World FDP boss denied: prevented Lindner Scholz 'aid program for low-wage earners?

14:50  25 july  2022
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4-day week only for startups? Craftsmanship proves the opposite

 4-day week only for startups? Craftsmanship proves the opposite once a week, we look at an urgent topic of the world of work in the career briefing for our Pro-Member. Today it is about the 4-day week and that it can also work in the craft. © Shutterstock-Hedgehog94 4-day week unrealistic? Window building Schneiderer introduces you. Dear readers, you would like to think: It is not good around the 4-day week! We are in the beginning of an economic crisis that should even result in a recession in a few weeks.

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) contradicted a report by the "Bild" on Monday afternoon. "To report that I would have prevented help for low earners, I can only say: on the contrary!", Wrote Lindner on Twitter. “For 2023 I suggest a higher basic allowance and a fair tariff of wage and income tax! The plan is compatible with the debt brake. ”

Bundesfinanzminister Christian Lindner (Archivbild) © dpa Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (archive picture)

had previously reported“ Bild ”, the presentation of a new auxiliary program for low earners planned by Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) was prevented by Lindner. Scholz wanted to present the expenditure package of around five billion euros on Friday, the newspaper reported on Monday, referring to coalition groups.

coordination with Porsche?: How Christian Lindner is concerned about the e-fuel

 coordination with Porsche?: How Christian Lindner is concerned about the e-fuel It was a veritable coalition noise. A complete ban on internal combustion engines in the EU was out of the question, finance minister Christian Lindner revealed the green coalition partner on June 28. The FDP boss referred to the coalition agreement, according to which climate-neutral synthetic fuels, so-called e-fuel should also get their chance. In this sense, Germany then voted in the EU Minister Council.

Christian Lindner wants to stick to debt brake

Lindner, however, has faced the plans, whereupon Scholz was unable to provide any specific information on new help. With a view to the debt brake, Lindner wants to prevent additional expenses next year. In the federal budget there is hardly any further scope for additional expenses, the finance minister argued, the "picture" reported. In his response, whether Scholz had to move away on Friday, as reported by "Bild", about his plans for Lindner's intervention, the FDP boss on Monday.

Scholz announced a rescue package for the battered energy company Uniper on Friday, which will further increase gas prices for consumers in the medium term. As a compensation, the Chancellor promised further relief for citizens and companies. Among other things, he announced a "large residential reform", which is to expand the group of beneficiaries.

FDP openly for direct armored deliveries from Germany

 FDP openly for direct armored deliveries from Germany due to the hilk deliveries to Ukraine via the ring exchange model, the FDP is also open to the country for direct delivery of German tanks. FDP General Secretary Bijan Djir-Sarai asked Deutschlandfunk Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) on Monday to urgently review the previous concept. It is also about the reputation of Germany as a NATO partner.

From the perspective of SPD general secretary Kevin Kühnert, the traffic light coalition must decide on the return to the debt brake in autumn. In the coalition agreement that the debt brake would again be available from 2023, said Kühnert of the "Augsburger Allgemeine". Nevertheless, every government must constantly check whether the basics that it had created was still a reality.

Kevin Kühnert: "We will look deep into our eyes in autumn"

"We will have to look deep in the eye in autumn when it comes to the household and then decide. Can you hold a society together with the budgetary framework of the war or do we have to open up new scope? ”Kühnert told the newspaper. He personally has a clear opinion on the subject, but the SPD does not rule alone. "However, I promise you that we will find a solution together in the traffic lights." Previously, Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) had placed the planned return to the debt brake from 2023 with the reservations of the economic situation.

The debt brake, which has been anchored in the Basic Law since 2011, aims to ensure that the households of the federal and state governments do without income from loans. For the federal government, the net credit recording is limited to 0.35 percent of gross domestic product. In “extraordinary emergency situations”, however, the debt brake can be exposed to the Bundestag, as in 2021 and 2022 because of the Corona crisis. (Das/AFP/dpa)

Chancellor: Siemens turbine finished for transport .
The Chancellor visited Siemens Energy in Mülheim an der Ruhr on Wednesday. There, a turbine for the north stream 1 pipeline is available for delivery. Scholz commented on energy supply. © Bernd Thissen/DPA/Picture Alliance Chancellor Olaf Scholz In front of the Siemens guest turbine in Mülheim Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Russia is responsible for delays in the return transport of a gas turbine for the Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 1 .

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