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12:00  15 august  2022
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Biden’s failed Afghanistan withdrawal let Taliban turn nation into a terrorist state

  Biden’s failed Afghanistan withdrawal let Taliban turn nation into a terrorist state Al Qaeda's return to Afghanistan is proof Biden’s chaotic withdrawal left a failed terrorist state run by the Taliban. Now the U.S. is in far greater danger.But the strike also reflected a strategic failure because the same toxic mixture of a Taliban regime providing sanctuary to al Qaeda, which resulted in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, has been repeated following the chaotic U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan last summer.

The Taliban celebrate this Monday their return to power, one after the offensive led on August 15.

  Les talibans célèbrent un an de pouvoir en Afghanistan © Reuters/Ali Khara

The Taliban decreed this public holiday this Monday to celebrate the first anniversary of their return to power in Afghanistan , a year marked by a strong regression of women's rights and a deep humanitarian crisis. On August 15, 2021, the Islamist fundamentalists seized without fighting the Kabul capital, after a flash offensive carried out throughout the territory against routing government forces, thanks to the withdrawal of American troops and NATO After 20 years of military intervention in the country. "We have fulfilled the jihad's obligation and released our country," sums up Niamatullah Hekmat, a Taliban fighter who entered Kabul that day, just hours after the fascia out of the country of fallen president Ashraf Ghani.

Taliban-controlled Afghanistan intends to seek seat on UN Human Rights Council: report

  Taliban-controlled Afghanistan intends to seek seat on UN Human Rights Council: report The UN held an "urgent debate" in July to discuss human rights concerns in Afghanistan, including the erosion of women's rights, since the Taliban took over last year.U.N Watch tweeted out a press release discussing the Maldives’ intention to run for a seat on the Human Rights Council and noted that other candidates vying for the open Asian seats include South Korea, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan.

The chaotic removal of foreign forces continued until August 31, with tens of thousands of panic civilians rushing to the only airport in the capital to be evacuated outside the country, on any flight available . The amazing images of crowds attacking the planes stationed on the Tarmac, climbing on devices or clinging to a cargo plane of the American army in the process of taking the world. Except this public holiday Monday, no official celebration has so far been announced to mark the birthday, but state television has indicated that it would broadcast special programs, without further details.

Video: Gaza: "It was in the interest of Islamic jihad and Israel to start this truce" (France 24)

Your Browser DES NOT Support This Video A year later, the Taliban fighters express their joy as Seeing their movement today exercising power, at the time when, for their part, humanitarian aid agencies are alarmed to see half of the 38 million inhabitants of the country faced with extreme poverty. "When we entered Kabul, and when the Americans left, it was moments of joy," continues Niamatullah Hekmat, now a member of the special forces and assigned to the care of the presidential palace. But for ordinary Afghans, and particularly women, the Taliban's return has only increased difficulties. Very quickly and despite their initial promise, the new masters of the country have largely returned to the ultra-rigorist interpretation of Islam which had characterized their first transition to power between 1996 and 2001, very strongly restoring women's rights.

"Everything has been torn off"

Even the Taliban were surprised by the speed of their Afghan takeover, US diplomat says

  Even the Taliban were surprised by the speed of their Afghan takeover, US diplomat says It wasn't only the West that found the speed of the Taliban's Afghan takeover surprising - the militant group was shocked too, an American diplomat has told Sky News. © Associated Press Taliban fighters patrolling Kabul last August. Pic: AP The Taliban's fighters "outran the capabilities of their commanders", Ross Wilson said, speaking almost a year after the group took control of Kabul on 15 August 2021.And they were successful because they "fought harder, longer and in a more determined manner than anybody else was prepared to do".

These are excluded from many public jobs and prohibited from traveling alone outside their city. In March, the Islamists had the girls and colleges closed, just a few hours after their reopening, however, announced for a long time. And in early May, the supreme Taliban chief ordered women to wear a full -time public veil, preferably burqa. "Since the day they arrived, life has lost its meaning," laments Ogai Amail, a resident of Kabul. "Everything was torn off, they even entered our personal space," she continues.

Saturday in Kabul, Taliban fighters violently dispersed with shots of rifle and shots in the air around forty women who demonstrated for the right to work and education. If the Afghans recognize a decrease in violence with the end of the war since the arrival of the Taliban, many of them are affected by an acute economic and humanitarian crisis. "The people who come to our stores complain so high prices that we, merchants, even start to hate what we are doing," deplores Noor Mohammad, a merchant of Kandahar, in the south of the country, historic cradle and center of power Taliban. For Islamist fighters, however, the joy of victory eclipses the current economic crisis. "We may be poor, we may face difficulties, but the white flag of Islam will now float high forever in Afghanistan," rejoices one of them, in a public park faction from Kabul.

'I wish I'd never worked for the UK in Afghanistan' .
Afghan contractors left behind when the Taliban seized power tell the BBC they feel betrayed.It would've attracted too much attention for us to visit his home, so on his motorcycle, he'd come to meet us at a secure location, scared during the journey that he might get searched at a Taliban checkpoint and they might find the papers.

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