World Aya Nakamura and his companion Vladimir Boudnikoff placed in police custody: they react for the first time

19:20  12 august  2022
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Russia jails crusading ex-cop for 5 years

  Russia jails crusading ex-cop for 5 years A Russian court on Tuesday sentenced an activist for police labour rights to five years in prison for extortion and distribution of pornography. Arrested in May 2020, former policeman Vladimir Vorontsov has been in detention for nearly three years. Vorontsov, who quit the Moscow police force in 2017 after 13 years, has denied any wrongdoing. Moscow's Lyublinsky district court on Tuesday found him guilty of extortion, distribution of pornography and insulting a representative of the authorities, said OVD-Info, a human rights monitor tracking political persecution.He was also stripped of his police rank of major and banned from administering blogs for 10 years.

Aya Nakamura et son compagnon Vladimir Boudnikoff placés en garde à vue : ils réagissent pour la première fois © Vianney Le Caer/Ap/Sipa Aya Nakamura and his companion Vladimir Boudnikoff placed in police custody: they react for the first time This weekend, we talked a lot about the couple formed by Aya Nakamura and Vladimir Boudnikoff after they were placed in police custody for domestic violence. They reply on social networks.

last weekend, fans of singer Aya Nakamura were shocked to learn that she had been placed in police custody in the company of her spouse , accused of facts "violence by spouse who trained a Total incapacity for work less than eight days ". After several hours at the Rosny-sous-Bois police station, in Seine-Saint-Denis, the couple finally came free. However, they both received a judicial invitation, and will have to go to the Bobigny Criminal Court next November to answer for their actions. After the controversy, and while the interpreter of Djadja had not yet expressed himself on the subject, his companion wanted to answer on social networks.

Putin’s Pals Furious Younger Russians Don’t Want to Die in Ukraine

  Putin’s Pals Furious Younger Russians Don’t Want to Die in Ukraine As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine marches on, there is a dark undercurrent of waning public support—and it’s coming through even on tightly-controlled state television. In the first days of the bloody war, the public was promised a quick victory due to the superiority of Russia’s military. Instead, the Kremlin’s offensive has been plagued by heavy losses and equipment deficiencies, to the point that state TV pundits publicly contemplate seeking aid and assistance from other pariah states—including Iran and North Korea.

Vladimir Boudnikoff reacts to its custody: "We made nonsense that evening"

facing the information published in the press since this weekend, Vladimir Boudnikoff, which Fait - Until then - The perfect love with his partner Aya Nakamura , wanted to make things clear: "Thank you to my loved ones for being there and thank you to your messages of support. Thank you to those who know how to read between The lines ", he begins in a long message published in story on Instagram . Visibly reassembled, he speaks in particular "lies on our private life" and stories "distorted" relayed by "the French media" . He specifies that " the woman I love and I are fine. Really nothing serious, nothing. We have done nonsense that evening and it's life too ", reveals -he. He also swept away the rumors that he would have robbed his partner: "I did not shine anyone, with any firearm, without powder or balls ... Huh. I am not el'chapo" , in Reference to Joaquin Guzman, famous Mexican drug baron who had escaped several times in prison, before being finally imprisoned in the United States.

How Putin Is Pushing His Army Bosses Through a ‘Meat Grinder’ of Death

  How Putin Is Pushing His Army Bosses Through a ‘Meat Grinder’ of Death Russia has now lost at least 100 senior officers since it invaded Ukraine earlier this year, according to some tallies. It’s a devastating milestone for Moscow—and just the latest indication that Vladimir Putin’s war effort in Ukraine is wavering. In the past two days alone, three senior Russian officers were reported dead: Lt. Colonel Nikolay Gorban, a commander from the Foreign Security Service (FSB) special forces; army aviation commander Colonel Vasily Kleshchenko; and Colonel Vitaly Tsikul of Russia's 90th Tank Division—reportedly the 100th Russian senior officer to die in the war.

The companion of Aya Nakamura highly reassembled

now awaiting judgment, in November, the couple wishes to find a little tranquility. Very reassembled, Vladimir Boudnikoff asks the media of "stay in their place" and "respect our private life and that of our family." The message was relayed by Aya Nakamura, with whom he had a child last January , in Story Instagram .

Wendy Bouchard Single? The journalist is a focus on her companion .
© Coadic Guirec / Bestimage Wendy Bouchard single? The journalist is focusing on her companion Wendy Bouchard is currently giving herself a family vacation. On the island of Noirmoutier, it is with her daughter that she has a good time. But while her companion does not appear on her photos, the journalist explained to Paris on Wednesday, August 17, 2022. she is part of the circle of journalists as active on television as on radio.

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