World Russia has launched an Iranian satellite, the West fears use of Ukraine

13:40  09 august  2022
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The attack on a prison holding Ukraine POWs, explained

  The attack on a prison holding Ukraine POWs, explained Treatment of prisoners and POWs are a growing concern in the Russia - Ukraine conflict.The videos, which are not linked in this article, show a Ukrainian POW being gagged, castrated, shot dead, and dragged through a street; they emerged on Russian Telegram channels, the Kyiv Post reported. While independent verification of when or where the videos were filmed has not been possible yet, Aric Toler, the director of research and training for the investigative collective Bellingcat, told the Washington Post that the “Z” symbol, used to show support for the Russian war effort, belies some claims that the video is older than the Ukrainian war.

La Russie a lancé un satellite iranien © Figaro Live Russia launched an Iranian satellite

Russia launched Tuesday from Kazakhstan an Iranian Satellite Observation on Foundation of concerns, some Western officials fearing that Moscow would use it to support his offensive in Ukraine, which Tehran refutes.

The Khayyam remote sensing satellite was launched by a Soyuz rocket from the Russian cosmodrome in Baikonour at 07:52, according to images broadcast live by the Russian space agency Roscosmos.

Military objectives

This satellite, appointed in honor of the poet and Persian scholar Omar Khayyam (1048-1131), is in particular to " monitor the borders of country ", to improve agricultural productivity, to control the water resources and natural disasters, according to the Iranian space agency. For the United States, the Iranian space program is intended for more than commercial military purposes, while Tehran maintains that its aerospace activities are peaceful and in accordance with a resolution of the UN Security Council.

Iran gains foothold in South America as Biden admin pursues nuclear deal

  Iran gains foothold in South America as Biden admin pursues nuclear deal Iran has gained a foothold in South America, undermining U.S. interests in the region as the Biden administration attempts to rekindle the Obama-era nuclear deal."The Iranian Revolutionary Guards are much more actively involved in subversive and assassination issues," James Phillips, the senior research fellow for foreign policy at the Heritage Foundation, told Fox News.

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This time, the Iranian authorities, however, had to defend themselves from different type charges, after the American daily The Washington Post reported that Russia "

Considers to use the satellite for several months

”as part of its offensive in Ukraine before giving in to Iran. " All orders related to the control and operation of this satellite will be issued from the first day and immediately after the launch by Iranian experts based at the Iranian Ministry of Communications ," the Iranian space agency said on Sunday in a communicated. "False" accusations " No third-third country can access data " sent by the satellite via an "

Ukraine ‘corrodes’ Russian forces in southern counteroffensive

  Ukraine ‘corrodes’ Russian forces in southern counteroffensive Ukraine started its counteroffensive in Kherson province by cutting off Russian supply lines to its forward positions.Ukraine also scored a diplomatic victory: Russia has agreed to lift its blockade of Black Sea ports to allow Ukrainian grain exports, which Ukraine estimates will bring in $10bn in much-needed revenue.

encryption algorithm

", she said, denouncing " false " claims of the newspaper American. In October 2005, Russia had already launched the first Iranian satellite, Sina-1, from the Cosmodrome de Plessetsk (north-west of Russia). The launch of Khayyam will take place three weeks after a visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin in Iran where he met his counterpart Ebrahim Raïssi and the supreme guide, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on July 19. The latter had called to strengthen " long -term cooperation " with Russia. In June 2021, the Russian president had refuted information from the Washington Post claiming that Moscow was preparing to provide a satellite sophisticated to Iran to improve his espionage capacities. The Guardians of the Revolution, Iran's ideological army, announced in March the orbit of a new military recognition satellite called Nour-2, after the launch of the first, Nour-1, in April 2020.

Amnesty International stumbles on human rights in Ukraine, provoking global outrage

  Amnesty International stumbles on human rights in Ukraine, provoking global outrage In calling out a Ukrainian violation of international humanitarian law, the human rights organisation has wandered deep into the grey area.Late last week, Amnesty International released a report asserting that Ukraine was violating international humanitarian law by basing its defence forces in residential areas placing civilians at risk.

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The launch of the Khayyam satellite also intervenes at The moment when Iranian nuclear negotiations bringing together Iran, Russia, China, France, the United Kingdom and Germany resumed in Vienna, after a blockage of several months, in order to save the 2015 agreement The pact known under its English acronym JCPOA aims to guarantee the civil character of the Iranian nuclear program, accused of seeking to acquire the atomic weapon despite its denial. But following the unilateral withdrawal in 2018 of the United States under the leadership of Donald Trump and the restoration of American sanctions, Tehran gradually freed himself from his obligations.

The Stakes in Ukraine Have Not Changed .
The war is still about freedom.As we’re fire-hosed by news of Donald Trump’s antics and stories of the GOP’s slide into antidemocratic madness, Americans must remember what’s at stake in an actual military confrontation between freedom and dictatorship in Europe.

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