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Tunisian weavers turn rags into eco-friendly rugs

Sunday  06:36,   17 april 2022

Najet unravels an old pair of jeans, raw material for a designer carpet: traditional, eco-friendly crafts are being adapted for new markets thanks to a project born in the Tunisian desert. - Eco-friendly - Baccouche said at first people teased him... >>>

Russians flee Putin regime to join Ukraine refugees in Israel

Sunday  06:35,   17 april 2022

The moment Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine, Russian filmmakers Anna Shishova-Bogolyubova and Dmitry Bogolyubov knew they had to leave Moscow. "We were the next on the list," the couple told AFP in their borrowed flat in Rehovot, a quiet Israeli... >>>

Families demand justice four years on from Nicaragua protest repression

Sunday  06:30,   17 april 2022

Alvaro Conrado's last words were: "It hurts to breathe." He was 15 when he was shot in the stomach while bringing water to students protesting against the government of Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega four years ago. He was likely shot by a... >>>

Cruise ships at center of dispute in Florida's idyllic Key West

Sunday  06:30,   17 april 2022

The island-city of Key West off the southern tip of Florida invites visitors to stroll slowly, enjoy turquoise waters and take in the sunset. But according to some residents, that idyllic peace is endangered -- by lumbering, tourist-filled cruise... >>>

Libya's underground homes wait for tourism revival

Sunday  06:30,   17 april 2022

Gharyan's unique underground houses were hewn into the mountainside centuries ago, and many lie abandoned, but residents of the Libyan town are hoping tourism can help restore their heritage. "My great-great-great-great-great-grandfather dug... >>>

Human trafficking raises alarm in divided Cyprus

Sunday  06:30,   17 april 2022

Cyprus's frozen conflict is providing fertile ground for human traffickers with cases at "alarming" levels in the EU member state, and the breakaway north considered as bad as Afghanistan. "I love her, but at the same time she reminds me about... >>>

French presidential debate: pivotal campaign moment

Sunday  06:25,   17 april 2022

The live televised presidential debate Wednesday between President Emmanuel Macron and his far-right challenger Marine Le Pen is set to be a crucial moment in a tight race for the Elysee. The pair will trade blows from 1900 GMT in a clash set to be... >>>

US judge deemed controversial Musk tweet on Tesla 'false': investors

Sunday  06:25,   17 april 2022

A 2018 tweet posted by Elon Musk in which he claimed to have secured the funding to take Tesla private was deemed "false and misleading" by a judge, according to documents filed by investors suing his electric car company. In a court filing late... >>>

N Korea tests new weapon aimed at boosting its nuclear capability

Sunday  06:25,   17 april 2022

Weapons launch, supervised by Kim Jong Un, comes as US and S Korea warn that N Korea could soon resume nuclear testing.The report early on Sunday came as South Korea and the United States warned that Pyongyang could soon resume nuclear testing and... >>>

Kim Jong Un observes test of new 'tactical weapon'

Sunday  05:26,   17 april 2022

North Korea has test-fired a new type of tactical guided weapon which it claims is of "great significance".The reclusive state's dictator Kim Jong Un observed the test, and was pictured beaming as generals clapped behind... >>>

North Korea fired two projectiles Saturday South Korean

Sunday  05:25,   17 april 2022

North Korea - Missiles / South Korea: North Korea shot Two Surveat-Army South Korean Seoul, April 17 (Reuters) - North Korea shot two projectiles off its east coast, announced Sunday the South Korean army. The staff of the South Korean army... >>>

China’s New COVID Crisis Could Spawn the Worst Variant Yet

Sunday  03:36,   17 april 2022

The COVID wave crashing across China right now not only threatens the billion-and-a-half Chinese, it also poses a serious danger to the rest of the world. Leaving aside the risk to already-fragile global supply chains, there’s a chance that the... >>>

Russia-Ukraine live news: ‘Inhuman’ situation in Mariupol

Sunday  03:36,   17 april 2022

Russia claims ‘entirety’ of key city now under control and warns a small group of holdout fighters to surrender or die.Russia’s defence ministry says if Ukrainian forces still fighting in Mariupol lay down their arms starting at 6am Moscow time... >>>

Why was this freed Chibok girl treated differently?

Sunday  03:36,   17 april 2022

Hassana Adamu speaks to the BBC about feeling neglected on the eighth anniversary of the kidnappings.Hassana Adamu is delighted to be back home with her family almost eight years after she was kidnapped by Boko Haram jihadists from her school in the >>>

Rwanda already engaged in migrant projects with other countries

Sunday  03:10,   17 april 2022

© AFP Photo Philippe Huguen The partnership between London and Kigali on the management of the reception of migrants made controversy. (Illustration image) Is Rwanda becoming a subcontractor of support for asylum seekers for European countries? The >>>