World Fake News: Latest generation Russian tanks are not transported to Ukraine

00:20  05 october  2022
00:20  05 october  2022 Source:   fr.euronews.com

Russia targets dams as Ukrainian troops push south

  Russia targets dams as Ukrainian troops push south U.K. defense ministry said Russian forces are attacking dams to try and slow Ukraine's advancement south out of Kharkiv by flooding cross points.The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense confirmed reports this week that Russian attacks on Sept. 21 and 22 relied on short-range ballistic missiles or "similar weapons" to hit the Pechenihy dam, which sits on the Siverskyy Donets River, where Ukrainian forces are advancing down.

A video shows a train carrying latest generation Russian tanks. These armored vehicles are supposed to be on the way to Ukraine, excluding the video dates from October 2019, long before the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. View onononews

Un char russe détruit, en Ukraine. © Leo Correa / Copyright 2022 The Associated Press A Russian Char, in Ukraine.

While Ukraine continues to reconquer the territory in its counter-offensive, Russia is mobilizing and is preparing to strengthen its troops.

Last month, President Vladimir Putin announced a biased military mobilization of 300,000 soldiers. And in parallel with this evolution of war, online disinformation has spread.

The Russian Clocks Are All Ticking

  The Russian Clocks Are All Ticking Putin is running out of time.

This is a video that appeared on a pro-Russian Facebook page in Africa. She claims to show "the most recent and most dangerous Russian tanks" and armored vehicles transported on a train to Ukraine. It has been looked at more than a million times and has been widely shared online on the Pro-Kremlin channels. But this video is misleading and it was filmed long before the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February.

here in The Cube, we use open source tools to find out when a video was published for the first time on the Internet. And we came across exactly the same video on YouTube, and as you can see, it dates back to October 2019.

this sequence was downloaded by the Russian Ministry of Defense and, according to the description, it shows a strengthening Military in the Western Siberian region, thousands of kilometers from Ukraine.

This video therefore does not show the transport of Russian tanks in Ukraine and it precedes the conflict.

Western intelligence services claim that so far, despite partial military mobilization, they have not seen any large -scale strengthening of Russian troops in Ukraine.

Putin’s Own Allies Turn On Him as Ukraine Unleashes Hell in Stolen Russian Tanks .
Hot on the heels of embarrassing reports of Russian recruits fighting each other and Moscow loyalists calling for Kremlin ministers to kill themselves, it seems the rage against Vladimir Putin’s handling of his invasion of Ukraine is now openly being conveyed to the man himself by members of his own inner circle. A report Friday—which is Putin’s 70th birthday—said that one of the despot’s closest allies had openly challenged the disastrous way the war was being conducted. The landmark challenge was even significant enough to be included in U.S. President Joe Biden’s daily intelligence briefing, according to anonymous officials cited by the Washington Post.

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