World crisis in Ukraine: Moscow coldly hosts the American rejection of its requirements

04:00  28 january  2022
04:00  28 january  2022 Source:   fr.euronews.com

Ukraine: Washington fears a Russian attack "At any time"

 Ukraine: Washington fears a Russian attack The US Secretary of State must meet with his Russian counterpart on Friday, while the United States worries about the possible deployment of nuclear weapons at Belarus © AFP Russian tanks transported to Belarus on January 18, 2021 (photo provided by the Belarusian Ministry of Defense).

Russia coldly welcomed the Washington rejection of its security requirements, an exchange that feeds the Russian-Western crisis on Ukraine, but the two camps have Guarded open the dialogue door. View on Euronews

  Crise en Ukraine : Moscou accueille froidement le rejet américain de ses exigences © AP / Russian Foreign Ministry Press Service

It is coldly that Russia has reacted to the letter brought by the American ambassador. Wednesday, the United States and NATO were formally rejected by key requests from Moscow: the end of the Atlantic Alliance Enlargement Policy and a return of its military deployments on the borders of 1997.

Russia Consider these points as existential threats nourishing the risk of conflict in Ukraine. For the Russian Foreign Minister, the potential inclusion of Ukraine to NATO always represents a red line.

Kiev wants air demares and warships: the traffic light is arguing about weapons exports - but Ukraine already has allies

 Kiev wants air demares and warships: the traffic light is arguing about weapons exports - but Ukraine already has allies The government is undoubtedly whether Germany should not deliver at least protective equipment to Ukraine. Help is already looking for the country in Turkey. © Photo: Andriy Dubchak / AP / DPA Ukrainian Marines Talk to each other at the dividing line to the Prorussian rebels in the Donetsk region.

"Regarding the content of the document, there is an answer that hopes to hope to the beginning of a serious conversation on secondary issues. But, in this document, there is no positive answer to the main question" , he said.

Sergei Lavrov also insisted that "the right to choose its alliances is clearly conditioned by the need to take into account the security interests of any other state" including Russia. According to him, this principle is "deliberately passed in silence" by Westerners.

threats on the Russian gas

In the aftermath of the meeting between the German, French, Russian and Ukrainian negotiators, Berlin finally brought a threat expected, that of imposing sanctions on the North Stream II pipeline project. The Minister of Foreign Affairs clarified the German position after a lot of procrastination on this central issue.

Ukraine: Biden criticized for his fatalism on a probable "minor incursion" of the Russians

 Ukraine: Biden criticized for his fatalism on a probable The Republicans are standing against the tenant of the White House who seemed Wednesday Acer a next action of Vladimir Putin in Ukraine © / AP / SIPA a convoy of Russian military in Crimea, January 18, 2022. International crisis - Republicans are windy against the tenant of the White House who seemed Wednesday Acer a next action by Vladimir Putin in Ukraine the international policy of Joe Biden is under the fire of the criticism of Republicans.

Video: Ukrainian crisis: Westerners multiply diplomatic evacuations while NATO sends reinforcements (France 24)

North Stream II must route Russian gas to Germany and Europe via the sea Baltic, officially finished it is not yet in service.

"We will not allow anyone, even to our friends, to impose any concession" Dmyro Kuleba Ukrainian Minister for Foreign Affairs

while welcoming the efforts of Westerners to try to end the crisis, the Minister of Business Ukrainian foreigners recalled that it was in Russia to make consensions and that his country would not blame.

"If anyone decides to conclude agreements on Ukraine in the back of Ukraine, we will not accept them, they will be rejected. It is a question of principle. We will not allow anyone, even to our Friends, to impose any concession ", warned Dmyro Kuleba.

100,000 soldiers at the border

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has hailed "constructive" talks about the Parisian meeting Wednesday under Franco-German mediation.

According to Washington, about 100,000 Russian soldiers are held near the Ukrainian border and military exercises are continuing.

Russia denies any invasion project, but considered threatened by the expansion of NATO for 20 years as well as Western support to its Ukrainian neighbor.

Putin Is So Dangerous Now Because This Is His Last Chance to Seize Ukraine .
Russia’s sudden escalation around Ukraine has taken some by surprise, but the logic behind it may be deceptively simple: This winter could be Russia’s last chance to attack Ukraine. Russian military forces are amassed to Ukraine’s east, north, and south, and Ukraine’s leadership is making preparations for war. The Biden administration believes that an invasion is imminent, evacuating the U.S. embassy and readying forces to be deployed. The greatest logistical barrier to Russia’s advance is mud, and that may be frozen over before long.If Putin acts he will be inviting a cavalcade of sanctions and even military resistance from the West.

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