World "What's going on?" Cyril Hanouna cut live on “TPMP” by a member of the public, his surprising proposal!

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"It's like with an ex": Cyril Hanouna makes a surprising proposal to Jean-Luc Mélenchon (video)

 The time would appeasement for Cyril Hanouna? This Monday, November 21, in Touche pas à mon poste , the host and producer of C8 did not fail to return to its settling of accounts by media interposed with Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Recall that everything started from a striking clash with Louis Boyard in TPMP on November 10. The deputy for rebellious France had come on the program to debate on the subject of the Ocean Viking, a humanitarian ship chartered by the association SOS Méditerranée.

“Qu’est-ce qu’il se passe ?” Cyril Hanouna coupé en direct sur “TPMP” par un membre du public, sa proposition surprenante ! © C8 "What's going on?" Cyril Hanouna cut live on “TPMP” by a member of the public, his surprising proposal!

When he says he gives everyone the floor, Cyril Hanouna respects his rule to the end. And if some doubted it, it was necessary to attend the daily newspaper this Thursday, December 1 to realize it. A daily TPMP in which viewers were able to learn that Matthieu Delormeau was not against spending a night with Delphine Wespiser rather than Raymond.

Indeed, while he had fun playing the role of a minister guest in against Baba , the columnist was "questioned" by Géraldine Maillet who asked him who, between Raymond and the ex-ex- France, he would choose for one night. If the animator of TPMP People has never hidden his preference for men, he would however choose the one with whom he has often argued. "Truth? Well I hit Delphine but then ten times! And in all directions!" , he said playful when Cyril Hanouna asked him to tell the truth because he was a little too dragging the answer.

Star Academy: Tiana is “happy to get out” (Video)

 Star Academy: Tiana is “happy to get out” (Video) © Capture C8 eliminated at the gates of the Star Academy final, Tiana and Chris were this evening on the Touche Pas at my post on C8 . After 7 weeks at the Château de Dammarie-les-Lys, Tiana and Chris were eliminated from the Star Academy on Saturday evening, at the gates of the grand finale. They are 18 and 28 years old and full of hopes for their future.

Cyril Hanouna cut by a member of the public, he gives him a chance

enough to make the chroniclers hilarious. Chroniclers who laughed a little less when a public member cut the show to speak. "Ah good evening. So we don't hear my darling because there is no microphone" , first made him know Cyril Hanouna with a lot of calm, when he did not know Still what it was. "Ah he makes a rap, leave, quiet! We don't hold it against, what's going on?" , he continued when members of security wanted to stop him.

Time that the public member chose to introduce himself: "My name is Lorka I am a rapper. I make videos and I come everywhere". "Well go for your thing," offered him the host before he runs. At the end of his performance, the artist dropped a sentence that did not fall into the ears of a deaf: "suffering can be effective, I have my vision of the thing so please do my place ". Baba was still needed to understand his project. "In fact, that I know, would you like to be part of the team?" , he asked him before the rapper retorts him: "possibly, it would be something that would make me love it. I think I have the level, and above all, not far from Matthew" . It seems that he did well to seize his luck because the host made him know: "You know what, we will test yourself. Tonight, I don't hide you that it's complicated. do one with us ".

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