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Trump campaign, Nevada GOP threaten to sue Clark County over attempts to ‘obstruct’ election observation

Thursday  04:21,   22 october 2020

The campaign and state Republicans claim that observers have been banned from certain areas where ballots are handled.A law firm representing both parties sent a letter to the Nevada Secretary of State this week demanding that Clark County be... >>>

Human remains found in search for 1921 Tulsa massacre victims

Thursday  04:17,   22 october 2020

Experts searching for victims of the 1921 race massacre in the US city of Tulsa, have uncovered at least one set of human remains, a state archaeologist has announced. The remains were found at the city-owned Oaklawn cemetery in Tulsa, Oklahoma,... >>>

US says Iran, Russia obtained voter registration info

Thursday  04:16,   22 october 2020

Russian and Iran have both obtained US voter information and taken actions to influence public opinion ahead of the November 3 election, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe announced Wednesday. Ratcliffe, with FBI Director Christopher... >>>

FBI Says Iran Behind Voter Intimidation Operation Spoofing Proud Boys

Thursday  04:16,   22 october 2020

Iran used the guise of the far-right Proud Boys to send threatening emails to voters earlier this week, the FBI announced late Wednesday. At a hastily called evening press conference, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe made the... >>>

Payment holidays: 'I can't afford to be out of work'

Thursday  04:16,   22 october 2020

People needing a break from paying bills owing to coronavirus pressures will be judged differently from 31 October.She was initially furloughed then told there was no more work at her latest job in a garden centre and... >>>

More pollution expected from stay-home workers

Thursday  04:11,   22 october 2020

Climate change: More pollution expected from stay-home workersGas burning from boilers is a major source of local pollution, accounting for 21% of total NOx emissions across Greater London, for... >>>

US State Dep’t approves $1.8bn in potential arms sales to Taiwan

Thursday  04:11,   22 october 2020

In formal notification to US Congress, state department approves potential sale of missiles, artillery and sensors.Reuters News Agency reported last week that the White House was moving forward with five separate sales of sophisticated military... >>>

Trump grants clemency to Alice Marie Johnson associate, 4 other nonviolent criminals

Thursday  04:11,   22 october 2020

President Trump granted clemency on Wednesday to five prisoners-- including one who was an associate of Alice Marie Johnson-- who were each serving time in prison for non-violent offenses. The White House announced that Trump had commuted the... >>>

FBI says Iran and Russia have US voter information

Thursday  04:10,   22 october 2020

Intelligence officials say Iran was behind threatening emails sent to Democrats earlier this week.The emails appeared to come from a far-right pro-Trump group and were meant to "incite unrest", National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe... >>>

US to sell air-to-ground missiles to Taiwan

Thursday  04:06,   22 october 2020

The US government announced approval Wednesday to sell $1 billion worth of advanced air-to-ground missiles to Taiwan as the island shores up its defenses against the threat from China. The State Department said it had agreed to sell 135 of the... >>>

Planners 'must prepare' for weather extremes

Thursday  04:06,   22 october 2020

The Met Office is launching a tool to help planners prepare for further weather extremes.It warns that wild weather in the future is likely to place increasing challenges on health, infrastructure and... >>>

In rebuke of Trump, Obama urges voters to show up for Biden

Thursday  04:06,   22 october 2020

Former US president recalls his own political disinterest at a young age, but says not voting is giving up power.With less than two weeks until Election Day, Obama delivered a sweeping condemnation of Trump while urging Black men, progressives and... >>>

Nagorno-Karabakh: Nikol Pachinian excludes any “diplomatic solution” to the conflict

Thursday  04:05,   22 october 2020

© Tigran Mehrabyan, Armenian Prime Minister Press Service / PAN Phot Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian greets reservists of the Armenian army in Yerevan on October 16, 2020. Despite ongoing efforts to resolve the conflict between Armenia and... >>>

Florida Democrats told vote for Trump 'or we will come after you'

Thursday  02:55,   22 october 2020

Authorities in Florida were looking into emails sent to registered Democrats demanding that they vote for President Donald Trump in the November 3 election "or we will come after you." You are currently registered as a Democrat and we know this... >>>

Covid rules tightened in Republic of Ireland

Thursday  02:55,   22 october 2020

The new rules will be backed by fines for people hosting house parts and travelling beyond the 5km limit.The move takes effect from midnight on Wednesday after the Irish cabinet agreed to impose level five... >>>