World significantly more unaccompanied minor refugees

11:00  04 december  2022
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Dominican deportations to Haiti fuel growing fears, frustration

  Dominican deportations to Haiti fuel growing fears, frustration Rights advocates urge the Dominican Republic to stop removals as thousands are sent to crisis-hit Haiti this month.The forced removals, which rights groups say have escalated this month, have drawn international criticism and calls for restraint amid reports that unaccompanied children, pregnant women and other vulnerable people are being deported.

In the end of the year, significantly more unaccompanied minor refugees have arrived in Thuringia than in 2021. By the end of September, 365 children and adolescents who are on the run without their parents were recorded in the Thuringian municipalities , as can be seen from a response from the State Ministry of Education to a parliamentary request from the CDU member of the state parliament Maik Kowalleck. Most of them come from Ukraine and Afghanistan. In the previous year, 160 unaccompanied minor refugees came to Thuringia.

Ein Zettel mit der Frage nach der Minderjährigkeit klebt im Ankunftsbereich für Geflüchtete. © Robert Michael/dpa/Archive A piece of paper with the question of the minor is stuck in the arrival area for refugees.

The care of these minors is usually a special challenge for the youth welfare offices in the municipalities. Among other things, the children and adolescents, unlike adult refugees, can no longer be accommodated on their own in shared accommodation or own apartments. For example, they are located in special dormitories.

Will more Ukrainians flee to the European Union as winter bites?

  Will more Ukrainians flee to the European Union as winter bites? The EU says there are preparations for all scenarios, but analysts say support could wane as inflation soars.This week, renewed attacks across the nation targeted critical infrastructure and wiped out power and water supplies in several cities, including the capital, Kyiv. The bombings were so severe that electricity in parts of Moldova was also struck out.

In these youth welfare institutions, however, the places are increasingly scarce, according to the Ministry of Education. A total of eleven counties and independent cities - including the districts of Weimarer Land, Greiz and Sömmerda and the city of Jena - had reported bottlenecks when accommodating sole -traveling refugees at the end of October, according to the ministry response.

"For Erfurt and Suhl there were concrete display of an overload of the existing accommodation resources." The situation is particularly difficult by the fact that staff are missing from many providers of such dormitories, so that not all existing places could also be documented. The Ministry of Education is also responsible for youth welfare.

In the long term, however, even the current number of unaccompanied minor refugees in Thuringia is relatively small: in 2015, Thuringia recorded 1300 of this group of refugees according to data from the Ministry, in 2016. a decline in refugee numbers. In the first pandemic year, Thuringia recorded around 120 children and young people who had refugees alone.

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