World War in Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelensky thanks Biden for "continuous military support"

10:50  05 october  2022
10:50  05 october  2022 Source:   ouest-france.fr

Russia’s mobilization won’t fix its military problems

  Russia’s mobilization won’t fix its military problems What Putin’s troop surge can — and can’t — do in Ukraine.Russian President Vladimir Putin this week announced that 300,000 more men would need to fight in his increasingly difficult and costly war in Ukraine. But amid Ukrainian victories, major strategic and personnel problems in the Russian armed forces, and domestic frustrations over the mobilization announcement, whether Putin can accomplish his goals in Ukraine — and the nature of those goals at this stage — isn’t clear.

Le président ukrainien Volodymyr Zelensky fin septembre 2022 lors d’une réunion à Kiev. © Handout / Ukrainian Presidential Press Service / AFP The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the end of September 2022 at a meeting in kyiv.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked Joe Biden on Tuesday October 4, 2022 for the "continuous military and financial support" in the United States against the Russian invasion. He also welcomed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "support".

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked on Tuesday October 4, 2022 Joe Biden for the "Continuous military and financial support" of the United States against the Russian invasion during a telephone conversation, after the announcement by Washington new shipment to kyiv.

Putin’s desperate attempt to annex parts of Ukraine

  Putin’s desperate attempt to annex parts of Ukraine “These are all just gestures made out of weakness because he’s losing on the ground.”Putin moved to annex four regions of eastern and southern Ukraine — Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia — after officials in Russian-controlled territory staged an illegal vote on joining Russia. The Kremlin does not fully control any of these areas, and pollsters reportedly went door to door with armed soldiers in Russian-controlled zones, but Putin justified the decree by saying that it was done on behalf of the “will of millions of people.

"It was pleasant to hear the words of President Biden that our soldiers inspire the whole world and that our people inspire the whole world," said Volodymyr Zelensky on Telegram.

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Sending new American equipment

during this interview, Joe Biden announced a new American shipment of military equipment including four new lance systems -Himars, much appreciated by the Ukrainians, said the American authorities earlier. Very precise and powerful

, Himar systems have played an important role in recent Ukrainian military advances.

The rest of this new American Military Aid part has in particular 32 Howitzer cannons, tens of thousands of light ammunition and artillery ammunition, mine systems, and 200 armored vehicles.

Russia has annexed more of Ukraine. What does that mean and what happens now?

  Russia has annexed more of Ukraine. What does that mean and what happens now? Ukraine’s army is winning back territory almost as fast as Russia claims to have taken it over. How are the latest twists in the Ukraine crisis unfolding? And why is everyone talking about nukes?The strange theatre of Russia’s annexation of roughly 15 per cent of Ukraine, some of which remains under Ukrainian control, has raised the stakes even higher in Putin’s grinding war. Western leaders have denounced the move as an illegal sham while the Kremlin buses in strikingly unenthusiastic Russian citizens to the Red Square to celebrate “the people’s choice”.

The Russian army fell on Tuesday in the Kharkiv region (northeast) but also Kherson (south), according to cards presented by the Russian Defense Ministry, illustrating the last successes of the Ukrainian counter-offensive in the territories annexed by Moscow.

The support of India also praised by Ukraine

The Ukrainian President also praised the "support" of India during a rare telephone conversation with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a month after criticism From kyiv to New Delhi.

Volodymyr Zelensky A "thanked Narendra Modi for Indian support on Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity," said the Ukrainian presidency in a statement.

He also stressed the importance of the recent declaration of Narendra Modi, who took a position against this war during an interview with Vladimir Putin in mid-September, where he had said to him: "The time is not in war ”.

The Russian nuclear threat, explained

  The Russian nuclear threat, explained Pondering the unknowability of the unthinkable.This threat followed one he had made just days earlier when he called for a partial military mobilization: “In the event of a threat to the territorial integrity of our country and to defend Russia and our people, we will certainly make use of all weapon systems available to us. This is not a bluff.

New Delhi had been criticized by kyiv for his neutrality until then against the Russian invasion. Ukrainian diplomacy Dmytro Kouleba had even accused of "benefit" from the "sacrifices"

Ukrainians and Western, alluding to the important discounts obtained by India on Russian crude.

"India has the opportunity to buy Russian oil at a very low price […] because someone dies in Ukraine and someone in Europe applies sanctions",

had then regretted Dmytro Kouleba.

much more conciliatory, Volodymyr Zelensky stressed Tuesday October 4 with Narendra Modi "The importance of strengthening the Ukraino-Indian partnership against the backdrop of Russian aggression against Ukraine",

according to the Ukrainian presidency.

He also denounced "Russian nuclear blackmail, notably at the central" Ukrainian of Zaporijjia occupied by Russian troops. This is "a threat not only for Ukraine but for the whole world",

added the Ukrainian president.

Ukraine is looking for support in Africa

its interview intervenes the day after the departure of Dmytro Kouleba for a ten -day tour in Africa aimed at "Consolidating political support"

of kyiv on the continent, where no country is is really associated with Western sanctions against Russia.

Russia also seeks to attract Africa on its side. This summer, his head of diplomacy Sergei Lavrov went to several African countries.

Ukraine is one of the main cereal suppliers in Africa, but its exports have suddenly dropped this year due to Russia's blockage of its sea ports, which has caused a pricing. X1

Ukraine seeks weapons to counter Russia’s ability to strike .
In the 33rd week of the war, Russia retaliates brutally for Kerch Bridge blast and Ukraine calls for advanced weapons.This, in turn, has led to Ukraine stepping up requests to allies for bolstered air defences and longer-range weapons with which to hit Russian forces.

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