World and? What was the best food of your summer vacation? It was with me ...

23:30  23 august  2022
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How football-sized bunya nuts could be the next big thing in bush food business

  How football-sized bunya nuts could be the next big thing in bush food business A native Australian nut has huge potential to be part of the booming Indigenous bush food industry, according to new research led by the University of Queensland. Brazilian-born scientist Jacqueline Moura Nadolny was conscious of walking a sensitive line between examining new uses for bunya nuts without exploiting First Nations' knowledge and food sovereignty.The PhD candidate said the bunya nut was not only nutritious and tasty, rich in protein, a healthy resistant starch, amino acids, minerals, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids but undervalued by non-Indigenous Australians.

tells us what was the finest food of your summer vacation! The Watsons are already going and show their.

Sodeli. Did you have a nice summer vacation? And you definitely ate great, right? In Greece. In Croatia. In Italy.

clear: You are on vacation, the weather is nice, the young people on the beach and tomorrow you don't have to go to work ... Logical, the food is better off than in everyday life.

But then there are these moments when you eat something, what, even if you calculate the holiday summer sun subjactivity, is simply so fine. You definitely had such experiences. she tells us in the comments !!

I start with-because I was lucky enough to eat this summer-too:

California could transform how fast food workers are treated

  California could transform how fast food workers are treated The restaurant industry is fighting hard against a labor bill making its way through the California legislature.The bill, known as AB 257 or the FAST Recovery Act, passed the California Assembly in January, and is coming up for a full vote in the state Senate this month. “There may be no more consequential measure for labor rights in Sacramento this session,” said LA Times columnist Michael Hiltzik. Its impact though, might not be limited to California.

This Devilled Paneer (left) and Bone Marrow Varuval with Roti in the great Sri-Lankische Restaurant Hoppers in Marylebone, London . Mmmh. In addition: perfect for the tiny cat that we had to cure.

or this superfine Eritreige Beb’aynetu Sigha in the Adulis in Vassal, South London:

I was still in France. And what makes me laugh there again and again is the generous definition there, what Une salade can include:

(last in Nancy): mountains of duck breast, bacon cubes and Co., toast for half a family and then three small ones , lamp, sad salad blades ???????????. (And La Salade my companion consisted mainly from kilos' grilled cheese loyasts.) Well, maybe more gourmand than a gourmet - but I love it.

and then we asked around in the editorial team: Peter Blunschi

«Filetto di Manzo Agli Specialisti: A beef fillet with a sauce made of milk and orange juice? Tints horrific, tastes great! Eaten in the Ristorante Gli Specialisti in Rome. »

How to choose the best car for your family

  How to choose the best car for your family 'What to look for when shopping for a family car' in Australia.'What a seemingly innocuous question that opens a Pandora's box worth of considerations! Gone are the days where you simply found the biggest wagon or 4WD you could, strapped the nuggets in and drove off the car lot. There are some things to consider when you’re shopping for the family car.

Sarah Serafini

«A starter in a tavern on the Greek island of Naxos: Graviera cheese in thin filotig, fried, in sesame coat, with honey and raki. Divine!"

Daniel Schurter

«My absolute favorite summer vacation food did not come from the remaining: homemade Focaccia, plus yogurt-lemon sauce ???? Disclaimer: Homemade = by the daughter (15), a passionate hobby cook. The Focaccia spontaneously conjured up between two episodes of Gordon Ramsay. »

Corina Mühle Bild © CMU/Watson Image

«This veggie bowl with sweet potatoes, avocado, lettuce, rice, sour cream and nuts. And a dragon spray. (Yes, I stayed at home in Schaffhausen.) »

Tarkan Özküp

« Kaiserschmarrn with everything! I have never had anything like that, as well as now in the Zanzibar on Sylt-my best summer feed ever! Actually, you think that is easy, because flour, milk, eggs and a little sugar and salt are enough for the dough. But it gets really fluffy through the egg whites! There was also vanilla ice cream and strawberry foam, red groats, apple sauce and a caraway schnapps for the stomach. »

Helene Obrist

«Rice and beans from the can-tastes of a fantastic view like a gourmet menu ????»

and now you, dear users! Come on! We want to see your holiday food! Off in the comments with it!

Relief and desperation in Pakistan's makeshift flood camps .
Makeshift camps have sprung up all over Pakistan -- in schools, along motorways and at military bases -- to give shelter to millions of displaced flood victims. The largest camp in the town was set up at the Pakistan Air Force academy centre, sheltering a further 3,000 people in the accommodation usually reserved for training staff. Nearby, armed members of a local political party have stepped in to protect abandoned homes, using rowing boats to navigate the flooded streets and watch for looters.

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