World Ricarda Lang attacks CDU/CSU: "Inhumane campaign on citizenship"

20:10  02 december  2022
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Ramelow: "You shouldn't deal with each other"

 Ramelow: Thuringia Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (left) accused the opposition CDU parliamentary group Tactical Manöver in the debate about the state budget in 2023. "I think you shouldn't deal with each other," said Ramelow on Wednesday of the German Press Agency in Erfurt. CDU parliamentary group leader Mario Voigt, for example, had further claims on Tuesday, when the cabinet was still working on the CDU claims on the household.

Ricarda Lang spricht auf der Bundesdelegiertenkonferenz von Buendnis 90/Die Gruenen in Bonn. © Rainer Unkel/Imago Ricarda Lang speaks at the Federal Delegate Conference of Buendnis 90/The Gruen in Bonn. Ricarda Lang attacks CDU/CSU: "Inhumane campaign on citizenship"

The traffic light government wants to simplify the integration of specialists, which is critical of parts of the Union. Grünen boss Ricarda Lang therefore took out all-round over the CDU/CSU.

Berlin/Stuttgart - There is a shortage of skilled workers in Germany. According to a calculation by the Institute for Labor Market and Vocational Research (IAB), the Federal Republic would be less available to the Federal Republic by 2035 if one was to do without the immigration of specialists. To prevent this, you have to "attract and integrate immigrants," reports BW24.

Mediation Committee clears away for citizenship money

 Mediation Committee clears away for citizenship money with the Hartz IV laws had been regulated since 2002 how much money gets unemployed-and under what conditions. A reform is intended to improve the controversial system. After a long dispute, the citizens' allowance can now come. © Jens Krick/Flashpic/Picture Alliance Federal Minister of Labor Heil (SPD) has promoted social reform by the Bundestag, the traffic light coalition has brought the so -called civil allowance, it failed on the Federal Council.

This is why the government of SPD, Greens and FDP wants to reduce bureaucratic hurdles and promote more specialists abroad. Among other things, people should be able to work in Germany without being recognized beforehand. However, you must have completed two years of vocational training in your home country. An employment contract is also a prerequisite.

Ricarda Lang speaks to the CDU/CSU from

without an employment contract, an entry could be possible with the help of a so -called "chance card". It is about a point system for those who are likely to immigration based on Canadian model. For example, criteria would be professional experience, age or language skills. With the “Chancekarte”, the specialists on site are likely to go on a job search. For this option, however, the prospect would have to demonstrate his good “potential”, as the traffic light coalition says in the cornerstone paper, which was already decided on Wednesday (November 30). The Bundestag then deals with it at the beginning of the new year.

Nancy Faeser: "We have no major migration crisis"

 Nancy Faeser: Interior Minister Faeser has fought out with sharp words against a accusation of the CSU: there is no "big migration crisis" in Germany. With such statements, nothing more is achieved (than strengthening the AfD ". © Christian Spicker/ Imago With a violent exchange of blows, the final consultations on the budget of the Federal Ministry of the Interior came to an end.

In the Union, the ideas for simplifying skilled workers were only well received by a limited extent. In conversation with the picture, CSU man Alexander Dobrindt expressed concern that the citizenship would be "betrayed" citizenship. Words that Greens boss Ricarda should have annoyed. On Instagram she wrote: “In this situation, the Union - the party, which is happy to write about economic competence - rely on cultural struggle instead of economic reality. This shows that the Union has nothing to offer when it comes to economic questions. ”

Friedrich Merz signals negotiating willingness to negotiate when it comes to immigration law

, Lang continued that the Union has ensured in the past 16 years,“ that we dependent on Russian Gas are, specialists are missing and the renewables are not expanded too little. And they have no answers when it comes to how we green industry settles here and make our economy well in times of geopolitical competition. She wants to cover this material blankness through inhumane campaign. ”

Union faction leader Friedrich Merz, meanwhile, signaled willingness to negotiate the willingness to negotiate and made it clear that“ further modernization of immigration law and citizenship law of the Federal Republic of Germany did not want to be closed ”. However, the CDU/CSU attaches importance to "that the award of citizenship takes place at the end of an integration process and not at the beginning."

Lang and Merz only came together when it came to "social tourism" accusation against Ukrainian refugees BW24 also reported.

Higher allowances required: Söder checks constitutional action against inheritance tax increase .
The Bundestag decided on Friday - with comprehensive changes. According to CSU boss Söder, the new rules are unequal and therefore unfair. © Photo: dpa/Christoph Schmidt Markus Söder (CSU), Prime Minister of Bavaria Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder checks a lawsuit before the Federal Constitutional Court against the planned increase in inheritance tax . He said that in an interview with "Bild" (Thursday). The new rules are unequal and therefore unfair.

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