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On the apart: Canal + show will not be broadcast on Monday, here's why!

Monday  11:00,   17 january 2022

© Philippe Mazzoni / Canal + On the left: Canal + show will not be broadcast on Monday, here's why! This Monday, January 17, Canal + viewers will not find, at 8:30 pm, their broadcast. Here's why ! The aficionados d 'in apart will not find Nathalie >>>

"More clarity, less jurispring": Defense Committee Chairman wants "Tacheles" by Bundeswehr Generals

Monday  09:50,   17 january 2022

FDP Defense Politician Strack Zimmermann demands more clarity from the Bundeswehr. The generals always kept "23 emergency exits open", they monitors them. © Photo: DPA / Kay Nietfeld Defense Politiker Marie-Agnes Strack Zimmermann (FDP) The... >>>

Paris fashion gets physical despite Omicron

Monday  09:13,   17 january 2022

The city may still be deep in the throes of the Omicron surge and adapting to the latest Covid restrictions, but Paris Fashion Week will nevertheless launch Tuesday. Giorgio Armani cancelled his menswear show in Milan and haute couture show in Paris >>>

China’s economy beats expectations with 4 percent growth in Q4

Monday  09:13,   17 january 2022

Chinese economy expands 8.1 percent for the whole of 2021 amid weakest Q4 growth in more than a year.Though coming in higher than the 3.6-percent growth predicted by analysts, the Q4 figure is the weakest growth the country has seen in a year and a... >>>

Satellites key to understanding Pacific volcano

Monday  08:56,   17 january 2022

When the huge eruption happened over the weekend, a fleet of spacecraft overhead gathered key data.That's because there's a large and growing fleet of Earth observation spacecraft overhead. Some have constant eyes on particular regions of the Earth, >>>

China's birth rate at record low in 2021: official

Monday  08:37,   17 january 2022

China's birth rate plummeted to a record low last year, official data showed Monday, as analysts warn that faster-than-expected ageing could deepen economic growth concerns. Beijing has been grappling with a looming demographic crisis as it... >>>

Asian markets mixed as Fed hikes loom, China growth slows

Monday  06:48,   17 january 2022

Asian investors started the week on a cautious note Monday as they assessed the outlook ahead of an expected series of interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve, while data showed growth in China's economy slowed at the end of last year. Data... >>>

Macau's casino giants rally after gaming bill revealed

Monday  06:47,   17 january 2022

Shares in Macau's casino giants surged Monday morning after the world's biggest gambling hub announced changes to its regulations, reducing the uncertainty that has plagued the lucrative sector's six operators. The Chinese... >>>

On Mauritius, early rains cause the first floods

Monday  06:45,   17 january 2022

© Abdoolah Earally / RFI floods in Mauritius (archive photo). Weathering arrived earlier than expected this year. Barely the end of the end of the year ended, part of the population was surprised by showers and its consequences: floods. Neither the >>>

because of Corona Infringement: Credit-Suisse-Chief Guards must go

Monday  06:16,   17 january 2022

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Swiss Bank Credit Suisse has lost his job after a breach of the country's quarantine rules. © Walter Bieri / Keystone / dpa The logo of the Swiss Bank Credit Suisse above the entrance to the company... >>>

Gamestop recruits staff for planned NFT platform

Monday  04:50,   17 january 2022

The US retail chain Gamestop has been in a financial crisis for years. By building a separate trading platform for NFTs, the company hopes higher gains. © Provided by Finanzen.net Philippe Huguen / AFP / Getty Images • Gamestop recruits new... >>>

Tonga: a new "large eruption" of the submarine volcano was detected

Monday  04:45,   17 january 2022

© CIRA / NOAA The submarine volcano erupted three days ago. Here, on January 15th. CIRA / NOAA via Reuters The Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai has awakened again. A new "big eruption" was detected on the volcano close to the Tonga Islands, entered into... >>>

Homicide detectives join search for missing girl Charlise Mutten in Blue Mountains

Monday  04:28,   17 january 2022

The mother of missing girl Charlise Mutten is expected to be interviewed by police today as homicide detectives join an extensive search for the nine-year-old in the Blue Mountains.More than 100 police officers, State Emergency Service personnel and >>>

North Korea fires suspected ballistic missile: Japan

Monday  04:28,   17 january 2022

South Korea notes launch of an ‘unidentified projectile’ on Monday morning as Pyongyang defies weapons testing ban.South Korea’s military said the launch involved an ‘unidentified projectile’ that fell into the sea off its east coast. Neither... >>>

rigid fronts in Ukraine conflict

Monday  03:45,   17 january 2022

"disturbing": Russia and the West, according to the Kreml, continues "completely opposite" positions. The German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock wants to convey. © ap / dpa / picture alliance Russian soldiers in a military exercise near to the... >>>