World Infection wave loads Sachsen's children's clinics

12:20  04 december  2022
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Number of respiratory diseases over the pre -Pandemic years

 Number of respiratory diseases over the pre -Pandemic years at Corona there is still no increasing trend - there is a clear plus for other respiratory diseases. And the RKI says that it is to be expected to increase further increasing values. © provided by SZ-Sächsische Zeitung In the reported Corona cases in Germany, the trend remains decreasing according to Robert Koch-Institut (RKI).

The wave of respiratory infections among 0 to 15 year olds puts the children's clinics in Saxony to its limits. "It is not as bad as in other federal states such as Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia or Berlin," says Reinhard Berner, director of the children's clinic at the University Hospital Dresden. But there is an enormous rush nationwide for practices and emergency rooms. "We are actually not in a disaster, but in crisis mode," says Wieland Kiess, head of the children's clinic at the University Hospital Leipzig.

Eine Pflegekraft geht auf einer Intensivstation über den Flur. © Fabian Strauch/dpa/symbol image A caregiver goes over the hall in an intensive care unit.

The enormous increase, especially on influenza and infections with the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which is dangerous for babies and toddlers, has made the situation worse again. The wintry wave of colds does not come as a surprise, says Kiess. In Corona pandemic, children could not develop immunity against that and others of the usual viruses because they did not go to the daycare center, masks had been worn and were vaccinated. "And now the whole range of cold viruses meets the country in a situation where the affected children are not immunized from baby age to the third, fourth year.»

district of Görlitz: Corona stable, influenza in the march

 district of Görlitz: Corona stable, influenza in the march The Corona fall numbers drop in the district of Görlitz. But the number of sick leave in companies is likely to remain high because of the influenza. © dpa The Corona situation seems stable at a low level, but influenza is on the move. © dpa The health department of the Görlitz district has registered 236 new corona infections in the past seven days. According to the Robert Koch Institute, the seven-day incidence is currently almost 80 and thus relatively stable.

, according to the state investigation institution (LUA), the number of cases of the RSV infection among 0 to 15 year olds in the Free State since the beginning of November, from 63 in the first and 366 last week. Since the beginning of the cold season, the number of cases in this age group adds up to 834 - the five -year middle value is 627. The number of patients in the hospital increased from 19 to 102. In the case of influenza, the number of cases rose to eight times to 328.

The Dresden children's clinic is quite full, according to Kiess, the Leipzig breaking. "But we make it and do not dismiss a child who has acute shortness of breath or is seriously ill." However, this goes off on the back of other small patients, which are recovered to later for planned interventions. And children who are doing reasonably well again would be released. A fifth of the beds in Dresden and Leipzig are currently occupied with RSV infected children.

The Ministry of Social Affairs does not see any “dramatic situation” and assumes that hospitals can secure patient care with the existing capacities, cooperation or the relocation of patients. The situation is still tense in many places, also because a lot of staff are responsible for, it said on request. Pediatric practices are also very stressed, but that is typical of the season and not surprising.

About the proposal of Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD) to use nursing staff from adult medicine can only shake his head. "They don't have any more themselves." Because now many sisters and doctors are sick.

flu wave in Austria: Viennese clinics are supposed to reject certain patients .
flu wave in Austria: Vienna clinics are supposed to reject certain patients in Austria, the first flu wave has been noticeable in the clinics since the beginning of Corona pandemic. The Vienna Health Association now made a sensational decision. Munich - Germany is not alone in the clinics with its emergency. In Austria, too, the wave of illness is difficult for the health system.

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