World Ukraine: Russian strikes, power cuts and Russian air bases targeted

11:50  06 december  2022
11:50  06 december  2022 Source:   fr.euronews.com

NATO commits to Ukraine membership, support against Russia: 'Keep calm and give tanks'

  NATO commits to Ukraine membership, support against Russia: 'Keep calm and give tanks' NATO member states have committed to continue supporting Ukraine as Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg stresses the need to defeat Russian President Vladimir Putin.Representatives from NATO member states met in Romania to drum up support for Ukraine after devastating missile strikes left the country without power in some areas. Some nations committed military aid to help Kyiv maintain its defense, but most importantly the member states vowed to keep Ukraine on track to join the alliance.

Moscow continues to tirelessly strike several Ukrainian cities and accuses Kyiv of having targeted two of its air bases in Russia. View onononews

Scénes de désolation dans le village de Novosofiivka, dans la région de Zaporijjia, en Ukraine, lundi 5 décembre 2022. © AP/Military administration of Zaporijjia Desolation scenes in the village of Novosofiivka, in the region of Zaporijjia, in Ukraine, Monday December 5, 2022.

Distribution scenes in the village of Novosofivka located in the region of Zaporijjiajiajia . A new Salve of Russian missiles fell on Ukraine on Monday. If Volodymyr Zelensky claims that most were slaughtered, the strikes would have left at least 4 dead.

"Each Russian missile shot down is concrete proof that terror can be defeated, said the Ukrainian president. But, unfortunately, we still cannot ensure the total security of our sky. There have been several impacts. And unfortunately, There are victims. Four people have been killed in Russian strikes today. I present my condolences to their family and friends. "

Hitting Ukraine's infrastructure is "inevitable", says Vladimir Putin to Olaf Scholz

 Hitting Ukraine's infrastructure is © Sputnik/Mikhail Metzel/Pool via Reuters Russian President Vladimir Putin attends the Congress of Young Scientists in Sochi, Russia, the 1st December 2022. Friday, December 2, 2022, the chief of the Kremlin meant to Olaf Scholz, German president, that the Russian strikes against the energy infrastructure in Ukraine were "necessary and inevitable".

visiting Kyiv, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, wrote on Twitter, a supporting photo, having had to join an anti- bomb and continue a meeting there.

The Russian strikes aimed at energy infrastructure once again plunged Ukraine into the dark. Andriy, resident of Lviv, in the west of the country, testifies.

"We cannot get used to such a situation but what we can do is adapt, he says. Human beings can adapt to everything. We have pocket lamps And food reserves, everything you need to overcome this situation. "

Moscow accuses Kyiv of having struck two of its air bases near Riazan and Saratov. The explosions would have left at least 3 dead.

Moscow says that bases on its territory have been attacked by Ukrainian drones

The spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Defense Igor Konachenkov took stock of the situation: "Despite the attempts of the Kyiv regime to disturb the Functioning Russian aviation long -range aviation by a terrorist act, today around 3 p.m. Moscow time, we used high -precision air and sea weapons to strike the military control system, defense targets, communication, and energy and military facilities in Ukraine. "

Russia also continues to relentlessly bomb the city of Kherson, taken up by the Ukrainian army three weeks ago. As a result, many family have decided to leave the city.

U.S. not enabling or encouraging Ukraine to strike beyond its borders -spokesman .
By Humeyra Pamuk WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The United States is not enabling or encouraging Ukraine to strike beyond its borders, the State Department said on Tuesday, after Ukraine demonstrated an apparent new ability to penetrate hundreds of kilometers into Russian air space with attacks on air bases. Moscow said attacks on Monday killed three of its servicemen and wounded four, as well as damaging two warplanes. On Tuesday, a third Russian airfield in Kursk, which lies closer to Ukraine, was set ablaze in another drone strike."We are not enabling Ukraine to strike beyond its borders. We are not encouraging Ukraine to strike beyond its borders," U.S.

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