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21:50  30 july  2022
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The drama over Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan travel plans, briefly explained

  The drama over Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan travel plans, briefly explained US policy toward Taiwan is all about “strategic ambiguity.” That means every trip and remark has to be just right.For House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, potential travel plans have already caused a domestic political debate and a minor foreign policy fracas.

The tension between the USA and China has significantly increased due to a possible Taiwan trip by the chairman of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. As a possible warning to Washington, Beijing announced a military maneuver near Taiwan on Saturday. As the authorities in China announced, parts of the waters in the province of Fujian were blocked for a maneuver in which sharp ammunition was to be used. The exercise was scheduled from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (local time).

Nancy Pelosis mögliche Taiwan-Reise wird zur Belastungsprobe für die Beziehungen zwischen den USA und China. © J. Scott AppleWhite/AP/dpa Nancy Pelosis Possible Taiwan trip becomes a stress test for relationships between the USA and China.

The affected area is located in the north of Taiwanstrasse, which separates the Chinese mainland and the island republic of Taiwan. Beijing sees the free Taiwan as part of the People's Republic and tries to isolate it internationally by all means. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, concerns about conquest have grown. The 23 million people in Taiwan have long seen themselves as independent. The United States has committed to the defense capacity of Taiwan - which has so far meant primarily arms deliveries.

Anthony Albanese launches defence review as China moves warships on Taiwan

  Anthony Albanese launches defence review as China moves warships on Taiwan The review, led by former Defence Chief Sir Angus Houston and ex Labor defence minister Stephen Smith, will advise the Government on preparing for conflicts.The review, led by former Defence Chief Sir Angus Houston and ex Labor defence minister Stephen Smith, will advise the Government on how to prepare for potential conflicts over the next decade from 2023.

The Chinese leadership sees visits to foreign politicians as a provocation. In the event of a visit to the Democrat Pelosi, Beijing had threatened with significant consequences. In a more than two-hour phone call with US President Joe Biden on Thursday, China's head of state and party XI Jinping warned his counterpart in relation to the United States Tawain Policy. "Those who play with fire will perish," he said, according to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Beijing previously reacted with sharp warnings

video: Xi Jinping warns Biden of Taiwan trip from Pelosi (Glomex)

Pelosi has not yet officially terminated a trip. From her area it was said that she was planning a trip to Asia with a visit to Taiwan. Pelosi has not yet commented publicly. When asked by a journalist on Friday, she said: "I never talk about my trips, because as some of them know, that's a question of security." According to media reports, however, she has already invited Democrats and Republicans to accompany her on the trip. According to the broadcaster CNN, the Pentagon is already working on safety precautions if the 82-year-old should really travel to Taiwan.

The Gamble of Nancy Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan

  The Gamble of Nancy Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan Taipei is celebrating; Beijing is seething. This may prove a consequential moment in a looming confrontation between China and the U.S. over not just the island’s future but the world’s.This narrative has elements of truth, but things aren’t that simple. Pelosi’s trip is likely to be the beginning, not the end, of a crisis in U.S.-China relations. Beijing could stretch out its response for weeks, even months, with unforeseeable consequences. Only hours before Pelosi’s arrival, China’s foreign ministry warned that the U.S. would “pay the price” for the affront. The real impact of Pelosi’s visit may not be clear for years.

had reacted with unusually sharp warnings last week after the British “Financial Times” had reported on the possible journey. Chinese state media had also warned of considerable consequences if Pelosi should actually travel to Taiwan. US President Joe Biden had reacted cautiously: "I think the military does not think it is a good idea at the moment."

recently visited a number of parliamentary delegations from the USA and the EU Taiwan. When Nicola Beer (FDP), the Vice President of the EU Parliament, traveled to Taiwan last week, had little consequences. As has often been the case with a verbal warning, Beijing left it. But for China, who sees the island republic as its own territory, the journey of a high-ranking US politician as Pelosi seems to go too far. According to

, however, it is far from agreed that China will actually answer militarily and thus risk a conflict at your own doorstep in turbulent times.

Even the People of Taiwan Say Pelosi Is Just ‘Causing Trouble’ and Should Have ‘Sacrificed’ Over-Hyped Trip .
Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her entourage including five other members of Congress arrived in Taiwan’s capital of Taipei in a blaze of lights and state-making Tuesday night after a five-hour flight from Malaysia and promptly went to their hotel for a little rest. If her arrival seemed like a triumph of defiance against threats from the mainland capital of Beijing, there was far from universal applause among the locals despite her claim that the visit was “part of our unwavering commitment” to Taiwan.Nor was everyone convinced the visit shows “America’s solidarity with the 23 million people onTaiwan more closely than ever,” as she said in her arrival statement.

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