World without sugar: Sometimes sweet, sometimes hearty-pancakes and vegetable waffles for the school bread box

12:50  15 august  2022
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whether school training or simply a new class after the holidays-one of them probably have one thing in common: they want a delicious filled bread tin. And parents also want the content to arrive at their offspring and was not for the cat. When a school child opens the bread box, she should get a smile out of him, Food blogger Mareike Pucka finds. Ideally, a colorful mix becomes a (full) goal - and without sugar.

Alles andere als langweilig: Bananenpancakes und Gemüsewaffeln in der Brotdose © Mareike pucka/biskuitwerkstatt.de/dpa-tmn anything but boring: banana pancakes and vegetable waffles in the bread box Mareike Pucka © Marie dingler/biskuitwerkstatt.de/dpa-tmn mareike pucka

so there is something for every taste A sweet and a hearty option. Both recipes are with spelled flour and without sugar. In addition, the favorite fruit and a colorful bread skewer and the perfect healthy school snack is packed. Another plus: All recipes can be prepared excellently the day before.

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ingredients for the bread box mix and match

1 kiwi cut into sticks, 2 strawberries, 1 mini cucumber, 3 mini tomatoes, blueberries, optionally banana pancakes or vegetable waffles, 2 shish locks, cream cheese nature, a little slice of bread, some rocket or other lettuce leaves , possibly silicone shapes and colorful skewers

Ingredients for the banana pancakes

1 mature banana, 1/2 tl cinnamon, 1 egg, 60 g spelled flour 603 (3 tablespoons), somewhat neutral vegetable oil for roasting

preparation of the banana pancakes

peel the banana in one Add the bowl and finely crush with the fork.

Add the egg, the cinnamon and the flour and stir with the fork until everything is well mixed. Place

in a coated pan and put a 1 tablespoon of dough into the pan. Bake all pancakes in a golden brown one after the other.

Perfect for beer on the terrace: spicy tortilla with grilled paprika

 Perfect for beer on the terrace: spicy tortilla with grilled paprika © Gettyimages avocado bread for breakfast - delicious! Exceptional topping makes our food hearts beat even faster. We show you what a cheese disc has to do with it. You love avocado bread for breakfast and brunch as much as we do? Then you will look forward to this message: The classic avocad bread is now getting a completely new topping. poached egg on the bread has long been a classic among breakfast fans.

ingredients for the vegetable waffles (12-14 pieces)

150 g zucchini grated, 100 g of carrot grated, 100 g spelled flour 603, 100 g Skyr, 30 g grated cheese, 1/2 onion diced, salt, pepper, 1 tsp spice, for example Café de Paris, neutral plank oil, waffle iron

Preparation of the vegetable waffles

Put all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and stir into a viscous dough with a dough scraper.

Preheat the waffle iron.

brush the waffle iron with a little oil and add a heaped El dough to the waffle iron and wait until the mini waffles are golden brown.

process until the complete dough is used up.

Further preparation

The waffles or alternatively let the pancakes cool and then pack the bread box in accordance with the child.

free the bread slices from the bark and brush with cream cheese.

Cut the bread into squares and alternately slide with cucumber slices and tomatoes onto two shish lock skewers. Place

in the bread box a little salad/rocket and put the bread skewers on it.

kiwi, strawberries and blueberries put in the bread box - or optionally pack in small silicone shapes.

More recipes also at: biskuitwerkstatt.de (dpa/tmn)

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