the store.» Rather, they supplemented the ongoing energy trailer from pipeline sports. "The long-term delivery contracts will be complied with our information," he said.

At the spot market, however, there is a high demand. The stores would be used by gas dealers and suppliers in their economic activity. «From the mainly economical assessment of the storage users depends on the extent to which you fill memory."

A spokesman for the Düsseldorf Energy Group Uniper evaluated the situation in the levels in Germany and Europe as "still tense, but not yet dramatic». Much depends on the temperature development this winter. He confirmed compliance with delivery contracts by the Russian State Group Gazprom. These contracts were partly over 20 or 30 years. Uniper is Germany's largest gas storage operator. The company is eliminated after an overview of the European storage operators around a quarter of German storage capacity.

4 things to know about the proposed sanctions against Russia .
The US and UK have doubled down on their threats to include personal measures targeting Putin if Russia attacks Ukraine.Washington and some of its European allies have threatened myriad sanctions against Moscow, including measures that personally target Russian President Vladimir Putin, should it decide to move in on Ukraine.

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