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India: Scores dead as train plows into revelers at religious festival

Saturday  01:55,   20 october 2018

A speeding train has run over a crowd of revelers celebrating the Hindu Dussehra festival in the Indian state of Punjab. Some 60 people have died in the accident, making it India's worst train disaster this year. A speed passenger train struck a... >>>

The Guardian slams Trump over comments about assault on reporter

Friday  19:43,   19 october 2018

British newspaper The Guardian criticised President Trump Thursday for making light of a congressman's assault of a Guardian reporter, Ben Jacobs, during a campaign rally in Montana Thursday... >>>

Afghan 'torturer in chief' killed in Taliban attack

Friday  18:57,   19 october 2018

Afghan 'torturer in chief' killed in Taliban... >>>

Trump Glad 'I Love You' Shout Was 'Finally A Woman'

Friday  18:10,   19 october 2018

"You know I get it from the men all the time," the president told a "Make America Great Again" rally in Missoula,... >>>

Earliest piranha-like fish found

Friday  17:45,   19 october 2018

Earliest piranha-like fish... >>>

Comment: Dear God, Hillary Clinton. Please, Just Go.

Friday  13:40,   19 october 2018

Comment: Dear God, Hillary Clinton. Please, Just... >>>

Man on Southwest flight arrested after allegedly harassing female passenger and flight attendants

Friday  12:21,   19 october 2018

A Texas man is facing a felony count of interference with a flight crew and a misdemeanor assault charge after he touched a woman on a Southwest Airlines flight and then shouting at flight attendants this... >>>

Trump Tower board seeks nearly $90,000 from estate of art collector who died in 50th-floor fire

Friday  09:55,   19 october 2018

The Trump Tower fire that killed 67-year-old Todd Brassner in April captured attention because of President Trump's silence on the man's death and for the lack of sprinklers in the... >>>

Nikki Haley Makes Fun of Donald Trump At Al Smith Event

Friday  09:31,   19 october 2018

A week after announcing she was set to resign her post as United Nations ambassador, Nikki Haley took some lighthearted shots at Donald Trump's... >>>

Friends of French star Benzema suspected of attempted kidnapping

Friday  08:32,   19 october 2018

Associates of Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema are suspected of involvement in an attempted kidnapping with the aim of recuperating money owed to the star player, French news site Mediapart reported on... >>>

UK's May to face fresh ire at home after being spared by EU

Friday  05:35,   19 october 2018

British Prime Minister Theresa May will head home from an inconclusive European Union summit on Brexit to a barrage of criticism that her 27 EU counterparts spared her during the two-day event that ended Thursday. In Brussels, May said she would... >>>

Why Did a Former Miss Iraq Flee Her Country?

Friday  05:35,   19 october 2018

Former Miss Iraq Shimaa Qasim Abdulrah-man is one of many high-profile Iraqi women seeking refuge abroad after a series of... >>>

House committees to interview Rosenstein behind closed doors

Friday  04:06,   19 october 2018

The top lawmakers on two House committees will interview Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein next week about reports that he discussed secretly recording President Donald... >>>

Trump ups immigration rhetoric ahead of campaign swing to western states

Friday  03:22,   19 october 2018

President Trump is ramping up his rhetoric on immigration as he prepares for a three-day campaign swing of western... >>>

Opinions | President Trump has a massive conflict of interest on Saudi Arabia

Friday  02:20,   19 october 2018

The kingdom has been spending money on his hotels since he took... >>>