World “It can end in match”: these two relatives of Emmanuel Macron in competition

11:20  26 september  2022
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Emmanuel Macron announces the continuation of the heritage lotto for the next five years

 Emmanuel Macron announces the continuation of the heritage lotto for the next five years © Emmanuel Dunand / AFP Emmanuel Macron visited the little Italian theater of Guéret (Creuse), this Friday, September 16. launched in 2018, the heritage lottery will be extended for the next five years, announced Emmanuel Macron from Guéret where a small theater will benefit from aid for its catering.

“Ça peut finir en match” : ces deux proches d’Emmanuel Macron en compétition © Jacques Witt/Pool/Bestimage “It can end in match”: these two close to Emmanuel Macron in competition They are allies and Yet deeply rival. Two relatives of Emmanuel Macron compete for their influence with the Élysée, while skillfully playing their competition, such as the Figaro analysis this Sunday, September 25.

despite their simagarous, The competition between the two men is real. "What is going to be played is their competition for two", predicts a member of the modem. "In a three powers system, it is better to be two. then, This game for two can end in match ... " , is still advancing a close friend of François Bayrou. In other words, the challenge is not so much to seduce the president as to be well positioned for 2027 - when the race for the Élysée is launched again with a vacant figure figure. Nevertheless, Édouard Philippe and François Bayrou remain on two different political lines and endeavor to demonstrate this.

France: For his back -to -school school year, Édouard Philippe appears as a unifier

 France: For his back -to -school school year, Édouard Philippe appears as a unifier © AFP - Bertrand Guay Édouard Philippe (to dr.), Who does not want a "lost five -year term", reaffirmed his support for Emmanuel Macron and to Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne (to g.). This Friday, September 16 in the evening, Édouard Philippe made his political school year. The former Prime Minister brought together parliamentarians and members of his party - Horizons - in Fontainebleau, not far from Paris. The mayor of Le Havre has passed several messages and appears as a unifier.

Diapositive 1 sur 2: Emmanuel Macron photographié par Soazig de la Moissonnière en jean et sweat à capuche à l’effigie du commando parachutiste de l’Air n°10, lors d’une réunion dans le salon doré de l’Élysée le 14 mars 2022. 1/2 slides © Stephane Lemouton / Bestimage Emmanuel Macron photographed by Soazig de la Moissonnière in denim and hooded sweatshirt bearing the air paratrooper commando n ° 10, during a meeting in the Golden lounge of the Élysée on March 14, 2022. Diapositive 2 sur 2: Édouard Philippe et sa barbe entièrement blanche. Atteint de vitiligo, l'ancien premier ministre a assumé sa nouvelle couleur sur le plateau de C à Vous, le 8 février 2022. 2/2 slides © Aurélien Morissard/Panoramic/Bestimage Édouard Philippe and its entirely white beard. Affected by Vitiligo, the former Prime Minister assumed his new color on the set of C to you, February 8, 2022. Authorial rotation

Emmanuel Macron, Roselyne Bachelot, Marine Le Pen ... These policies that have Marked 2022 thanks to their

Looks Edouard Philippe, a step behind Macron

while the High Commissioner Plan is firmly opposed to the force of pension reform, The former Prime Minister promises to support the government although 'It costs . A step behind Macron, Édouard Philippe and François Bayrou are already positioning themselves in "overhang, anxious to cultivate their stature of statesman", analyzes our colleague Loris Boichot. even gets to value each other by playing the game of the seven differences. "François is literary, I am a lawyer. He is Béarnais, I am myself Norman. He is mountain, I am rather worn towards the sea", thus amused Édouard Philippe at the start of the new school year. distinctions which neither annihilate their presidential ambitions or their strategic positions with Emmanuel Macron.

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