World of the Russians flee in Finland, fearing a closed border "forever"

14:30  29 september  2022
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"They did not say anything when we discovered Boutcha": Latvia does not want Russian deserters

 © Ouest-France-Thierry Creux on the border between Latvia and Belarus, near the city of Daugavpils, 120 trucks were pending Wednesday, September 21, 2022 to return to the Latvian side, while the cars of individuals were passing by drops. Many young Russians try to flee their country after the announcement of a partial mobilization for the army, decided by Vladimir Putin. They will find closed frontiers if they try to join Latvia.

  Des Russes fuient en Finlande, craignant une frontière fermée © VIKEN KANTARCI

worried about a possible closure of the border "forever" after the Moscow Order of Moscow for the War in Ukraine, a number Crescent of Russians of fighting age flee, via Finland, at the border post of Vaalimaa.

Des personnes font la queue dans la zone de contrôle des passeports au poste-frontière de Vaalimaa, le 29 septembre 2022 en Finlande © Alessandro Rampazzo of people queuing in the passport control zone at the border post of Vaalimaa, September 29, 2022 in Finland

"Now I believe that your status is not important. If you are able to serve today ' Hui, tomorrow you can be in the army, "said Viktor Zakharov, a 35 -year -old scientist, one of the few to agree to give his full name.

coming from Saint Petersburg, his wife and their three children have just crossed the checkpoint, where the passages of Russian citizens have doubled since the "partial" mobilization of Vladimir Putin last Wednesday.

Young Russians flee country as conscripts handed rusty weapons

  Young Russians flee country as conscripts handed rusty weapons Within hours of Vladimir Putin announcing a draft to fill the dwindling ranks of the Russian military, a series of troubling Google searches began to trend. Surging up the Google Trends rankings was the phrase "How to leave Russia", as many Russian men look to avoid being pressed into service.Another troubling search topic rapidly climbing in Russia was the phrase "how to break arm at home".READ MORE: Putin's mobilisation off to chaotic startA broken arm would keep an unwilling man out of the military, at least for a while.

"The feeling of freedom is not yet there, because of sleepless nights and the time spent making the suitcases," says the young father, the features drawn. After a stopover in Finland with friends, he plans to set sail for Israel.

Le scientifique russe Viktor Zakharov, qui fuit l'ordre de mobilisation en Russie, à son arrivée au poste-frontière de Vaalimaa, en Finlande,le 28 septembre 2022 © Alessandro Rampazzo Russian scientist Viktor Zakharov, who fled the order of mobilization in Russia, when he arrived at the border post in Vaalimaa, Finland, September 28, 2022

like him, they are now 7 to 8,000 Each day the long land border of approximately 1,300 kilometers, most of them in Vaalima, the most south.

Its gray gantry has become one of the transit places of thousands of Russians to exile, as elsewhere in Georgia, Kazakhstan or Turkey.

Inspection des véhicules au poste-frontière de Vaalimaa, le 28 septembre 2022 en Finlande © Alessandro Rampazzo Vehicle Inspection at the border post of Vaalimaa, September 28, 2022 in Finland

for Oleg, owner of a bar in Moscow, most of those who leave the country as it flees in front of the "scary" specter to be stuck.

According to the Frontex agency, 66,000 Russians would have entered the European Union last week

 According to the Frontex agency, 66,000 Russians would have entered the European Union last week © Lehtikuva / Via Reuters of cars line up to pass the border between Russia and Finland at the Vaalimaa border control station In Virolahti, Finland, September 23, 2022. The European Front-Kids and Coast Guard Agency Frontex published this Tuesday, September 27, a report on the number of people of Russian nationality having crossed the Union border European. Between September 19 and 25, there would be 66,000. An increase of 30% compared to the previous week.

Des personnes se dirigent vers des bus après avoir passé les contrôles au poste-frontière de Vaalimaa, le 28 septembre 2022 en Finlande © Alessandro Rampazzo of people head to buses after passing the checks at the Vaalimaa border post, September 28, 2022 in Finland

they fear "that it closes forever and that it is finished, they will have to live in A totalitarian state where they can do nothing, "he said without wanting to show his face in front of AFP's camera.

For this 36 -year -old man, the order of mobilization is only the "first sign" of a closure of the borders, which he anticipates in the coming days.

It is not that the risk coming from the Kremlin to no longer be able to leave the country: faced this summer with a wave of Russian "tourists", Finland is preparing to prevent the passage of Russians with Schengen Tourist Visas .

Let a large part of those who appear at its doors.

The Finnish government is due to discuss Thursday about the entry into force of the measure.

- "At least I'm here" -

"I can't say that I am happy," says Vadim, a civil servant from Moscow, who came by coach. "But at least I'm here".

Satellite images show long queues out of Russia as enlistment centre reportedly established at Georgia border

  Satellite images show long queues out of Russia as enlistment centre reportedly established at Georgia border As Russian men line up for kilometres at border crossings to avoid President Vladimir Putin's mobilisation efforts, some men have reportedly been served conscription notices at the Georgian border.Georgia's Interior Ministry said over 53,000 Russians have entered the country since last week, and Kazakhstan said 98,000 have made the crossing into its territory.

he left his mother and his apartment, but hopes to be able to return to Russia later.

"I worried about being able to pass the border because I heard about many young men who have been taken by force and could not leave because of the mobilization," he said before resuming the bus.

The current queues remain manageable, according to the Finnish border guard, but have been lying clearly for a week.

"Currently, this is the biggest crossing point from Russia to Finland," explains Jesse Pirttinen, a lieutenant of border guard.

Before the COVID, 2.5 million passages were recorded each year in Vaalimaa, a number fallen at 250,000 during the pandemic.

"Now we reached 90% of the level of 2019, so it's almost like three years ago," notes the officer.

But the new restrictions on the Finnish or Russian side could mean more attempts to illegally cross the border.

In addition to its historic candidacy for entry into NATO, Helsinki presented an East border strengthening plan.


Should Europe provide refuge for Russians fleeing mobilisation? .
While Europe is united against the invasion of Ukraine, it is divided over the challenges of accommodating Russians.Flights and land transport to and from Russia have been banned, and EU nations have imposed stricter and costlier visa systems, making it harder to enter.

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