World demonstrations in Iran: why the internet cuts worry

01:30  26 september  2022
01:30  26 september  2022 Source:   lejdd.fr

The Bonfire of the Headscarves

  The Bonfire of the Headscarves For Iran’s protesters, the fight for women’s freedom of choice is now synonymous with a desire to end the rule of the ayatollahs.Amini and her brother had traveled from Saqqez, a city in Iran’s Kurdistan Province, to visit relatives in the capital, Tehran, when, on September 13, the so-called morality police arrested her for improperly wearing her hijab, or headscarf. Three days later, she was declared dead. The authorities claim she died of cardiac arrest. According to a U.K.-based independent Iranian news site, the CT scans of her skull showed signs of fractures.

Les manifestations continuent en Iran après la mort le 16 septembre de Mahsa Amini, décédée trois jours après avoir été interpellée par la police des mœurs. D’après l’ONG Iran Human Rights, au moins cinquante personnes sont mortes dans les heurts causés par une intense répression des forces armées iraniennes. Une répression qui est aussi numérique. © Anna Margueritat / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP

The demonstrations continue in Iran after the death on September 16 of Mahsa Amini, who died three days after being arrested by the police of the police manners. According to the NGO Iran Human Rights, at least fifty people died in the clashes caused by intense repression of the Iranian armed forces. A repression that is also digital.

The Iranian authorities have strongly limited access to the Internet and to mobile networks to try to limit the visibility of the demonstrations that have been running in the country for several days, after the death of Mahsa Amini, an Iranian young woman who died at the 'Hospital on September 16, three days after being arrested by moral police for having carried his hijab in a deemed incorrect manner. Human rights defenders are concerned in particular with the blocking of Instagram, an extremely popular social network in Iran, which could allow a "sheltered" repression, according to Amnesty International.

Iran’s pro-government counter-protesters try to change narrative

  Iran’s pro-government counter-protesters try to change narrative Government supporters have taken to the streets recently amid widespread protests following the death of Mahsa Amini.But with international attention on the protests that have rocked Iran following the death of a woman in the custody of the country’s “morality police”, the mass gatherings called for in the messages have been to show support, not opposition, to the Iranian government.

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the demonstrations that take place in around thirty cities in the country for almost ten days have killed 35 people, according to an official report Relayed by Iranian state television. But several NGOs denounce a largely underestimated assessment. The NGO Iran Human Rights estimated in a statement published on Friday that at least fifty people died.

Instagram and Whatsapp Blocked

"Iranians are cut off from applications and online services," tweeted Instagram chief Adam Mosseri, adding hoping "that their right to be connected will be quickly restored".

Netblocks, a site to monitor internet access to Internet access in the world, has described restrictions as "the most severe" in Iran since the deadly repression of the November 2019 demonstrations, when the Internet had been almost completely cut. The surveillance group said that Instagram and WhatsApp had been restricted on Friday that network access remains strongly disrupted.

Blocking communications in Iran: "Their technique is really very aggressive"

 Blocking communications in Iran: © AFP - Atta Kenare for several days, the Iranian authorities have massively blocking all means of communication. For the twelfth consecutive night, the Iranians went down to the street this Tuesday in several cities in the country to protest against the death of Mahsa Amini after her arrest by the moral police. But due to communications cuts, information from Iran is plot. Internet, social networks, mobile data ...

Meta properties, the two applications have millions of Iranian users and have become more and more popular after the authorities have blocked other platforms in recent years, including Facebook and Twitter. Telegram, YouTube and Tiktok were also periodically closed.

75 % of the Population

"Internet is one of the largest tools available to the Iranian authorities when troubles burst in the streets," said BBC Isik Mater, research director with the Netblocks site. Due to the absence of a private broadcast network in Iran , the Internet is, she explains, "the only place" where demonstrators can share their message and inform about the repressions suffered.

The outburst of the country's main mobile operator, Iran Mobile Communication, which has more than 60 million customers according to the BBC, has deprived almost 75 % of the Internet access population.

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in reaction, American Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced on Friday the partial lift of the embargo on trade with the Iranian companies in order to encourage American actors from the net to contribute to the restoration of the Iranian network. "We are going to help ensure that the Iranian people are not maintained isolated and in darkness," he said. This is a concrete step to provide significant support to Iranians demanding that their fundamental rights be respected.

This announcement comes a few days after the owner of SpaceX, Elon Musk, said that he intended to ask for an exemption from the sanctions against Iran from the American administration in order to offer the Internet connection services there Its constellation of Starlink satellites, a service already provided to Ukraine in its fight against the Russian invasion.

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