World Silvio Berlusconi says that the Russians brought Vladimir Putin to start the war in Ukraine

10:10  26 september  2022
10:10  26 september  2022 Source:   pressfrom.com

Russia’s mobilization won’t fix its military problems

  Russia’s mobilization won’t fix its military problems What Putin’s troop surge can — and can’t — do in Ukraine.Russian President Vladimir Putin this week announced that 300,000 more men would need to fight in his increasingly difficult and costly war in Ukraine. But amid Ukrainian victories, major strategic and personnel problems in the Russian armed forces, and domestic frustrations over the mobilization announcement, whether Putin can accomplish his goals in Ukraine — and the nature of those goals at this stage — isn’t clear.

The former Italian Prime Minister explained on Italian television a few days ago that the Russian president wanted to replace the current Ukrainian government with "people decents ”.

Ce n'est peut-être pas une célébrité d'Hollywood, mais c'est un éminent dirigeant mondial. Selon le Washington Post, en 2015, l'ancien Premier ministre italien, a déclaré : © supplied by Bang Showbiz it may not be a celebrity of Hollywood, but it is an eminent world leader. According to the Washington Post, in 2015, the former Italian Prime Minister, said: "In Italy, I was relegated to the sidelines, but Putin told me that he was ready to give me citizenship, and to entrust me with the management of the Ministry of the Economy. "

Silvio Berlusconi said that it was the Russians who forced Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine last February.

The Russian nuclear threat, explained

  The Russian nuclear threat, explained Pondering the unknowability of the unthinkable.This threat followed one he had made just days earlier when he called for a partial military mobilization: “In the event of a threat to the territorial integrity of our country and to defend Russia and our people, we will certainly make use of all weapon systems available to us. This is not a bluff.

The former Italian Prime Minister explained on Italian television a few days ago that the Russian president wanted to replace the current Ukrainian government with "decent people".

He said: “Putin was pushed by the Russian population, his party and his ministers to invent this special operation. "

He added:" The troops were supposed to enter, reaching kyiv in a week, replace the government of Zelensky with decent people, then leave. Instead, they found resistance, which was then fed by weapons of all kinds from the west.

The former head of government is again on the front of the stage because his party is part of the right coalition, directed by Giorgia Meloni and his brothers in Italy, who is about to resume power.

Berlusconi continued: “War lasted more than 200 days. The situation has become very difficult. I feel bad when I hear about the dead, because I have always thought that war is the greatest madness of all.

In Russia, many men flee the country after Putin announced that reservists are sent to Ukraine to fight.

How the Anti-war Camp Went Intellectually Bankrupt .
Critics of U.S. foreign policy from both ends of the ideological spectrum have found common cause in supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.Eight decades later, as a fascistic Russian regime wages war against Ukraine, a motley collection of voices from across the political spectrum has called upon the United States and its allies to adopt neutrality as their position. Ranging from anti-imperialists on the left to isolationists on the right and more respectable “realists” in between, these critics are not pacifists in the strict sense of the term. Few if any oppose the use of force as a matter of principle. But nor are they neutral.

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