World World Cup 2022: Prohibition of stars in pubs, "charter of good conduct" ... How to better supervise advertising for sports betting?

10:40  30 september  2022
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The stakes are in size a few weeks before the start of the World Football in Qatar, which should reach records in terms of bets. A charter of good conduct is being negotiated to avoid drifts.

  Coupe du monde 2022 : interdiction des stars dans les pubs, © provided by Franceinfo

Advertisements for sports betting are everywhere, sometimes until saturation: on television, in metro corridors and now more and more on the Internet and on social networks. In France, almost half of operators' investments (48%) are now in digital.

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working-class neighborhoods to try to stem excesses, the United Kingdom has taken a radical initiative: Starting from October 1, no sportsman can appear on an advertisement praising a Paris company. A major advance for certain associations. "Exposure to advertising and the mechanisms that encourage consumption are very linked to the images we see and in particular if there are human characters, analyzes Bernard Basset, the president of the Association Addictions France. Advertising is all the more important since the people represented are very well known. "

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"It is clear that if you represent a footballer like Kylian Mbappé, all the young people will identify themselves and will tend to play."

Bernard Basset

in Franceinfo

in France, this question is not yet topical. The National Games Authority (ANJ) unveiled recommendations last February. It also negotiates a charter of good conduct with the 17 approved operators. It should be signed by the end of October to avoid repeating the drifts of the last Euro football with an invasive advertising and sometimes outside the nails. The ambition is clearly displayed: lower the advertising pressure . "What we recommend, for example, is that a user is not exposed more than three times by an operator to an advertisement on gambling, details Christel Fiorina, director of markets, compliance and compliance and From the protection of players to the ANJ. We must also work on practices more responsible for influencers and ambassadors of these sites, not to suggest for example that we will necessarily earn money. The operators have every interest to lead to these good conduct agreements rather than being exposed to an unfavorable decision of the ANJ. "

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The game sector is expanding

its turnover increased by 22% in 2020, the players are more and more numerous, including minors while it is prohibited by law. A recent investigation, in partnership with the ANJ, reveals that more than a third of the 15-17 year olds questioned are playing, with an increased risk of falling into dependence. It is six times larger for minors. "Online sports betting are very easy to do materially and can generate what is called a behavioral addiction, alert Bernard Basset of the Association France association. It is legitimate to make the parallel between addictions with products (alcohol or tobacco) and addiction to games. "

The association claims the equivalent, for sports betting, of the Evin law, but a total or targeted ban on advertising as in Italy or Belgium is counterproductive, according to the ANJ. "Prohibiting official advertising will not prevent you from having non-approved operators who start to advertise unofficial and who make their offer discover to the detriment of the legal offer," argues Christel Fiorina.

"The position of the ANJ is to have a pragmatic policy, we put in place recommendations and we will make controls if necessary."

Christel Fiorina

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according to the ANJ forecasts, the next World Cup in Qatar will be the sporting event where the Internet will be the most important: at least 530 million euros. This is 70% more compared to the previous world in Russia.

An advertising ad would cost less than an ad during the Super Bowl .
© Pixabay An advertising advertising would cost less than a pub during the Super Bowl according to a study by Russian researchers, An advertisement projected in space via a satellite would be cheaper than an advertising spot broadcast during the American Super Bowl.

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