World Nigeria: a violent collision between three buses left at least 37 dead

08:50  23 november  2022
08:50  23 november  2022 Source:   20minutes.fr

Nigeria's ancient Benin Bronze treasures go digital

  Nigeria's ancient Benin Bronze treasures go digital Nigeria's famed Benin bronzes -- artefacts stolen during British colonial rule and scattered across the globe -- have a new online archive that aims to become a digital record of the treasures. The project comes online as international momentum grows for the restoration of African artefacts from former colonial powers Britain, France, Germany and Belgium. Nigeria's neighbour Benin earlier this year inaugurated an exhibition of artworks and treasures returned by France after two years of negotiations.Those 26 pieces were stolen in 1892 by French colonial forces from the capital of the former Kingdom of Dahomey.

according to the authorities, the bursting of a tire of a first bus, coupled at "excessive speed", would be the cause of the drama

Un bus deja Lagos (illustration). © Copyright 2018 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. A Deja Lagos bus (illustration). accident - According to the authorities, the bursting of a tire of a first bus, coupled at "excessive speed", is behind the drama

the balance sheet of an Road accident Tuesday in the Nigeria is particularly dramatic. At least 37 people were killed in a collision of several buses in the northeast of the country, the authorities announced.

The accident occurred near the city of Maiduguri, when two commercial buses came in frontal collision and ignited. A third bus then struck them, said Utten Boyi, head of the road safety agency for the Borno state.

A group of bandits removes at least 40 people in the state of Zamfara, Nigeria.

 A group of bandits removes at least 40 people in the state of Zamfara, Nigeria. © supplied by News 360 File - Image of a school attacked by bandits in the state of Zamfara, Nigeria. - Emma Houston / Xinhua News / Contactophoto at least 40 people were removed this week in the state of Zamfara, in northern Nigeria, by a group of "bandits", a term used by the Nigerian government to designate the dangerous groups Armed with kidnapping and extortion that has been rampant in a large part of the country for years.

of "unrecognizable" victims

"The death of 37 people were confirmed, most of them were burned to the point of being unrecognizable," said Utten Boyi. The bursting of a first bus tire, coupled with an " excessive " according to the manager, is behind the tragedy.

Road accidents are frequent in Nigeria, where the state of the roads has deteriorated in recent weeks following heavy rains and floods, the worst for ten years in the country. Earlier Tuesday, 17 people were killed and four injured when their bus hit a truck near Abuja, the capital, local media reported. Nine people were drowned on Saturday when their overloaded vehicle plunged into a dam after the break -up of a tire near Kano in the north of the country, according to local officials.

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