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Covid: Dutch king regrets holiday 'betrayal'

Thursday  01:51,   22 october 2020

The royal family have come under fire for travelling to Greece during the coronavirus pandemic. © EPA The royal couple released a video statement about their controversial trip In a video statement, King Willem-Alexander said it "hurts to have... >>>

Kim Kardashian West Celebrates Birthday and Official Recognition of Armenian Genocide

Thursday  01:50,   22 october 2020

Today, the reality star had more than turning 40 to be happy about with the announcement that the US Library of Congress will officially recognize the Armenian Genocide of the early 20th Century.She shared the news on Twitter earlier this... >>>

Presidential in Guinea: violent clashes between demonstrators and police in Conakry

Thursday  01:35,   22 october 2020

© AP Photo / Sadak Souici Police officers respond to demonstrators in Conakry on October 21, 2020. In Guinea, violent clashes broke out between police officers and rioters on Wednesday 21 October. According to the government, nine deaths are to be... >>>

Champions League: Nothing is going well for Real Madrid, beaten at home by Shakhtar's B team

Thursday  01:30,   22 october 2020

The Madrilenians were down 0-3 at half-time, a great first in their history © JuanJo Martín / EFE / SIPA ZIdane on the bench of Real during the match against Shakhtar in the Champions League, October 21, 2020. FOOTBALL - The Madrilenians were down... >>>

‘Pro-Life’ Group Fights WI’s Lockdown So They Can Hold Indoor Fundraisers

Thursday  01:00,   22 october 2020

Coronavirus rates in Wisconsin are at an all-time high, but a group that calls themselves “pro-life” is attempting to block the governor’s “safer at home” order so they can continue holding fundraisers. Pro-Life Wisconsin, an anti-abortion group... >>>

PLO leader Erekat undergoes bronchostomy after contracting virus

Thursday  00:56,   22 october 2020

Days after being hospitalised for COVID-19, Erekat is intubated and placed on machine providing for blood oxygenation.Salam Erekat said on Twitter on Wednesday that her father remained intubated and connected to an ECMO machine, which does the work... >>>

Trump Loses Lead in Texas, Where Democrats Haven't Won Since 1976

Thursday  00:56,   22 october 2020

Texas, once a reliably red state, is turning out to be tighter race for Trump, who received more than 50 percent of the vote there in 2016. Its prize of 38 electoral votes—the second-largest of any state—helped secure Trump's overall win against... >>>

Former FARC rebels march on Colombian capital to demand protection

Thursday  00:55,   22 october 2020

Former left-wing FARC guerrillas began a 10-day march in Colombia on Wednesday to protest the murder of 234 ex-rebels who laid down their arms under the historic 2016 peace accord that ended a half century of conflict. According to FARC, that... >>>

Sacro Bosco: The Park of the Monsters already inspired Salvador Dalí

Thursday  00:55,   22 october 2020

© canadastock / Shutterstock.com The Overgrown with moss and forgotten by time - the "Sacred Forest", north of Rome, has nothing holy about it . Eerie stone grimaces and weathered fabulous figures make many visitors feel uncomfortable. They... >>>

Spain records one million Covid cases

Thursday  00:50,   22 october 2020

Spain is the first western European country and the sixth in the world to pass the landmark figure.On Wednesday the country reported 16,973 infections and 156 deaths in the previous 24... >>>

Thousands Expected to Gather For Religious Rally at National Mall This Weekend Despite D.C. COVID-19 Restrictions

Thursday  00:50,   22 october 2020

Washington D.C.'s guidelines outline that certain activities, including religious gatherings, are permitted to exceed the capacity limits through an approved local waiver. It's unclear how the city approves these waivers and whether... >>>

Unrest in Lagos after deadly Nigeria protest shooting

Thursday  00:50,   22 october 2020

Buildings were torched in Nigeria's biggest city Lagos on Wednesday as authorities shut down the economic hub, after the shooting of peaceful protesters by security forces caused international outrage. Concerned by the escalating violence... >>>

present for Klopp - Gündogan shines in City victory

Thursday  00:40,   22 october 2020

Liverpool FC starts successfully, but needs an own goal. Manchester City wins too - Ilkay Gündogan scores a great goal. © Provided by sport1.de Gift for Klopp - Gündogan shines in City-Victory The FC Liverpool of coach Jürgen Klopp has started the... >>>

Coman on fire against Atlético!

Thursday  00:40,   22 october 2020

© Supplied by Sports.fr panoramic_PANObayatm21102020_024 Bayern resumed the Champions League by humiliating Atlético (4-0) on Wednesday evening. The defending champion did not miss his debut, far from it. Kingsley Coman , the scorer of the... >>>

Waving flags, they sang Nigeria’s anthem. Then they were shot at

Thursday  00:10,   22 october 2020

Protesters say they will keep fighting against police brutality, injustice even after Lagos attack that shocked nation.The 28-year-old protester said some of the soldiers reached the crowd and asked them to leave in compliance with a curfew imposed... >>>